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Northgate Cinemas

Address: 9-Mile Rd & John R St
City: Hazel Park State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Oakland
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Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
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2/26/2015 - Kevin Jordan
This cinema consisted of TWO auditoriums and it was also joined to Time Zone Arcade. Admission was 99 cents for movies at the time. I used to walk to this cinema and the arcade all the time but was forced closed because of the violent fights that occured in the arcade pool table section and from frequent complaints called in to the Hazel Park Police Dept. The cinema didn`t stay open for too long after since the closing of the arcade, that drew in most of the traffic for the cinema.

8/17/2006 - Greg Steinmayer
I saw Godzilla 1985 here and at that time the theater consisted of four small, very dirty and run-down auditoriums in the corner of a run-down strip mall.
2/19/2004 - Larry Hall
This picture is incorrect, this building was built after the Northgate was already closed. The Farmer Jacks market was expanded and took the Northgates site.
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