Cloverland Cinema 2

Address: 932 E Cloverland Dr
City: Ironwood
State: MI
Zip: 49911
County: Gogebic
Owner History: Unknown
Number of visits to this page: 4167
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2/25/2008 - Merry Sanders
I have finally sworn off attending this theater. For ten years, I have gone to the movies hoping for enough quiet from the audience to enjoy the picture. I have not gone ONCE that I did not have to complain to the manager and with almost no satisfaction. Occasionally someone would come in and stand for a few minutes. I have walked out and not returned and I''ve walked out and come back for a later show, all to no avail.

I even paid to bring all the students in our school from 9-12th grades to a special showing of "Holes" at this theater.

I live an hour from the theater so it is a big deal if I am going to drive all that way.

If I absolutely can not wait to see a movie on DVD, I will go to Houghton or with my son in Chicago. Even in Chicago, the audience is better behaved than in Ironwood.

9/30/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
This former 2 screener seems to have been converted to a 4 screen facility.
Cloverland Cinema 2 - FRONT OF BUILDING
Cloverland Cinema 2 - ENTRANCE
Cloverland Cinema 2 - MARQUEE
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