Quad 6

Address: 29th St
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
County: Kent
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6/1/2019 - JC Ridley
I worked at the 29th Street Quad 6 as an assistant manager from 1986-87, moving over from Video-To-Go. By then it was a dollar house, but we managed to get Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Big Trouble in Little China as first run features. Screen #2 was our large auditorium, it even had a stage. We ran kids features for free Saturday mornings which drew well, and of course Ferris drew well, the others were moderately successful. Mr Goodrich was very particular and adamant about maintaining his properties, and apparently he received an offer he couldn't refuse from the now defunct HQ chain and they demolished the theater to build a new store, albeit fronting 28th Street, sometime in the mid-1990's. When HQ went bankrupt shortly after a local Ford Dealer took over the property.
1/3/2014 - Scott Shipaila
Owner was Goodrich quality Theaters and Broadcasting. CEO/President Robert Goodrich. I, as well as most all of my siblings and my mother have worked there. I was employed from 1979 til about 1981-82.
4/18/2012 - Kevin
Anyone have photos of the building?.
11/15/2010 - Mark
I worked there in 1983. the picture you have on the here is actually the wrong side of the road, The Quad was on the north side of 29th st, The now closed Barnes and Noble building sits in what would have been the back parking lot. It was a nice theater for its day, Studio 28 also managed to put this theater under.
6/26/2008 - Timmy
I saw "Dazed And Confused" there, then suddenly it was GONE.
2/15/2005 - Brad Adams
Went from 4 screens to 6 in 84, closed in 86 or 87 and was demolished. I saw Indiana Jones Temple of Doom there in 1984 in a special 70mm print.
9/11/2004 - Roger Nead
This theater opened in December of 1979, and originally had 4 screens (which of course explains the name).
Quad 6 - GONE
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