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Wealthy Theatre

Address: 1130 Wealthy St SE
City: Grand Rapids State: MI Zip: Phone: (616) 451-8001  
County: Kent
Notes: AKA: Wealthy Street
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Open: Closed: Capacity:    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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9/9/2012 - Jim Fahlstedt
This ancient theater was built by the Poisson family and ran vaudeville when it opened! The Poissons, Reynolds and Johnson families intermarried and Butterfield and Johnson ended up running the Wealthy as an art house. This was a fairly successful enterprise. I worked there and we could pack the joint when we had a Bridget Bardot film or an Ingmar Bergmann film. The manager when I worked there was the late Earl Smith. The regular operator (projectionist) was Woody Gillette and the box office was handled by an English lady named Marge Smith.

This is the last place in Grand Rapids that I expected to survive.
1/14/2010 - Unknown
Wealthy TheatreCurrent phone: 616-459-4788 x130Current Website: www. wealthytheatre. orgOwned by Grand Rapids Community Media Center.
5/20/2006 - Brandon Bartkowiak
http://www. wealthytheatre. org/about. php The Wealthy Theatre reopened at the end of 2005.
8/22/2005 - David Moore
For renovation notes, current status, http://www. wealthytheatre. org/about. php.
Wealthy Theatre - EARLY 2000
Wealthy Theatre - RECENT PIC
Wealthy Theatre - OLD PHOTO

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