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Birchwood Cinemas

Address: 4230 24th Ave
City: Fort Gratiot State: MI Zip: Phone: (810) 385-8817  
County: Saint Clair
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Open: Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: GKC Theatres
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 4242

3/5/2017 - Cameron Kanachki
This theater is now owned by AMC. AMC recently bought Carmike Cinemas, the previous owner of Birchwood Cinemas.
10/8/2005 - R.M. Glowczewski
GKC no longer runs Birchwood Cinemas. It was bought out by some new company, named something like Cornstarch, or something.
10/24/2004 - R.M. Glowczewski
Birchwood Cinemas has 10 screens. It opened in 1990. $7. 50 a ticket. Totally not worth it.

I have asked the manager to save posters for me in the past, he never has. GKC bought out the Huron theater in downtown Port Huron, the last of its kind in Port Huron, to make sure they have no other competition besides Krafft 8. Very neutral interior, very plain. Each screen seats about 200 people.

Birchwood Cinemas - ENTRANCE

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