Copper Country Cinema 5

Address: 1703 W Memorial Dr
City: Houghton
State: MI
County: Houghton
Open: 1981
Owner History: Carmike Cinemas
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Info Updates:
11/27/2008 - SJS
3 screens reopened on Friday, November 21, and it''s expected that the other 2 screens will be back by mid-December. The theater is now owned by Rogers Cinema, the same company that purchased the Lode and the Pic earlier this year.

Continuing this sidetrack, the bad news about the mall keeps on coming. Rumor has it that JCPenney is closing at year''s end and only 2 stores (besides the theater) have renewed their leases for 2009.
3/17/2005 - Cactus Bob (Bobby Peacock)
I dont know how many screens this plex had originally, but in the late 80s it had 3. Im not sure when 4 and 5 were added. By the way, Copper Country Mall isnt very healthy looking right now -- Id say about a good 1/3 of the mall is empty.
9/11/2004 - Eve Deitsch
You have on your site the info that this theater is closed, but it is not. You merely have a photo of the front of the mall missing its K-Mart sign to say that the theater is closed. K-mart is closed, the theater is not. Its not even at that entrance to the mall, but straight back from there. The sign is on the front of the mall because most people dont drive around the back. Also, yes, the Lode is open downtown, but they have broken seats and smaller theaters. Also, the people who own the Lode own the Pic across the bridge in Hancock, and the Pic suffers the same fate. Only one speaker, so the sound is terrible, sticky, rarely-cleaned floors, broken seats, etc. The worst bit about the Pic is that the seats are "reclining", meaning if you shift your weight just right, it will tip back suddenly, scaring you, and breaking the kneecaps of the person behind you. Not fun. Im all for keeping up historical things, but ya gotta keep em in good shape....
9/30/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
This is yet another non-descript multi-plex that has been put in to place in spite of the fact that the Lode Theatre downtown still stands.
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