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Savoy Theatre

Address: 80 Market St.
City: Grand Rapids State: MI Zip: Unknown Phone:  
County: Kent
View on Google Maps  
Open: Closed: 1979 Capacity:  
Owner: Unknown
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 5094

9/9/2012 - Jim Fahlstedt
Accurate information from one who was there. The Savoy was owned by Emmit Goodrich and later his son, Robert. It always was the orphan stepsister downtown as the Butterfield and RKO (and later Loeks) houses got the first class flicks. The Goodriches, however, ran a pretty classy operation and managed to outlast almost all the downtown theaters. As mentioned in another post, they did very well with what at the time were called Sepia features.

These were black films, most made by independent studios, but some by name studios. They were not at all like the later Blaxploitation films. They did a good business and provided the African-American community a high quality of entertainment. I remember taking my first wife to the Savoy in the late 70s to see some supposedly high quality adult film.

She was not amused.
2/8/2012 - Russ Hansen
Was looking for more information on the Windmill Motor Inn on O'Brian if any one has some. Thank you.
2/14/2011 - edward mcfarrin
The Savoy theater was my only thought in my mind in my younger days of becoming a teenager living in Grand Rapids, MI. I remember walking down Ionia St. 5 to 10 miles away from my home just to watch a good black movie from my heritage, I enjoyed every minute of it, that was over 34 years ago, I wish that the Savoy theater never left Downtown Grand Rapids, MI. And never left my History.

2/7/2010 - J DeVault
In going through old photos and memorabilia that I inherited I found an original program for the Savoy Theater from May 10th 1930. It listed a performance by Melody Lane Co called Hello, Grand Rapids. It also lists all of the performers such as the Master of Ceremonies,Joe Barnett, a group called Our Barnett Girls and a dance group called Our Rhythm Four. ( The Rhythum Four includes dancers Less Deifer, George Burke, Pete Forster and my uncle George Crotty. ) The program also listed lots of businesses in Grand Rapids like Windmill Motor Inn on O''Brien Road, Vincents Cafe, 1973 S.

Division Ave, Hotel Browning, Nyhuis Beauty Salon 115 Ionia Ave N. and many more. If you would like anymore information, please let me know.

11/8/2007 - Gail
I believe the Savoy was owned or operated by Jack Loeks. He was supposed to be an attorney with his office over the theater. I think it was located on Ottawa between Louis and Monroe.
Savoy Theatre - OLD PIC

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