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 Lillian Murdock-Angelo - 9/18/2014
For Becky: I always try the obvious when looking for anything. Online, just print out Owosso, MI Roller Rink or try Roller Rink, Owosso, Michigan. Either should pull up to help you. And sometimes you can send a message to Owosso City Manager's office. People love to help. Look up City of Owosso, Michigan. Good Luck, Lil
 Becky McRae - 9/16/2014
I am trying to locate information about a Roller rink in Owosso that was co-owned by my Grandfather, Rodney Ward, some time in the 30's or 40's. My grandpa and his cousin used to do trick skating, as well. I have an old clipping from a newspaper, but was hoping to find more information. Anything would be helpful!
 Lillian Murdock-Angelo - 9/12/2014
Does anyone remember the Log Cabin Bowling Alley, Detroit And Luxury Lanes, Ferndale? Had great times at both places. I loved bowling but that was many years ago.
 Brett Hosmer - 8/28/2014
What I wouldn't give to have the ability to take a week and travel back in time just to see and visit all the old places that I remember as a little boy, and those that were gone long before I was born. Great site.
 Lillian Murdock-Angelo - 8/19/2014
Sandy: Buffalo Bob? Oh, that takes me back over 50 years. When I tell people about raising my two oldest children, I always mention planning my day. Oldest son is now 62 and daughter 59. So day started like this: Breakfast: With Captain Kangaroo and there was another local show, Detroit- Bongo or something like that. Lunch: Soupy Sales (now on AZ TV reruns). Dinner: Buffalo Bob and Howdy Dowdy (forgive-spelling) or Lone Ranger. And you can wonder why I am like I am. Lil
 Jennifer Beckman - 8/17/2014
It is great to see berrien county and the local areas on this page.
 Lillian Murdock-Angelo - 8/17/2014
I've been reading the entries listed and amazed at 'how much is said about racing'. One thing I did not know. Only race I attended, with friends, was THE MIDGET. Where or when? not sure, sometimes during 1947. I might mention, working at the KRIM, I started out as Ticket Taker, then Usherette (Saturday's for kids was the worst), Cashier, then behind the candy counter. One thing I'm sad about is the pictures are back in a MI scrapbook. When Krim was going to have a Premier of movie 'DUAL IN THE SUN', Sol felt we all had to look dressed up and purchased old uniforms from the Statler Hotel. Of course, in those days, All the uniforms were worn by men who were door greeters or door opening of cars so there I was, sleeve cuffs almost down to knees and jackets down to almost there. But when I look at the photo I looked pretty good just the same. It was a glorious event for Michigan. And Kim Novak was supposed to attend because she and Mac were to be married but that never happened. She didn't even show up. And if anyone knew Mac Krim, he was Hollywood bred for playing polo. Never spent much time with the two theaters. It was mostly Sol's doing.
 Lillian Murdock-Angelo - 8/15/2014
Pershing Grad, June '48. Anyone out there still? Like many of you, I was searching some other website apparently with a KR and up popped KRIM. Not knowing of this site, I've been leaving messages on another site. I am a true Michiganian now in Arizona. I have a shirt, purchased at a Tempe shop named DETROIT CONEY ISLAND HOTDOG. IT'S WORDING GOES LIKE THIS: "i LIVE IN Arizona BUT I'm A DETROIT SPORTS FAN". In July, my daughter, Debi, and I went to see Detroit Tigers play the D' Backs. What a day that was. Lil
 Glenn Hardy - 8/14/2014
Wow! What a great site! I lived in Detroit from June of 1970 to June of '71. I went to the East Town Ballroom and many of the other sites shown here. Does anyone remember The Shemoin Cafe in Detroit? It was a Lebanese/Syrian place in or near Greektown. So many memories! Thanks for doing such a great job with this site.
 HFry - 8/13/2014
Awesome Site.
 Roxanne Kania - 8/1/2014
This is a really GREAT site! I just found it and now I can't get off. So many memories! Plus I was able to find the drive in's that are still in MI. Thank you!
 bev caporosso - 7/19/2014
thank you for this site, along with great memories
 Brian McRae - 6/11/2014
Cool site. just found it
 Sandy Bofysil Smith - 4/30/2014
I just had to write to you, My brother( Buffalo Bob Bofysil) used to race AA fuel Dragster's @ Onondaga Drag way in the 60's, with many well known name's, I'm sorry to say he passed today, but we have so many Great memory's of his life racing.
 Carol (Sutton) Kunz - 4/28/2014
Oh my, I just love this site. so many wonderful memories. Thanks!
 Leslee Fritz - 4/28/2014
Thank you for the time and energy you're devoting to the preservation of our culture and history. I could spend hours and hours here pouring over the photos, individuals' stories, and the memories they've shared!
 Ronald Wolniewicz - 4/18/2014
I stumble onto your site. Very interesting, I'll have to come back. I'll have to tell a friend about the site.
 Doreen Parrish - 3/17/2014
I enjoyed looking through your old photos. Brought back a lot of memories. You might want to add pictures of parks and pools. I remember spending lots of time at Seashore Pool in Levagood Park in Dearborn, MI, as well as camping at Camp Dearborn in Milford, MI.
 Corlis Smeltzer McCormack - 3/2/2014
This is a great thing you have done! The memories are flooding back to me,, keep up the good work. Thank you so much.
 charles pappas - 2/5/2014
Are there any films of Fred Wolfe at the race way. Or old TV programs
 Pauline (Gant) Licavoli - 1/27/2014
Remember going to Gratiot at Seven to Eight Mile Road around 1966-1967. It was called "Fun In The Sun". I was 11 or 13 and it was summer. A perfect day! We were visiting my Aunt Maxine and Uncle Bill and our cousins Marianne, Phil and Msrk There was a band playing and I remember Eating ice cream and dancing. It was a Very exciting thing, and the best summer day I had Ever had!
 dan medwed - 1/26/2014
grew up 3 blocks from Edgewater park ( dale st. ) in early 60s , we used to walk along the rouge river and sneak into the park. what a great way to spend your summers
 Jim Jones - 1/8/2014
First time to visit the site, so no suggestions just yet. I sure am enjoying the browse ....
 Steve (Amos) McCoy - 12/28/2013
I'd like to give your site some info in regards to the Evergreen Drive-in theatre, in Ishpeming mi. I purchased the E7 Simplex movie projectors from the last owners (Fern and Raynor Johnson) summer of 2013. I'm in the process of restoring the better of the two. I'll leave the other as-is to show people how I found them. I plan on showing only a few movies in my basement, once or twice a year. The rebuild is a long winded process, as there is a lot to the mechanical aspect of these old 35MM projectors. I remember my brother-in-law and myself sneaking our wifes to see a scary movie once. Fern was collecting money at the ticket booth, saw me and asked if may wife was hiding somewhere. Of course I said No. Then later when the girls had to use the restroom, instead of going in the woods (too scared) like I recommended, Fern was now working the concession stand and saw my wife. Fern informed the girls to either pay the entry amount or we had to leave. Since the movie was kind of bad, and half over with, we choose to leave. Fern and Raynor gave us plenty of memories. Bless them. Man, I miss them 'ole days! Latterness, Amos McCoy
 Tami Miles - 11/27/2013
We enjoyed looking at the pictures on this site. My family has lived in Michigan seems like forever. My husbands family built one of the first houses in Grass Lake. The cobblestone house is still standing that was built in 1837. We were all around Jackson area. Thanks for the memories.
 Jim Thompson - 11/4/2013
I just can't believe that no one has a picture or has ever taken a picture of the old ECORSE THEATER. It served the city of Ecorse as it's only theater for many years. It was closed when the Harbor Theater was built. I guess I'm the only one that remembers it.
 Eric Sanderson - 9/22/2013
Your making me homesick! And I don't know when i'm going to come home! I'm stuck here in Florida, 8yrs. more with Disney,FREEDOM! I hope you or someone will help preserve as much of Michigan's past & present before it's GONE!!! This is a cool website! I remember so much and am alway looking at old postcards,pictures,anything! Alway wanting to buy something old,something,anything of Michigan's past if I like it! My wife loves Michigan and she's from Massachusetts! I LOVE MICHIGAN!!! YES!!! WHEN ? Only God knows! Thank-you. Eric Sanderson.
 MaryAnn Sepke - 9/20/2013
What a fantastic website! I'd also like to commend you for your support of the Hi Way Drive In during this second round of Project Drive In. This gem in Carsonville truly deserves every vote it can get!
 Marie Roy Bartley - 9/15/2013
Just found this fabulous website! Grew up in Dearbon in the 60's and am putting together an album for my sister's 60th birthday. I can't wait to share all these pictures with my mother. THANK YOU!
 Rhonda - 8/31/2013
I am looking for pictures of the Sterling Motel, which is now Best Western Sterling Inn at 15 Mile and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights. My parents spent their honeymoon there in 1959 and would love to have a picture of that to give them for their 54th anniversary in December
 Maria Sibson - 8/29/2013
My Grandfather, Wirt S. McLaren (Mac) opened the Capitol Theatre on March 22, 1922. He also opened the Michigan Theatre on April 30, 1930. He owned theatres in the Chelsea, Mi and Charlotte areas as well, (The Princess in 1905, and Rialto). I have a few old newspapers from that era. He died on November 21, 1952 from cancer. My Grandmother, (his wife) was Irene Joy Crossman who was a professional singer, and was the first woman news broadcaster in the country. It started in the basement of the Capitol Theatre, WIBJ (Winners In Broadcaster Joy). During this time she was known as "Auntie Joy". During her professional singer career which started in Chicago she was known as "Esther Joy". She gave up her singer career when she married my Grandfather on June 30, 1926 in Chicago. Contact information:
 Randy - 8/21/2013
Still impressed with this site...thank you for keeping it up and going!!!
 Daniel Dobbs - 8/19/2013
I used to race my 63 Dodge at Detroit dragway until I got Drafted in 65. Then when I came home from Vietnam in 68 I bought a yellow 68 Hemi Road Runner and raced it at the usual drag strips, Detroit, Milan, Onodaga, Bristal, Tenn, Woodward Ave, Telegraph and NorthLine by Metro airport. I always went looking for the Sliver Bullet to see how we would do but never saw him. I bought a 69 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1 Mustang just to drive to work at Ford.
 Jay Parham - 8/17/2013
This is the greatest site i've been to!!! I just love it. It show us are youth and what made it so great. And what a great time it was "back in the day".
 Bob Williamson - 8/7/2013
This is a fantastic. Thank you.
 Kay Frazier - 7/11/2013
Great site. Many memories.
 Laurie - 7/4/2013
What a great site this is. Some of this I remember and some of this is way before my time. Great to see all of the interesting things about our great state!!
 Robert - 7/2/2013
Nice site!
 carol smith - 6/30/2013
enjoyed looking
 Tonya Vannatter - 6/28/2013
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I was born and I like to say raised in Michigan. We lived in East Detriot (Roseville). I remember shopping at East Gate, Farmer Jack's, etc. I had family that lived in Southfield, Troy, all over. I haven't been home in 20 yrs. I loved looking at all the pics and reliving my childhood. Some pics brought me to tears.
 Maureen Spurlock Gudenau - 6/10/2013
Love this site! Thanks for the memories!
 Fred Thomas - 6/6/2013
Love the site. The old pictures from Spartan Speedway brought back a lot of memories of my dad and my uncles racing out there in the 70's and 80's.
 Larry Harris - 5/23/2013
Awesome Memories here!1!!!!
 Kim duprey - 4/20/2013
Enjoyed the site ! Lotsa memories
 joseph farro - 4/3/2013
hi my name is joe farro and i remember going to arjays drive in resturant between 9 & 10 mile rd and lucky star drive in on 9 and harper but i cant finde any pictures or info on these two places
 Steve Yorks - 3/25/2013
Thank you for the work you have put into this site and the research that goes along with it.. Preservation of history is very much appreciated by many of us Michiganders. If you were born and raised in Michigan you surely have an appreciation for the history of this great state. I was born in the northern part of the state and now live in the southern part and have traveled most of it so I have an appreciation for all of the history. Thanks again.
 sterling smith - 3/5/2013
Keep up all the old hot and dragsters pictures. Great job!!
 Maggie - 2/25/2013
I've been looking for old photos of Silver Beach in St Joe - love your photos and info on it. Thank you for creating such a great site!
 Don Ross - 2/11/2013
I grew up in Lansing my whole life, this is a great site to see Lansing as it used to be not as it has become. Lost Lansing has left the web but I love this site, I would love to go back to then if only for a day. I used to live behind Capital City Airport, worked at the Frontier restaurant and went to Sexton High School and worked at Fisher Body all in Lansing. Good times!
 Neal Copper - 1/20/2013
I am glad to here that Mystery Hill is still open. Cant wait to go.
 Dale Haddad - 1/3/2013
Looking for movie of Haddad Bros AM/SP drag car from mid sixties. Bright orange exterior with Haddad Bros logo on side in gold leaf. Raced at MCD & Detroit Dragway. Same body style as Neil Ellis & Ron Farkas (chassis by Logghe ) please contact at 586-940-0707 or email. THANKS
 Dale Haddad - 12/22/2012
My brother Gene and I ( Haddad Bros ) raced against Ron Farkas and Pappy Ellis in AM/SP class at MCD, Milan and Det Dragway in the mid -sixties. Broke 10 sec ONCE ! Trying to track down Rich Wilt, Gary Kohler, Jim Cavallero !! Any leads ?
 Mario Messina - 11/21/2012
Anybody remember Dexter Dairy company on Davision..looking for pictures
 Otis Campbell - 11/19/2012
Good to see this site going strong. With the loss of Michigan it's a good thing that many of the pictures were shared between you two or they would be gone forever. And below, great to hear Mystery Hill is still open. I was last there 40 years ago and should go again. I had no idea it was still operating.
 steve walker - 11/6/2012
good stuff
 John Simpson - 8/26/2012
Mystery Hill in the Irish Hills is still open! We went last week and had a blast! The great thing is you have your own tour guide to take you through the Mystery House. The effects are reallllly cool. After a little while, I actually felt as if the House was pulling me into the floor, too. Bring your camera for some great photos (no video allowed). At only $7, it is a bargain. Call to make sure they are open. Have fun! John
 Tom Liston - 8/20/2012
Great memories!!! Grew up in Warren 8 Mile & Ryan Fitzgerald High. Really miss White Castle, A&W, Motor city roller rink. Bob Lo. Hudson's windows at Christmas. And the list goes on...Sitting here in the Arizona desert at 115 degrees, pining for the pics with snow in them.
 Victoria Lang - 8/17/2012
Wonderful site, broughr back some wonderful memories. thankyou for having this site.. god bless
 Judy Wood LaBarge Dryden - 8/14/2012
I just happent to stumble on this today, as my sister and I mentioned our past and places our parents would take us. Like Flint Park. What a wonderful memory I enjoyed on this site today and have tried to pass on to my family and cousins and friends who grew up in some of these areas Thanks so much for a Great Job! I have been in Fl. since 74....
 Ken Jansen - 7/5/2012
I have great memories growing up in to the 50"s on Grand Rapids west side. Going to the Stocking and Town Theaters which would always have two movies and a serial which would draw you back each week. There was also a theater on Leonard Street Northwest near Alpine Avenue called the Our Theater which I do not see listed on this website. Romona Amusement Park was always a special place to go with the family to celebrate a birthday or just to go an enjoy. I remember the hot air balloon which would take off from Ramona Park and come down into Reeds Lake across from the park.
 Linda (Parrott) Frase - 6/15/2012
I have enjoyed and shared this website many times. I am especially fond of the Amusement Park pics. and the Drive-Ins were my weekend hang-outs. :0)
 JAMI IAGULLI - 5/29/2012
LOVE THIS SITE !! Of course BOOKMARKED...Everytime i click on this site ...i just cant get off it.Discovered it about 5 years ago.Grew up in b'ham/ southfield area. Now live in north oakland co.Had a place in irish hills on deep lake.Mom worked on WJR in the fisher building, Dad sold cars/ copiers. Everthing i click on remindes me of my childhood growing up.Really brings back lots of memories. My favorites are drive inns, theaters,and old amusment parks. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!
 TRUDY GAFF - 5/22/2012
I love the stories of growing up in the 50's and 60's to share on FB....just wish there were more photos to share so that my children and grandchildren could see what they missed..enjoyed this so much thanks, trudy gaff
 craig derbin - 5/21/2012
Great Site !
 Martin Cote - 5/17/2012
My grandfather, Elmer F. Cote (he pronounced it Co-tee, emphasis on the first), owned and operated a traveling amusement park that played in many Michigan cities in the 30's, 40's, 50's, and the early 60's. It was named, appropriately, Cote Amusement Company. A few of the cities where he played that I can recall are Pontiac, Utica, Mio, Romeo, Midland, and I think Bay City and Saginaw. He also had an amusement park that was called Ramona Park, located just off M-50 East of Pontiac and nearing Utica. Grandpa died in the early 60's and no one in the family could take over the business. It was sold piece by piece for pennies on the dollar in the mid 60's.
 Don Trumbull - 5/6/2012
Fantastic website, spent over 2 hours checking out drive-in, movie theaters,etc
 Jim Ryerse - 4/29/2012
Great site, I have shared it on our community FB page here in St.Ignace " I love St.Ignace ". Really enjoyed looking through the pic's. Thanks for the trip back in time.
 Joe Stanislaw - 4/20/2012
How about some of the cars we saw every day being drove on the street around the fair ground StateFair and Woodward/John R 8-Mile area. BobCats, 1961 SS 409's, 1963 1/2 "K" cars, Hemi.s, Wedge cars. Then there were a pair of 1963 1/3 "R" Ford X/L 500 at the Ford dealers on Woodward and 8 1/2 I us to pull hole shots with in there back lots as the keys were left in everything back then. What memories. Live and rock forever. I lived the dream cruise 1st hand. I ended up with Royal's 1961 Ventura drag car and working at PROTEST race car enginering for Tony L. and then the street wreck dragracing, very sad. Cheers Joe now in Flint,Mi.
 Deanna Street - 4/16/2012
I am having a blast on this site! I love all things "old", the history of communities, the architecture. Having moved here 3 years ago I am getting to know the history of Michigan. I enjoy driving around the area and seeing where an old drive in was or discovering that bland building used to be a beautiful hotel! I've been on here for 2 hours now and it looks like this is how I'm going to spend today! Thank you so much!
 Don Ross - 4/5/2012
I love this site I just wished that I had pictures from the Frontier Restaurant that I worked at in the 1970's. It's gone now torn down, all the good has gone out of Lansing!
 Shelley - 3/10/2012
Love it. Just wish there were more interior shots from the good ole days.
 monika - 2/27/2012
My opinion is absolutely positive, big like for your webs. Go on! Try with me also
 denny ross - 1/29/2012
great site looking for old photos from 1963 of white super lark running in b/fx class thanks
 gary e garinger - 1/25/2012
looks like a great site ...just stumbled onto it ..... any old friends feel free to email me .... use subject WONDERLAND
 Gary W. Stockdale - 1/5/2012
I WORKED ON THOSE GROUNDS & would hate to see them removed!! their part of our history
 rick skinner - 1/5/2012
Butch ludeman raced a maroon 55, 56 Chevy at MT Clemens race track! I've thought about that car for45+years ! Loved going to that track! Sorry to hear of all the greats passing away! Any help or contact iñfo would be great! He was a nice man! Raced it in the 60s!he kept the car at cereals red carpet shell station at 21 mile& gratuitous! Thank housing much for this site
 Peter Bergmann - 1/3/2012
What a site!!! My father is a HUGE ghost town postal collector, this site will bring a huge smile to his face. Thank you!
 Jay Baker - 12/24/2011
Just had a flashback about shoping for school clothes at Federals on 6 Mile and Schafer back in the early 70's and found this site via Google. Great memories! A shame what's happened to a wonderful city.
 george staudacher - 12/20/2011
"waiting for the morning train" by bruce catton excellent reading if someone is looking for early 1900's history.
 Michael Krupinski - 12/10/2011
Wow, really brings back alot of memories. Now that I live out in Las Vegas, Nevada.. you kind of forget where you came from when you are no longer a part of it.... I really miss going to BOB-LO.. As an altar boy for church, we would go on annual outings to Bob-Lo every year.. Lots of fun..
 andy zarb - 12/4/2011
love this site lived on riverview street (joy and telegraph) the pics are priceless, hope there is more to come
 Bill Calkins - 11/21/2011
Love this site. Been looking for any pictures or footage from 1963 and 1964 from Martin Dragway, Gratton Dragway. International raceway park. My folks raced a Black 1963 Factory Experimental 426 Dodge and a Black 1964 light weight 426 Dodge with a dragon on the front fenders. Their names were Bill & Ida Calkins, Their car club was called Road Gents from Muskegon Michigan. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help me find something on them? Thanks in advance.
 Ellinor F Allen - 11/18/2011
I just have to go back to your website every day. I always think of something new to peek at. I am 80yrs young & loved the Bob Lo boat & park. As I recall the area, wasn't Vernors Ginger ale near the boat dock? I recall one fine day, we rented deck chairs on the upper deck, we were going to Cedar Point. A storm came up & we just made into Put In The Bay. Not much there at the time. Lighhouse, bike riding & caves. Course food & drink. We never made it to Cedar point. Never got there. I cried when I saw the parks, what a great city it was, I only hope it will come back like so many other cities. Keep up the great work.
 Ellinor F. Allen - 11/15/2011
I got this sight from a friend. I really enjoyed the resturants, movie theaters and the Edgewater Park section. I lived on Dale St for about 10 years and Edgewater was a part of my teen years. Mostly going roller skating 2 to 3 times a week. Met my late husband there and it sure brought back fond memories.
 Dave Marable - 11/4/2011
Thanks for a lot of old memories and images of Wayne / Westland, Brighton / Burroughs Farms and Michigan in general.
 Chuck Cunningham - 10/25/2011
Great drag race photos really like the site. I raced an O/Stock 57 Chev Belaire Red, White & Blue sponsored by Kirk's Auto Wheel & Axle painted along both sides of the car, @ Detroit & Motor City Dragways 1969, 1970 & 1971. Car was undefeated in it's own class for three full seasons & was O/Stock runner-up in the 1971 Nationals @ Detroit Dragway. Do you have any Photos of that car?? Would like to hear from you & would be interested in purchasing Photos from you. Chuck.
 Phyllis Simmons - 10/24/2011
I don't know if this is the same Ken Kazsubowski that I use to know years ago. I live in Flint Mi and were friends with rich Ray and Rich Hensel. If it is the same person I'd love to hear from him if he remembers me. My e-mail address is Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from Ken.
 LaTonya Jordan - 10/24/2011
 sk - 10/23/2011
thanks for the lovely childhood visitations!
 Rick ekey - 10/22/2011
Wow ,Get some goose bumps from some of these places. havent got there yet , but anything from Moter City Speedway used to be on 8 mile road? Fred Wolf did TV at one time from there. Love being here in Las Vegas But was a lot of good times back there. Mackenzie 1955
 Amy McKellar - 10/11/2011
Hi, I do not know if anyone can help me with this or not, but I am trying to locate an old friend of my mom and dads who used to race there at the ionia speedway back in the 68-70'ish era i believe (Maybe even after that). But my parents keep telling me that it was back in the late 60's, begining 70. My problem is that they can not remember his name. I would love to be able to see if I can locate him and surprise my parents and him. I have the guys desrciption and know that at some point he was in the military and later became a mechanic. I also have a physical description, just not a name. Yeah I know... what good does that do.... Sorry guys... just thought maybe I could locate someone through here that might be able to help me locate who I am talking about. Thanks in advance!
 Fred Dennett - 10/10/2011
I grew up in Richmond, and then moved to Wayne/Westland area after high school. I visit Richmond once a year around the time of the Woodward Dream Cruise time. Michigan is still is a great state, But, now like in Kansas. So be it! Love the racing links, we raced at alot of the dragstrips in Michigan. Sad to see the late photos of the closed tracks... Great site!
 Glenn M Schoenbach - 10/7/2011
Nice to see that Waterford Hills Racing guys are still around, as I was lucky to grow-up in 11 Mile-Woodward corador, and had many of fun runns in the late 60's to the early 80's doing the Red-Light Hot Rabit Runs on Woodward Ave. Had a great friend John Cambell a writer for Darc-McManns on Woodward & Big Bever,, He use to have a "66" 427BB Vett with Sidepipes & a RockCrusher Transmission, between him and me we had some great Rag-Top down, an Earth Shaking Fun. I also was lucky to have another great friend Richard Hinson who was Cheaf-Editor at AutoWeek Mag he got me into some wonder fun a WaterFord Hill as I was a Comerical Photographer at the time, I wound up racing & classes with Skip Barber at WaterFord, leading up buying my own 67 Vet,,, which I bought from some guy at the GM Tech Center,,, I use to bring the car all the time to WaterFord Hill on the weekend races, as more luck would go I was there some great summer vintage race-weekend in 1986 and found Richard Hinson up in the Offical's Tower. He said "Hey Glenn you mind loaning Zora Duntov your car for PaceCar" boy was I surprised.,,,,it was great see him behind the wheel... So now I've been living in New Mexico for the last twenty years, and we have the Racing Icon's "Galles Racing" Little Al & Big Al, been Calafornia to Hollywood and strip to the Bay, I'll tell you there nothing like the true love of racing and muscle cars as in the SouthEaster Michigan... PS I still have my 67 Vett, she has gone through a face lift, a few paint jobs, a new 67 427 BB Tri-power engine under her skirt, for a ol'Girl she still turns heads and gets many Wows.
 Gordon K. Cotton - 10/2/2011
I grew up in Rochester, on John R. I went to the Oak and Troy drive in movies when I was a teen. Raced on Woodward between 10 and 14 mile, and cruised the Woodward drive-in restaurants. Thanks for the memories.
 Allison - 10/2/2011
I love this site, it has a ton of interesting places. Very cool. I was wondering why you don't post the names of the people that photograph or send in photos for the site. I'm using a picture from your site for an article on my blog about haunted places in Michigan and while I was citing my sources I noticed that the author of the photos are not listed. I am citing your site though. Thank you. Allison
 ruth - 9/26/2011
Detroit was a wonderful cultural City. People don't realize that the Detroit Art Museum was one of the 5 major art museums in the United States. We were lucky to have the diversity, the BEST food, the coolest cars, the lakes, shopping, to be across from Canada and to have the most sincere wholesome family-oriented people. I feel fortunate to have grown up there. Thank you for creating this website. I shared this site with my 88 year old Mom and many friends. Go Lions!!
 Bob Bagin - 9/7/2011
I've been around racing since the end of WWII in Michigan. I'm the unknown in the directons to Hasting Speedway on the 2/7/2005 postiing. This is some informaton I'd like to share with you. Growing up in Marne I saw the first Chevy with a V8 in 1954. It was a 53 or 54 plain Jane Chevy. The guy that had it was born and raised on the corner across from Berlin Raceway. He designed and built the engine, and would come home to visit his mother and test the car at the same time. His name was Ed Cole, later when Speedvision did a show on him, I found out that he designed the 49 Caddie and Olds engines too. Back in the late 40's they ran roadsters which were a poor mans sprint car mixed with some sprints on the old 1/2 mile at Berlin , They also raced at Wiskey Ridge, and Owosso. After 1945 my Dad had fishing buddies that rode flat track bikes on the 1/2 mile tracks of fair grounds in Michigan that would let them run, because of the noise on Sunday. Check out to learn more. The biggest race every year was the state champingships at Ionia, the others we went to were Marshall, Kalamazoo, Allegan, and Jackson. The rest were too long a drive round trip on two lane roads back then. The top riders back then were Chet Dykgraff on John Eslers Norton, Ernie Beckman on Art Hafers Indian, and Leo Anthony on a Harley Daivdson. What a fantastic time to watch those three go head to head almost every Sunday. All five of them are in the AMA Hall of Fame, but I don't think any are in the Michigan Motosports Hall of Fame.
 Mary (Betlej) Russell - 9/5/2011
Awesome! Thank you for this site! Oh the Memories!
 Ron Starking - 9/5/2011
What a great memory web site! I graduated from Lapeer high in 1964 and worked in Flint at Fisher #2 on Van Slyke. I also worked at the Lapeer Dragway and raced at Tri City dragway. We used to BOMB town on fri and sat nights. Now they call it cruising. Parking with your girl and making out. Great stuff!!
 Carol Fairchild (Meersman) Zinn - 8/30/2011
Graduated from Redford HS in '54. Used to take roller skate lessons at Edgewater in the 50s. Have been on "growing up in Old Redford" but haven't found anyone who goes back in the 50s. Lots of memories of Edgewater Park. Good ones!!!
 Lynne A. (Turney) Zalenski - 8/18/2011
Awesome website! What fantastic history of Michigan... thanks so much, what a trip down memory lane!
 Susan Schutz - 8/1/2011
I love this site.
 Jerry Woods - 7/28/2011
Great site Lots of good memorys
 Paul Lundy - 7/19/2011
Wow, what an awesome website! Recalling some fond memories and seeing some things that my parents would have remembered. Thanks for the memories!
 leeanna - 6/11/2011
as a kid i use to go to boblo. untill they close it. i had a great time at boblo. my grandma use to dance on the boat. i knew the captien og the ss c, captien b. my parent would take us twice a month and we got older we went with are friend. we always had a great time i sure miss boblo
 Diane Foster - 6/9/2011
Just found this site - so excited! My parents (Don and Phyllis Foster), who were professional roller skaters, managed/worked at roller skating rinks in Lansing (Rollerdrome), Frandor (Palomar) and also worked at the rink at the Lake Lansing Amusement Park. I was basically at the park most weeks of the summer on the rides and on skates. I am thrilled to find this site! Incidentally, Myrna Haskins, I was your swimming partner at the Dells and we swam often - hope you remember me. My Daughter lives just outside Haslett and I visit. I'll try to find you elsewhere. I know everyone enjoys this as much as i do. What a find!.
 DAVID PENA JR. - 6/5/2011
 diana gardocki - 5/29/2011
What a wonderful site. Live in New York now. But get homesick often these days. I was most effected about Bob-Lo being demolished. I thought it would always be there-people taking that ferry ride ,kids on the rides.......
 george staudacher - 5/20/2011
My dad worked for the railroad,so we could ride the train for free to Kalamazoo. We would take the train to Kalamazoo on Saturday afternoons occasionally and my dad,mom and my sister and I always went to Schenzel's.What great memories! I do think I have a post card somewhere.
 Dotty LeMieux - 5/18/2011
Schenzel's Cafeteria. Someone asked about it, No pictures but lots of memories. Hot apple pie. Organ music. Were you there?
 dan quinn - 5/14/2011
nothing like your sight wow.
 Jim - 5/8/2011
I was wondering if anyone remembers back far enough to recall Ma's candy store and later on Ann Star's Dancing School located on the corner of Jefferson and Outer Drive in Ecorse. If anyone does recall that than they should definitely remember the Harbor Dairy Bar as well as watching them build the Ecorse Library on the opposite corner of Jefferson and Outer Drive. I went to school at St. Francis Xavier on Outer Drive just a half block off Jefferson. I'm not the only one that went to school there so there should be a lot of other people that remember these sites.
 jeffh - 5/5/2011
seeing these photo's and reading the captions brings back a lot of fond memories it's great that this site is available for us to view.i remember a lot of these places and all of the good times i had.times change but we will always keep the memories of the good times alive as long as there are people like you keep up the great work
 Brad Littlejohn - 4/28/2011
My Dad raced in the 60s also his name Larry Littlejohn I don't know how long he raced but he sure was proud to talk about it.God Bless
 john gilbert jr - 4/25/2011
I am John Gilbert's son. My dad had two racing cars. One was a fuel injected altered called "Pure Something" and the other was a 72 vega called "vegabond" I believe it was sponsored by the Power Source of Midland. If anyone has pictures of these cars please let me know. Things happened in life. I have my memories but I would like to show my daughter the real thin. Thank-you -john
 Chris Elliott - 4/17/2011
Very nice site. Pictures will help with speech I'm doing at school about preserving 1950s and 1960s iconic architecture. Maybe someday I can contribute a few pics myself.
 Nancy - 4/12/2011
Thanks for all the wonderful memories.
 Don Miller - 4/8/2011
Great site, fun to browse thru it.
 FAYE FOXALL - 3/23/2011
I have been looking for a site like this-NOW I FOUND YOU, and have satisfied many memories from my childhood.
 Terri Malin - 2/8/2011
This is a terrific site! Thank you!
 Duane Johns - 2/7/2011
Born in Detroit,Used to race at Milan,MotorCity,and Detroit dragway in 66&67 brings back a lot of good memories. Thanks
 Susan P - 1/24/2011
My Dad and I enjoyed visiting your site. It is a great trip down memory lane!
 Chet - 1/22/2011
WOW what A site Im 77 Sure brings back some Memorys I know Being a Buck from Ohio will not come across with some of You Mich people Buy spent a lot of My young life in Mich Thanks
 William Skelton - 1/19/2011
I found this site by looking for trycity dragway. Thanks for turning back time. I raced at most of the drag strips in michigan. Went to a few of the drivends shows also. You made me think of times when it was cool just to hang out and shot the bull. Thanks again
 Herb Riley - 1/16/2011
Flint (circa late 40's - early 60's, Detroit (circa late 60's - early 80's). Tremendous site. Thanks for the memories from bygone days of fun and good times. Where's the old Music Box in Prudenville?
 denny ross - 1/11/2011
great site
 A. Lucille Mol (Edwards) - 1/9/2011
Whew! What wonderful, memories. Any older Detroit Tip Toppers out there? I attended Brady, Hutchins, Ferndale. Keep up the good work. Love it!
 Steven G. Blair - 1/2/2011
 Doug Taylor - 12/26/2010
The Bungalow in Pequaming, Mi. a few miles NW of L'anse, Mi. was Henry Ford's Home away from home you might say. He often said it was his most favorite place to be. It was built in southern plantation style, with a hugh white pillared veranda extending across the front and about 30 spacious rooms, complete with servant's quarters and furnished in elegant splender. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone all danced on the front porch. Behind The Bungalow is a small barn, which appears to have been the garage and living quarters for the servant's. It is Privately owned by a retired attorney and his wife, who rent it out to small groups, etc. I have been on tour of the house and put an offer on it back in 1985. Something, I will always regret not buying.
 barbara brothers callaghan - 12/17/2010
I miss it all!!!
 GSTAUDACHER - 12/8/2010
Stagecoach stop (Frontier Town) closed at the end of the 2008 season.It was a classic.Sad to see it go.
 Jack Calabrase - 12/2/2010
EXCELLENT web site, lots and lots of nostalgia. I too used to race regularly at Jackson Motor Speedway back in the Sixties and early Seventies. Banked in one and two, flat in three and four, uphill on the front shute and a little downhill on the back shute. Always busy and lots of action. Great racing. Keep up your, "LABOR of LOVE" here, and, THANK YOU for such a fine web site.
 Katherine Boyette-Cipielewski - 12/1/2010
I used to work at the Irving Theatre in 1968. Grad. from Redford High School 1969.
 Frank - 11/25/2010
So nice to see people still remember alot of the great race car drivers and people behind the sport, that made it what it is today.Thanks for sharing your pictures and information
 Jerry Laporte - 11/7/2010
GREAT site. Oh the memories!
 William Penny - 10/21/2010
Walled Lake is still there but it is nothing like it was back when we were kids. Funnything is thse mainstreet shown in pics is how it looked last i remember. Lots of nice days fishuibg behind the car sales lot.
 Donald Ross - 9/29/2010
Don't forget to add The Frontier Restaurant to your Restaurants page! It's also gone now, like all good things have.
 man on the street - 9/24/2010
the top two drive-in's in michigan as far as i'm concerned were,THE EAST SIDE drive-in in harper woods. and THE VAN DYKE DRIVE - in in WARREN!
 Teresa - 9/24/2010
Just wondering if anyone has posted pics from the car show at Onondaga dragway on 18 Sep 2010. It was great to back on the old strip. Thanks from 'Golden Spirit of 76'.
 Kate - 9/6/2010
There is a place in mount pleasant that is now a furnature store, 3 stories and a basement. Used to be many different things, and up at top is an old ballroom and's so charming. It's in the old downtown mount pleasant... it still is in business as the furniture store, but i don't know the name or the street crossroads. worth checking out, i take everyone who's in the area there.
 Dan - 9/6/2010
There was a park in the Irish Hills near Jackson called Frontier Village that was an Old West town. It had stagecoach rides, an old mine shaft slide, gunfights, animals, a stage show in the saloon, and some other stuff. I believe it shut down back around 1971. I am looking for some old pictures of the place. For some reason it is not listed as one of the defunct amusement parks in Michigan.
 adam - 8/25/2010
I live by four bears i remember The Big Show came sign autograph Tiger Woods was there the day a girl got hit wit a jet ski And when Michael Jackson was gonna buy the land from four Bears he was flying in his private plane above my house by four bears i have alot of memories Laser Tag and the haunted house lol every year hearing people screaming funny gurls with no tops lol crawl on the see threw glass with big snakes under u they get a wave pool and close a year after having it. It was a park that i wont forget.
 Bob Naismith - 8/24/2010
I don't know how to suggest a couple of missing locations. Near the Bay City State Park was a little amusement park called something like: "Grampa Tony's Park". They had smaller family rides. After they closed, the Merry-Go-Round was sold and moved to Deer Acres north of there. I don't know what happen to the other rides and I don't remember when they closed, but it was in the 1980's. It had operated for many years. Another missing park in located in Interlochen, Michigan on U.S.-31 called "Fun Country". It's currently closed, but it's had several owners over the last 20 or so years and been open and closed with each of them. They have several water slides and water type fun toys along with regular FEC equipment like Go-Karts and such. It's a good sized park and should be listed somewhere on this site. Why isn't there any information with the Fun Park pictures? I noticed the Beulah fun park where I rode a train as a kid (45 or so years ago). If would be fun to be able to post and ask questions about these and the other Fun Parks already listed. Great site, keep up the good work! Thanks, Bob
 Thomas Mason - 8/19/2010
I really like your site it brings back great memories! I would really love to see some old pics of the Shores Madrid which became the Shores Theatre before closing in ST. Clair Shores.I spent many Friday nights as a kid walking with friends to the neighborhood theatre. I would also love to see any pics of the Shores Inn bar in SCS. It has tons of history.
 janet price - 8/15/2010
I can remember when my husband Gene Mahlich raced his firebird. It was such a great time. Can not wait to come again and watch all. I have a mustang but I will not be racing. Such a great time for all to remember.
 Bob Bagin - 7/30/2010
I've been around racing since the end of WWII in Michigan. I'm the unknown in the directons to Hasting Speedway on the 2/7/2005 postiing. This is some informaton I'd like to share with you. Growing up in Marne I saw the first Chevy with a V8 in 1954. It was a 53 or 54 plain Jane Chevy. The guy that had it was born and raised on the corner across from Berlin Raceway. He designed and built the engine, and would come home to visit his mother and test the car at the same time. His name was Ed Cole, later when Speedvision did a show on him, I found out that he designed the 49 Caddie and Olds engines too. Back in the late 40's they ran roadsters which were a poor mans sprint car mixed with some sprints on the old 1/2 mile at Berlin , They also raced at Wiskey Ridge, and Owosso. After 1945 my Dad had fishing buddies that rode flat track bikes on the 1/2 mile tracks of fair grounds in Michigan that would let them run, because of the noise on Sunday. The biggest race every year was the state champingships at Ionia, the others we went to were Marshall, Kalamazoo, Allegan, and Jackson. The rest were too long a drive round trip on two lane roads back then. The top riders back then were Chet Dykgraff on John Eslers Norton, Ernie Beckman on Art Hafers Indian, and Leo Anthony on a Harley Daivdson. What a fantastic time to watch those three go head to head almost every Sunday. All five of them are in the AMA Hall of Fame, but I don't think any are in the Michigan Motosports Hall of Fame.
 Alan Graham - 7/30/2010
Great site. It takes me back in time when I use to go to the Plainfield and the Cascade drive-ins, what fun times my friends and me had. Sad it's all gone.
 Sam Di Maggio - 7/30/2010
Had some great moments at that park. From the Games to the Wild Mouse, it was great . It was a perfect place to meet up with friends. It's all good.
 George Streeter - 7/26/2010
I am following the progress of the New Onondaga Dragway. If, and when a fall car show happens I hope to be able to attend as NC is a bit of a drive for a weekend. Keep up the good work George
 tim klimkosky - 7/24/2010
great site!! anyone have pics or info of the satellite bowling alley in dearborn hgts? also anyone remember the furry tails with eyes you could buy at crowleys in dearborn ? much appreciated! would love to get ahold of one. thanks!!!!
 Walter V. - 7/11/2010
Great site: Have a post card collection and looking for some from Sault Ste. Marie.... Lots of good memories...
 Billy P - 7/4/2010
your site brings back many memories of my youth, growing up with drive-in's and old movie theaters and a whole lot of other cool photos and stuff.. keep up the good work
 WAYNE RHODES - 7/3/2010
I love your site it has A lot of hard to fined facts. I am trying to fined old pictures from the 1950s of coldwater michigan and old places that young teens hung out at in coldwater michigan THANK YOU
 Christine Buehler - 6/30/2010
I love this site has everything
 Michael Sipe - 6/19/2010
Trying to find info, glasses, mugs, dishes, etc from a place called Mariland Dairy, or something like Maryland on Getty St. Near Evanston Ave. in Muskegon Michigan. Would like set up of window shelf items, Mugs, dishes, napkins, whatever. It was our favorite spot to get root beer floats and malts!
 Michael Sipe - 6/19/2010
Looking for other drive in memorabilia from Muskegon, also. Please write. See my website at
 Gail Bradford - 6/15/2010
Such a wonderful site. I had a hard time leaving it. Brought back some great memories. Got to let the rest of my family and friends know about your site. Like Jack Benny said " Thanks for the Memories " !
 Dennis Kula - 6/7/2010
Looking for information on the Roll-Air Skating Rink in Bay City. They hosted a Battle of the Bands in the early 60's. There were many early Michigan rock stars performing there.
 DC Campbell - 5/20/2010
Thanks, I stayed right behind the Race track, on the nights of the races, my Moms would let us stay up & listen!!!
 Jack shepherd - 5/14/2010
I would just like to say thank you to all the drivers and owners of mount clemens racetrack.i am 47 and those where the best yrs of my youth growing up.To watch my fav 003 Jimmy Lee driving and to see that car next door to my house was a treat,and smelling the cars as the went by what seemed to be going 200 mph,Thank You ALL for what you did.....wish my son had the same oppt do the same.But nothing stays the same.Awsome Site also.... Jack Shepherd You will always be in our hearts..... GOD BLESS YOU JIM LEE
 zgrabbotx0000 - 5/10/2010
I love this site!! x0000
 roy edward sevon - 5/4/2010
 Kay Steinseifer Schucker - 4/29/2010
I just got this, and am only now beginning to use it... so far, I love it. I moved away in 1962 so have had nothing to jog my memory!
 Tom Nankervis - 4/11/2010
I raced at MCD for a few years 65-69 first with friends 55Chev, then a 421 Poncho, then my 53 Chevy, 327 powered wheel standing in first and second gear. Car ran in the high 12s on recap 7" tires. Raced modified prod. or hot rod class an several times in c-gas. Partners Bill Maas, and his brother Dick Maas. Lived on the far east side. Known as "Cousin Tom" by members of the MHRA and cousins Rudy and Race. Currently reside in Mesa,Az. but still go back to judge AUTORAMA each year. Miss the folks NOT the weather. 480-357-8146
 Ruth Marie Wagner - 4/5/2010
Incredible! What a lot of work to put this all together. Good job!
 LYNN ANN PURCELL - 3/30/2010
 Mad Max's Authentic Plates - 3/22/2010
Looking to find out when Walt Lazar Chevrolet in Detroit was founded?
 GSTAUDACHER - 3/12/2010
 Chris Elliott - 3/4/2010
Very cool collection of neat old images! Question, though: is there a way for visitors to "open" the photos for a closer look? The detail is hard to make out in many of the pictures. Thank you very much From the webmaster: No, sorry.
 Terry Wilson Resmer - 2/22/2010
This is an amazing site. Thanks for the memories. Would anyone have any pictures of the Town & Country restaurant from many yrs. ago. It was located across the street from the Gratiot Drive In. They served mint julips. It was a place that all the kids went to hang out. Gratiot and Masonic area in Roseville. Just curious.
 mike - 2/21/2010
Is there a comment site for walled lake amusement park? I saw many comments at the edgewater site. Thx. From the webmaster: No that is a special page. I need to set that up.
 Thomas - 2/16/2010
Really enjoyed browsing through the site! Moved to Atlanta for work but se MI is always home to me.I was hoping to see some old pictures of the Shores Madrid(shores theatre)in SCS.I can find pics of the shores theatre but not the original shores madrid. I will be browsing through the site have added to my favorites.Great job!
 mike - 2/14/2010
Wasn't there a theater on Jefferson at E.Grand or somewhere on Jefferson(Eastside) named the Whittier. Didn't see it listed.
 forrest haslip - 2/7/2010
does anyone have a list of past winners by the year or class i found a car that belonged to a detroit racer i was told the car raced from 61 thru 65 c/stock name on the car is skai high sponsored buy city shell northville like to find imfo or pics
 ROSE - 2/5/2010
 Paul Huellmantel - 2/3/2010
Raised in Warren, spent all my time at...................... Sam's Playtime Recreation "No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool, nothing else. ...
 Ron Jetke - 2/3/2010
A old friend of mine from Redford Township sent me this website. We grew up in the 50's and 60's. I left to come to California in "68". This site brings me home again. WHAT A GREAT JOB. Thank you so much.
 Wayne Moyneur - 1/15/2010
Went the in the 60'ts came all the way from Windsor, Canada to ride the BEAST,
 Robert Stone - 1/13/2010
I grew up in the Plymouth And Grosse Pointe Shores areas. Most of my time was spent cruising Woodward & Telegraph roads along with many years racing at drag strips in the midwest. The trips down memory lane at the tracks I raced at are awesome. If anyone has pictures of our cars (Linda's Grocery Grabber & Linda's Grocery Grabber II) PLEASE POST THEM!!!
 Sherry Hess - 1/13/2010
I started as a secretary at the Pontiac Drive-in back in 1973, left got married, had 2 children and then came back as a cashier at the Waterford Drive-in. Within the first year Mr. Harry Schneider made me a manager at which time I said "I don't want to be a manager." Now 31 years later a manager at an indoor theatre in Toledo, OH. I closed the Waterford season of 1987 and have closed indoor theatres such as Pontiac 6-12, Dearborn Cinema, Flint East in Burton, MI. Those were the best years and the best buildings to manage. Most of the employees, this was their first job and they had so much pride. Now National Amusements has sold the midwest to Rave Cinemas, LLC . Though I spent 31 years with National Amusements I am so looking forward and excited about working with the Rave Company. The sad thing is my kids grew up knowing the experience of a Drive-in movie but my Grandchildren will never know that wonderful experience other than possible stories. I have had the opportunity to know so many wonderful people both as bosses, co-workers, employees, vendors and patrons but at least no one can shut down my memories. Thanks for letting me relive a time in my life that was simple and fun.
 Sherry (Land) Hess - 1/13/2010
Does anyone remember the small zoo that was on the south side of Whoopee Bowl - I do. You could find anything your heart desired at the Springfield Mall. My Grandfather George Land took me there alot when I was a little girl from the Burg. Memories, such good memories. This now would be considered a flea market.
 Bob - 1/10/2010
I grew up in the 50's in the Harper Van Dyke neighborhood. My brother and I went to the Eastown theater nearly every Saturday. We had some great times there as well as the other movie houses in the area; The Ace, Van Dyke, Dawn and the Harper. Also remember bowling at the Harper Rec. and spending time at the Army Nave store across from Neisner's
 Tom - 1/8/2010
Rollerdrome Roller Rink sat on the SE corner of W Warren and Outer Drive. It burned down in the 90's. The amusement park sat South of the Roller Rink off Outer Drive. Most remembered was Daily Drive In sitting east of the Roller Rink at the bottom of the hill where if you could eat a quart of ice cream sundae you would become a Daily Pig. The sundae was free if you could eat it all.
 gstaudacher - 1/5/2010
Does anyone remember a small amusement park on or near the corner of w.warren and outer dr? I remember it from the late 50's and early 60's.
 JIM ELLIOTT - 12/28/2009
I was born in Ionia, and grew up in East Lansing. I have been in the amusement ride business since I was 15yrw. old. I can THANK Lake Lansing Park and the Haney family for getting me started.
 Leone M. Howard - 11/19/2009
Just love this site. Thanks for all of your work. I was born in the 50's and this really brings back alot of memories. Just discovered your site and will enjoy more. May have some more pics for you as my husband and I have been postcard collectors for over 30 yrs.
 john patterson - 11/5/2009
I worked for alcoa near Dodge main plant, 1952 1957 I was 20 years old, I'm 77 Those were the best time of my life. Jefferson Beach. Belle Isle. Back then Detroit was a beautiful city to live . I transferred to Ford in Sheffield Al. WOW ! what great memories
 jerry lewis - 10/21/2009
I raced at the Mount back in the middle seventies and remember Vince Cuker well as a very professional starter . As all racers know we never see the blavk flag so one night after qualifying Vince conducted a meeting . He explained that he was tired of this problem so that if he threw the black at you once and you didn't pull off he would show it once again , then if nothing happened he said he would throw the red flag and pull the culpret up to the front to show the leaders who caused the race to be halted . This way the leader would deal with itout in the parking lot after the races Well there didn't seem to be a problem after that . I don't know if you remember thst Vince but I still today tell people how Vice Cuker corrected the " black flag Problem" Jerry Amherstburg Ont
 TAVARES K JOSEPH - 10/16/2009
I JUST WONDERING IF SOMEONE KNOWS DAVID G BUEHRER. JULY 20. HIS EITHER 57 OR 58. I WAS HOPING I COULD MEET HIM. MY MOM SAYS HE IS MY DAD. I JUST WANT. TO MEET THE OTHER PART OF ME. ITS NOT GOOD GROWING UP IN THIS WORLD NOT KNOWING WERE YOU CAME FROM. I'VE BEEN WANTED TO MEET MY DAD. EVER SINCE I FOUND OUT I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. UP HERE IN TACOMA W.A. MY LIL SISTER TOLD ME. ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AGO. THAT THE MAN THAT RAISED ME AIN'T MY REAL FATHER. "GETTIN THE NEWS FROM MY LIL SISTER". HURT ME REAL BAD. NO WONDER THE PEOPLE THAT I GROW UP AROUND DIDN'T LIKE ME. I COULD NEVER UNSTAND WAY. BUT IF MY REAL DAD IS OUT THERE IN FLATROCK MI. I just need somebody to help me find my real dad. But iam kind of scared he don't want to meet. Its never to late to be a father to ur child. Well if someone out there listen to my plee for help. Just give my dad a message for me. I've always loved him and I pray every night that I would know. How his doing. There is too sides to every story. I just want my real dads side. Becuzz iam 31 yrs old. And I've been lied to my whole life. So david g buehrer if ur out there somewhere. Can u call me please. My num is 253 3897506. I just pray I can hear ur voice.
 Rosemary McKnight - 9/19/2009
This is such a cool website! It sure brings back many fond and great memories! Thank you so much for putting in the time and effort to preserve all of this wonderful history.
 Mike Bates - 8/21/2009
great site, lots of old pics. thanks Mike
 don quinn - 8/6/2009
former Detroiter- lived in Zone 27 went to the Atlas show seems like every weekend- Rouge Pools- Edgewater, Rotunda Lots of childhood memories here. Thanks to everyone!!!
 ann - 8/1/2009
I love your site. I was born in the fifty's and this brings back memories.
 Glenda Knight - 7/27/2009
This is awesome!!!! Brings back some great memories..If only these days were still around, Thanks for a great walk back in time.
 kenneth light - 7/17/2009
would like to hear more about that area of town during the flint park era. would also be interested in hearing more from the people who lived in that area.
 don wolanchuk - 6/25/2009
64 mustang 66 fairlane PROTEST PREPARED....remember...Tony Kneipper ..RIP....Tony Lomnitz..RIP....Billy Salveta..SCREAMING DAGO......John Bloom....and many race way park before motor city......the starter was from warren woods auto..chip memory is fading.....dennis rzadko.....dynamic engine service the owner ran technical inspection
 gstaudacher - 6/12/2009
 gstaudacher - 6/12/2009
Does anybody remember "the Country Side Inn"on US 2 seven miles west of Naubinway.The restaurant,cabins and Texaco station run by Hugh and HELEN.Wonderful memories.
 Linda Linklater - 5/21/2009
My family had a cottage at Burroughs Farms and I have wonderful memories of my summers there. The picture of the Burroughs Farms beach in 1962 by Jim Fox is wonderful. I downloaded it as my summer wallpaper. What a super site you've provided. Thank you!
 Mark Linder - 5/19/2009
Thank you it been so long sence I been back to my town i grow up in. Thing have chance to much it have been 35 year sence i have seen Crystal my father Neal Linder is now buried back their. He died last year. Now he is home now.
 Sandi Hammerstrom Oliverio - 4/28/2009
So nice to revisit places that are fond in memory, but no longer exist. Thank you
 Dianne Kurtz - 3/29/2009
Oh what wonderful memories.I am a child of the 1960's and remember Miracle Mile Shopping Center and the drive in.My fondest memories are of the Pontiac Mall.I would love to have more photos of the entire Pontiac Mall.
 Dan Anible jr. - 2/22/2009
My grandfather Eddie Anible and my great uncle Phill raced at the drome. If anyone has any old pics of them i would love to see them or get coppies.
 conkret mixer - 2/21/2009
Hello, the pictures on your site are partly very beautiful cause they remind me on another era... I am from Germany and in our local at some places area it looks similar (grey in grey but with some color spots at some places/ at least cars : )
 Walt Kempton - 2/16/2009
Nice site.....I loved the whisky ridge days.........................
 Mark G Tyler - 2/9/2009
When you miss home and my youth, I can't say Thank you enough/ I Use your pictures for my 60's cd's. I tell everyone I know about your web site. Thank You Again Mark G Tyler. from Waterford.
 Sesso - 1/23/2009
 Eric - 1/22/2009
i love this page alot...i have lived in Northern Michigan my whole life...although i am 25 and wasn't born when most of these pics were taken i love seeing the nostalgic feel of where i have lived my whole life...its such a pleasure to see all these different pictures...keep up the good work
 Jim Apple Jr - 1/3/2009
Great Site: enjoyed Restaurants-Stores-Car Dealers-Airports
 randy - 12/17/2008
Great photos! I had to share this site at
 Jane Ciel - 12/13/2008
WOW! I really enjoyed viewing this site.
 Larry Yurek - 11/21/2008
Great site, thanks for the memories, Michigan the place to be
 Kevin Kidd - 11/13/2008
I just happened upon your site and really enjoyed it. Going through the restaurants section, I was very surprised to see The Dairy Been on M59 in Highland. This was my first real job way back in 1976. Keep up the good work. A former Michigander (are we ever really former Michiganders?) now living in Ca.
 jason murawski - 11/11/2008
love the site speachless
 Randy - 10/9/2008
Again, I just want to thank Gary for keeping the Michigan memories alive...thank you for this site and giving us the oppurtunity to express our thoughts, concerns and relive the 'good ole days'
 Pam Tinkham-Pugh - 9/23/2008
I LOVE this site! I am from Jackson and though I've lived in the south since I was 16 Jackson still is and always will be my home. Thanks for the fun!
 les fleming - 9/19/2008
keep it up yall
 dennis vatsisennis g. vatsis - 9/14/2008
 Jennifer - 9/1/2008
I love this! My grandfather built the Ottawa Motel in Mackinaw City and my parents owned and operated it from about 1969 to 1981 or so. I spend many a summer cleaning bathrooms! It has long since been torn down to make room for the larger hotels. People forget that these motels are and were family owned and operated. Very hard work! Thanks for the memorialization of these businesses!
 John Lightfoot - 8/31/2008
EXCELLENT SITE!! Memories galore. Born and raised in Walled Lake. I found a picture of old Walled Lake and my Grandfathers insurance agency. Roach Insurance Agency and the soda fountain where my mother's first job was right next door. Oakley Park elementary, WL Junior High and Western High. Worked several summers at A & W and Walled Lake Big Boy. Have alot of old pics of WL I will post. Also, my family belonged to First Baptist Church of WL. Great job on this site, would like to find the person that posted my granfathers pic.....
 Venessa - 8/31/2008
this is a very cool site to go to. i like seeing all of the different drive-ins.
 Rita Dornak - 8/14/2008
I have this site saved in my favorites. I am a Novi Wildcat and my friends and I spent many summers at Walled Lake and at the amusement park. In fact, I have a picture of my mom and dad hugging in front of the amusement park while she was pregnant with me. A wonderful time. I remember when it was safe to walk to the lake and not worry about anyone harming you.
 Ronald Farkas - 7/20/2008
My brother and I drag race at motor city drag back in 1966 to 1972 we was called the BROTHERS I had the 10 second sport car I set the record at 10:08 AM/S my brother Ray had a 9:50 a alter I got this site from a friend it is a great site will pass it on Ron
 Susan Stout Ewing - 7/16/2008
Very Good Job
 bob - 7/14/2008
very good reading,, most interesting as well as reflective.. note:: the old 131 drive in has become an auto salvage yard.. in the early years of the yard the cars were parked as tho their drivers had arrived to the movies and forgot to leave when it was over.. eeeeeeerrrie to say the leaste.... there is a"marquee" from either the Douglas or 131 drive in on display at the henry ford museum in detroit.
 Cris Venglar - 6/17/2008
I had my first boyfriend, girlfriend date at Edgewater park in the sixth grade. Why don't we have anything like this nowadays??? To see the pictures of the park in ruins brought tears to my eyes.
 Dawn Schroeder - 6/2/2008
Great site... grew up in Yale, Mi now live in Arizona sure do miss the Great State.. Thanks
 Rick Townsend - 5/14/2008
Yes I grew up at JMS, I lived at 2227 Saines Manor and went up every chance I had. My brother and I walk the track in 2006 and yes it is sad. I also knew Art ,he took pictures out at Jackson Speedway very nice guy, loved to hear his racing stories ,for I am part of the FRY GUYS.
 francie - 5/14/2008
Love this site, it brings back so many memories-thank you!
 Doug Pentzien - 5/12/2008
I used to work at MCD and Detroit from1966 until they closed working the starting line and top end for any of the top fuel and funny cars shows.any pictures from the shows along with many memories. If someone is REALLY interested in the track and property let me know and I will personnally contact Mr. Kohn.
 tammy baylor - 5/5/2008
i just got on this site and it made me cry i was raised near cincinnatti oh and i had family in detroit and every summer we would go to boblo captain boblo was a friend of my uncles and when i would go on the boat he would let my drive i thought i was such a big girl doing it all i could do is smile it was the best time i am so hurt by it being gone it brought people together and took all their cares away if only for a day i will never forget boblo and the boat thank you tammy baylor
 Theresa - 4/30/2008
The pictures of the various Postoffices are really interesting. It is almost as if their architectural design and styles capture the personality and charm of their respective cities.
 BJ - 4/23/2008
i remember the Saginaw Home Dairy and their wonderful food, especially the macaroni salad. It was the first cafeteria that I ate in as a child. The baked goods were delicious, especially the pineapple-bran muffins. Would love to have those recipes.
 Marie Brockmiller - 4/6/2008
awesome website....brought back many memories in the 50's,60's and 70's... It was amazing to see pictures of places that are long gone..but not forgotten..Thank you for all your hard work.
 Joel Guerra - 3/30/2008
A friend sent me this website and am I glad that he did. I've barely scratched the surface of viewing all these great old places from my past. Although I've been gone from Michigan for many years the most enjoyable part of my life was back there. California
 Robert Holmes - 3/20/2008
Great site,Very interesting, Keep up the good work.
 Tom - 3/10/2008
Awesome sight! I especially like the pages of postcards of Michigan communities, lighthouses, and the audio/video page. On the community page, the picture labeled Grand Rapids1 is in the 2nd volume of Pictorial History of Michigan, but it's in black & white (with green tint) where it's in colour here. Again awesome sight!
 gordieyoung - 3/6/2008
This site is amazing! As a Flint Expatriate, I'm always looking for reminders of the happy times I spent in Michigan. And my mom, who was born in 1930 in Flint, practically grew up in some of the theaters you highlight. For any former or current Flint residents out there, check out And thanks for all the time and effort you put into this site!
 Bob Davis - 2/19/2008
Trying to find any info or pics of a place in Tawas MI, might of been called Jump town? They had trampolines, video games, putt-putt, and huge yellow slide. It was knock down, Im guessing the early 80's. Located on US23 on the west of the road south end of Tawas City.
 Kathy Deesen FlorCruz - 2/17/2008
I was thinking it would be a neat addition to add schools to the site. I went to Saint John Lutheran from grade 1 to 8, then to Rochester Adams before fleeing to Detroit & then California. Oakland University was right down the road from where I lived. Before Crittenton Hospital was built, it was surrounded by farmland, the land donated eventually by the Dodge family(Ithink) that built Meadowbrook Hall Mansion. All in little Rochester.
 Kathy - 2/17/2008
Just found your info on the Blue Sky Drivein Theater! All this time I thought it was the Blue Star, obviously being a kid then, & it had the Blue Stars on the sign!I could have sworn there was a shooting star over the sign, bit it must have been at the drivein where we got foot longs before the was in Pontiac tho. Looking at the swing sets in front of the screen, They were HUGE, and one time I jumped off at the top of a swing and almost knocked myself out! OUCH! I can't imagine swings that dangerous anywhere now either. You can see how big they were by comparing them to the hug screen, even the dimensions of the words & stars on the neon sign amaze me. How fun.It was always a kick to be driving at night on a highway & catch sight of a movie playing on one of those screens too...
 Don Anderson - 2/15/2008
I was born in the Soo (Cartwright clan) and left when I was in 2nd grade. I was back 'up home' several times in my youth. The last time I was up there was November of '78 before I got transferred (USN) to the Middle East. Seems like every time I go to the Soo I meet some distant relative. We used to go down to the Soo Locks when my uncles ships would come through and they would toss their money to my grandmother to put in the bank. Can't get that close anymore. I took my wife on a ride through the locks on our honeymoon. She had a blast.
 Kevin Hart - 1/26/2008
I'm really glad that i stumbled onto this site. I'll be relocating to the Meredith area soon and was wondering what activities would be available. Now I know. I was also happy to view the video of the old Capri drive in near Coldwater, since I grew up not far from there. You've been added to my favorites. Great site!
 Cheryl - 1/26/2008
Looking for info on man with last name Postorian. Probably deceased now but any info will help with family tree.
 indycar01 - 1/19/2008
to mary caughlin, about them flatrockspeedway (.com) pictures/videos, contact neal perlick Action Video Productions at 313-382-1631
 Jan Hodge - 1/19/2008
My husband's ancestor founded Kilmanagh, MI. It was great seeing these photos.
 jack lorber - 1/14/2008
really happy to have "discovered" this site. Located info on my old neighborhood movie theater-Carlton Theater on Fenkell. Demolished in 1975. Just a photo of the lot where the theater stood. Got hit by a car in 1952 when I was 9yrs old playing baseball on the theater lot. Looking forward to finding other childhood memories. Thanks for the site. Jack in Richardson, Tx.
 Katie Mason - 1/5/2008
I was just jumping around from site to site and I found this one... you may know who my father is. George Decock. Well I just wanted to post and tell you that I really enjoyed viewing your site. Thanks for your time. Happy New Years!!! Katie Mason.
 gerald morris - 12/30/2007
nice sight, looking for pictures of a truck stop that was in the junction of M-78 and 13 in the late 1950s, was called the J and M truck stop
 Gordon Bigger - 12/12/2007
Love the old photo's! What great memories! My father raced in the late 60's though the 70's. I love looking at photo's of nostalgic race cars!
 maga - 12/6/2007
WE really enjoyed the pictures and comments.Butch was the starter and Don was the tech director from 1969 until1973.
 Mark - 12/5/2007
 Butch Shafer and Don Dillon - 12/5/2007
WE really enjoyed the pictures and comments.Butch was the starter and Don was the tech director from 1969 until1973.
 Lynn A. Goodman - 11/28/2007
I was a Walled Lake "KID" until age 12. I still see visions of the Walled Lake Drive-In, W.L. Amusement Park, my trip to Dearborn seeing Shelby, Mach I Mustangs being built in 1969. I was always so proud of our Memorial Day Parade. I also attended Decker Elementary & Walled Lake Baptist Church. Does anyone know the location of Barb Fisher ... the last time I saw her she was working at the Big Boy in Walled Lake... that was in August 1976.
 John - 11/22/2007
 robert marchal - 7/24/2007
great site, enjoyed it very much thank you
 Brent - 7/20/2007
This is too cool, my buddy and I were just talking about Tri-Ciy.... A huge part of our high school days. Have quite a few pics of cars, etc. and probably can get a hold of alot more. I raced my street cars there in the early 70's. 67 Ford Fairlane, 67 RS Camaro and even my 65 VW Bug.... Have tears in my eyes right now that I still don't have those rides back! Wow! Check back with you later. BC
 j.p phelan - 7/10/2007
i lived in fair haven for 54 yrs. sea way drive in was ,the greatest place,to get a good beer buz,plus alot of lovin. good time in the 60,&70. days I will never forget. j.p.
 Mark Fleming - 7/4/2007
The 60's and 70's was the best of times;great memories.
 patti liszewski - 6/30/2007
I would just like to thank you for this site! It has brought back so many memories of my childhood in the 60s, growing up in is so nice to be able to share some of the nostalgia! Thanks again!
 Eileen - 6/21/2007
I'm glad I found this site. It is hard to beleive that all that was familier to all of us is now gone. It is great to see pictures of places that gave us so much joy. Thank You!
 Dave Shorkey - 6/13/2007
My best Memories are at this sight!!!! I now have a national sponsered B/G dragster! I just Purchased an AC Cobra from StreetBeasts in Florida. I will have a 587 cu. in. motor for it. Please contact me anytime. Dave Shorkey
 Dick Fitzwell - 6/12/2007
How come you don't have a site on Michigan personalities, such as Michael Moore or Ted Nugent? Great site anyways, keep it up!
 red Zurcher - 6/9/2007
I found this site by accident and I'm sure glad I did. What a wonderful job you did. I went to some of the old Amusement Parks that are long gone and relive some of the precious times I used to have at them.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Fred Zurcher
 Mike - 6/8/2007
Link was sent to me by a friend from MI. As a fomer Michigander (Flint), I really enjoy looking over your items, especially the old theatres. Thanks for a great site!
 nate - 6/3/2007
thanks for this sight..race freak i love the tracks and cars never new there were so many tracks in Michigan that closed down its a shame but i love this sight....another thing to add is the rail depot is the old Saginaw depot on Washington street it caught fire about 10 yrs ago but they say there going to restore it if i can some time i will get pictures and send
 gwen dean - 5/31/2007
I am a drive inn freak, I will not go to indoor movies. I have to do all of my movie viewing in the summer at our 2 local drive-ins. With so many drive ins closed I am lucky enough to live in an area that has 2 within about 6 miles of my home, I go and get as many people to go as I can to keep them open. have a great drive in summer
 Wynne Winslow - 5/29/2007
I love this site! I am writing my life for my kids and grandkids about growing up in Detroit in the 50's & 60's. This site has been of great value for pictures and to jog the old memory. Keep up the good work!
 cathi - 5/5/2007
I think I remember the restraunt in saginaw.------Home dairy ---if that is right will some let me know and this is GREAT to read so much about our home town . THANK YOU
 Kathy Florcruz - 5/4/2007
Another fond memory of growing up in Rochester, Blue Moon Ice Cream at the Strohs Drive in. I miss it so much I looked online & you can actually order & have it shipped!And having Meadowbrook Hall & theater right down the road was cool too. Saw Sonny & Cher there, my sister saw the Supremes, dad saw Tom Jones. I hope it still rocks, of course now I don't think I'd have to rush the fence with a bunch of fellow hippies to get in!
 cathi - 4/28/2007
trying to remember the name of a cafeteria in down town saginaw mich. it was on a side street around tv 5 but on the east side of the street' help me think of the name.
 Harry Sharp - 4/22/2007
crusing woodward and motorcity dragway were some of my greatest memories during the 60's...thanks so much for your work on this site.... Butch
 Steve Cook - 4/17/2007
Great site! Finally someone appreciates the attraction that Michigan has. This site is now booked under my favorites.
 Lance R Skotcher - 4/14/2007
nice to see all the mcrt pic
 Jacki Anderson - 4/14/2007
Great Site! My siblings and I are working on a family heritage book . My aunt informed me that my grandfather, Hector Drouillard (died 1947), in addition to being a window dresser/decorator for Finsterwald's, also assisted in decorating the interior of the Riviera Theater in Detroit. I found your site while looking for info about the theater! You provide great info for us to add to our family history book and my kids were excited to learn about and see what movie theaters used to be like. I'm looking forward to searching for all types of other info and memories. My parents started their family in Dearborn before moving to Farmington where I was born in '63. Our family moved to Denver, NC in '75, but my 4 oldest siblings graduated from Farmington High and I see lots of landmarks and hangouts that they've spoken about over the years. Lived in Farmington Meadows, so if anyone sees this site and remembers any of the Steele kids on Robinwood Rd. send me an email. Love to hear from you or I can pass a message on to Lori, Carolyn, Greg, Debbie or Kim.
 Sandy Brooks - 4/12/2007
Thanks for the walk down memory lane, brought back alot of childhood and young adult fond memories, of Michigan summers and some of the best restaurants in the country.
 Cheryl - 4/6/2007
Wondering if you might want to get your website added as a link to , this is a pretty informative site, but not nearly as FUN and exciting as yours! I tell people about it all of the time. Loved the "new" photos of the "old" Wonderland Mall, the ones from some type of a brochure. I remember my mother (who never learnded to drive) taking me - just the two of us - on a bus to Wonderland for one of my birthdays. We had lunch and I think I got some type of hair cut at the beauty shop at Wards. It was a BIG deal as my mom had five other kids at home. Spending time with just one, was an extreme rarity. My favorite memory of Wonderland Mall was the open-air courtyard at Christmas time. If you were lucky, a light snow might mix with the carols played over the speaker system. Shopping on a babysitter's budget was easy with a Kresege, Woodworth and Cunningham Drug Store to pick from. After high school, I worked at Federal's. I still live in the area, close enough to watch the final demo last summer. I couldn't help wondering if the beautiful mosaic wall located somewhere on the western portion of the mall, could not have been saved and used to enhance a park or someplace of signifigance within Livonia. My daughter, who also enjoyed the photos of the empty mall, said she'd like to see some snapshots inside the mall, BEFORE the last food court was constructed- she said the most recent one did not compare with the previous food court that included more food vendors, such as Taco Bell and Sander's.
 dan Purtill - 3/23/2007
enjoyed this site very much, worked at a dirve in theatre and indoor theatres when I was younger, going to school. Saw some old "eat joints" that I was at many years ago. the old gas stations was a good reminder of the old neighborhood. Dan
 SS.Robertsonhirley - 3/21/2007
What a trip down memory lane. I was wondering if anyone out there grew up in Redford Twp and if they remember going to Lola Valley Park . They had small round ankle deep pools with tall mist heads that sprayed all across the pool. It sure seemed like a simpler time. Keep up the good work.
 Janice Whitt - 3/10/2007
Thanks for the Memories!
 Kim - 3/8/2007
You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!r
 John Filo - 2/25/2007
This is awesome! I have only scratched the surface of this site.
 Mike Grosso - 2/24/2007
Thanx for the great site. Started going to Detroit Dragway in 65, little did I know that I would be the last "offical photographer" for the last 7 or 8 years they were open.
 jean (weber) deldin - 2/23/2007
this was great to see the old pictures of Jefferson beach,went there when i was young. loved it
 Cheryl Graunstadt - 2/13/2007
Always enjoy checking out the new additions to the website. Keep up the good work! Just an FYI to school kids who may have attended Clear Lake Camp in Battle Creek. Photos are available by visiting the Battle Creek Public School website and clicking on their outdoor education center. As a sixth grade student in the Westland portion of the Livonia Public School District we were fortunate to attend a week of camp in the early/wintery part of 1968. It was a fun experience and the photos brought back some great memories. The campground facilities are still available to rent for group retreats or family reunions.
 Tom Wills - 2/12/2007
Wow, talk about nostalgia, this is it. After spending my youth in Negaunee and Iron River, it is great to see all these sites I remember as a child.
 Peter Cummins - 2/10/2007
I grew up in Okemos, left town in '65, returned to Lansing in '06. This site really brings back memories. Sad to see the fate of the old movie theaters. It's criminal to lose fine architecture for the sake of parking lots. Family friends owned the Gladmer theater. I only wish that more interior photos could be found of all the Lansing area theaters
 Joe Szostek - 1/29/2007
 Lil Richard #771 - 1/27/2007
fantastic time machine brings back many fond memories. great work thank you.
 Marty Kozicki - 1/23/2007
I heard about this site at the Detroit Historical Museum. I grew up on the East side of Detroit and enjoyed going to the movies. I've found a lot of nice memories on your site. Thanks
 Chad Johnson - 1/21/2007
I just found this site. I had so much fun surfing this site. It brought me back to my childhood vacations and also reminds me what a simpler time it was then. People don't have fun like they used to.
 ray miller - 1/14/2007
love the site and visit often. thanks so much
 JAMES HARTER Walled Lake Mich - 1/5/2007
Great site, saw this site glancing through the online Detroit News Paper, WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE. Lived in Walled Lake at 355 Osprey St. up until entering the US Navy in 67. Use to deliver the Pontiac Press in the early 60's, had a total of 104 customers. Also worked at the Lakeside Super Market off of Pontiac Trail next to the Walled Lake Cemetery. Not sure what is in place of the old Market now. Attended grade school at Walled Lake Ele., Junior High School, and Walled Lake Central. Remember going to the Walled Lake Drive Inn- Park, Ship a Hoy-Eastside Beach. Played Little League at Riley Field which has been demolished for years now. Favorite Barber Shop was Riffenberg's (Charlies) So much more to enter but don't want to bore anyone. Now living in Greenville SC.
 Scott Spencer - 12/23/2006
Excellent!! I just happened to stumble across your site while searching for something else. Two hours later I am writing this. Keep up the great work!!!
 Mike Czarka - 12/20/2006
What an awesome site! Talk about bringing back memories. Anyone have a recollection/photos of ski jumping at the Light Guard Amory on 8 mile in the early sixties? How about soap box derby weekend at Dorais Field on the east side? Belle Isle, watching submarine races; the Crest at Cass Tech; sundaes at Sanders followed by a fresh Vernors on Woodward Ave; Better Made potato chips freshly fried on Gratiot; Plum Street in the mid-sixties......
 Lee Bowman - 12/18/2006
I went to Dondero and also Kimball HS, and grad in '60. I worked at the Washington Theatre, Hollywood Sup. Mkt, and Food Fair Mkt. I used to cruise the Totem Pole and Teds drive in on Woodward. I was in to 4 part pop vocals, and used to drive into Detroit with Larry Root, meet a couple of black guys there, get 4 qts of beer and Fritos, and sit in my car in vocalize the hits of the day (fav was Little Darlin by the Diamonds). I hung out with Bruce Parnes, Ed Downey, Larry Root, Joe MacIvor, Alvino Ango, and others. I still remember where the cracks in the sidewalk are on Hoffman St (near Hudson). Yeah, right! I am currently living in Phoenix, but plan to move to Santa Monica CA (if I can ever see this house!). Love to hear from anyone from that place and era. Cheers.
 Pauline - 12/13/2006
You got a EXTRORDANARY SITE!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Gloria Gilligan - 12/4/2006
Roger Gilligan is my uncle.. Thought this was a neat site!
 Alan Hahn - 11/25/2006
Great job!!! Best site i've been to in years
 Kathy Deesen FlorCruz - 11/20/2006
We had a cool theater in Rochester called the Hills theater, not to mention Red Knapps Dairy Bar & an A&W & Big Boy Drive ins. We used to go for footlong hot dogs at the Blue Star drive in Pontiac, then to a drive in movie. Knapps is still in Rochester, but does anyone remember the Blue Star in Pontiac? I am going to try to find and send photos of Knapps. What a great site. Oh, yes, my Grandaddy used to take us to "Gay El Rancho " camprounds in Gaylord as kids too....they've changed the name to something elso now. Anyone recognize that place? Would love to hear from anybody who grew up in Rochester & went to St. Johns Lutheran & Adams high in the 60s-70s!
 Brigitte DeMoss - 10/31/2006
Love the website. Was born in Flint, moved to Louisiana at age 6, and while still a La. resident, attended Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills (1987-91). Visited relatives in Michigan throughout the years. My dad is from Waterford. I ***love*** this site. So many memories! I'm going to refer my dad. This site is great. Thanks so much.
 Karen Allison-Ausra - 10/9/2006
Great site sending it on to a few teachers to share with the kids for history of Michigan.
 PHULMOON - 9/30/2006
What a great web site. Here I am at Iron Mt. and your we page is here and I was able to read about Bob Rabie and the Zilwaukee, Speed Way. Thanks, I took pictures of the West Bay Traverse City race track last week. I have otherpeople in the area looking up infoto put on your web page.
 Gary Hagar-Wayne,mi. - 9/30/2006
Sunday! Sunday night at Detroit Dragway!! Yep-They really need to build a new one!!!
 judy bach black - 9/23/2006
i love this site, i use to live there when i was very young. thank you
 thai - 9/13/2006
I was looking for race tracks and came across this site, and lo and behold, i see pictures that my husband Toms dad put on here of his dad and Uncle racing. GREEAT!!!!!!! sheer luck i found this site... how cool!
 Lynne DeYonker Zuke - 9/7/2006
We always wore white to the State Wayne so we would glow in the 70's.
 rd shaltz - 9/6/2006
not sure how I got here, but sure glad I DID!!!!
 kris oswald - 8/15/2006
going thru some old collections of my family i found a walled lake casino card with the band of the weekend performing listed on the front cover..the inside was a menu for chips and pop..the back cover is autographed by Guy Lombardo the headliner for that weekend!...nice site
 Mauricio Delgado - 8/15/2006
i love the usa culture, i need some pictures from you to print and do the poster for my house, thanks you for your colaboration to make my dream real Sorry about my english, i writing from bogota colombia, congatulation for this emotional page and emotional pictures thats great times in your country bye
 Dick Flynn - 8/13/2006
Ah, memories..Since we lived a mile away, my parents took us kids to the Bel Air every friday night..Of course, that was back in the days when cars still had spotlights attached, and the adults would have spotlight wars on the screen before the movie started, while us kids rode the train, and on several special occasions, pony rides..Thanks for some great and long forgotten memories.
 Caryl - 8/7/2006
Wonderful site! I ran across this when I was doing some research on an old vacation spot named Johnson's Rustic Resort. I have many photos of the lodge and have been in contact with the current owner, but I am trying to find photos of the rest of the resort I used to vacation at as a child. If anybody knows where to find this info, please let me know. I think I will have some photos to share as well. Thanks for taking me back!
 Phil Moon - 8/6/2006
Thanks for the great memories. Zilwaukee SpeedWay and my brother-in-law Bob Rabie. The track drew his name or his seat number to drive in a race. He won. Ha Ha. Never forget it.
 Jim Kovic - 8/2/2006
WOW, a fantastic site that I just found. Grew up in Adrian in the 50's and would love to hear from anyone who was there. Your photos of "4 Corners" which in the center of downtown Adrian brought back many memories. Didn't get to visit Mackinac Island until a couple years ago. Agree it would be nice to have old homes section--have some pics of grandparents house from the 40's. Oh, will send donation to you later today. Thanks. Jim.
 S. Siminski - 8/1/2006
I grew up in Durand, now live in Indianapolis, IN. I am interested in information/rentals/etc. about Shady Shores Park, near Lupton. My folks owned a cottage there from the late 50's until mid 60's. It was a great place to vacation as a kid.
 Jeff Blatz - 7/31/2006
Visited Mackinaw and the U.P. for the first time. Great web site. I love this vintage stuff. Great Job!
 Dave Lyall - 7/30/2006
What a great site! When I have time to scan through, I am flooded with memories of my wonderful childhod, and all the fun and excitement I enjoyed as a young man. This area was blessed with a perfect mixture of urban and metropolitian venues within easy driving distance, working class affulunce, in a time freed from crime and filled with hope. I could enjoy three amusment parks, six drive in movies and dozens of drive-in restraunts within a short drive. As as I grew older and into cars, there were no less than five speedways and six dragstrips close by. Most are gone, but not my memories. This site helps keep them real. Good luck, and god bless. Dave Lyall
 Ron "Warlock" Mucci - 7/23/2006
Great web site. I really enjoyed racing at Detroit Dragway.
 Sheila Balk - 7/14/2006
I'm from Monroe, MI and parts of it still look "vintage." You should add houses to your list--there are many owners who keep the buildings original. The house Libby Bacon and Gen. Geo. Custer resided in ater their marriage is a few blocks away from my mom--the new owners refurbished it based on pictures from the historical society. It looks better than the white alum. siding of the 60s! Also, if you're ambitious...the churches in Monroe are some of the oldest in MI. Now, if there was some way to get Tiger Stadium back to it's original name---that would be historical! I'll be "home" in a few days...I'll keep my eyes open! Mi Native, CA Transplant
 Judy Costello - 7/13/2006
Thank you for the trip back home. I was on the edge of my seat with a kaleidoscope of memories. What about the totem pole Drive in Royal Oak. Again ... Thank you
 Kyle Smith - 6/26/2006
Great site, lost of imformation on here, very helpful. However i was wondering if anyone had any GP photos of Hydrophobia 115. That was my dad and he crashed and died back in 92 on the detroit river. So i was wondering if anyone had any photos you could post of send them to me. Thanks Kyle
 Bill Layton - 6/3/2006
Heard about your web page last night at the I-96 speedway and thought I would send a quick note. I am looking for the wheelstander van that my father built in the mid 60's called the Mystery Mover. Any leads appreciated. Thanks, Bill 517-861-7308
 Nancy Porter - 6/2/2006
Love this sure brings back the memories. Grew up in East Tawas, then moved to Detroit in the early 70's. Lived there at the Madison Lennox Hotel off of Grand Circus Park. I see it's since been sad, a lot of history there. Used to go to concerts at Cobo Hall and Masonic Temple during the 70's. Live in Phoenix now, but sure do miss the old place.
 Bob Williamson - 5/28/2006
This site is fantastic. It helps to preserve all the old drive ins, amusement parks and more. I would like to thank all of the people who have gathered this information on one web site. Please keep up the good work.
 judy bach - 5/26/2006
thank you, what a site, lived at walled lake as a child
 Steve Brummett - 5/24/2006
I love your site. I grew up in Waterford, MI now live in Medford, OR. Thank you.
 Don Novak - 5/16/2006
A truly great site. Especially the dragstrips and amusement parks. I can remember seeing all the Motown stars, Chuck Berry etc brought in to the Walled Lake Casino by Lee Allen. And all the local bands. The Thunderrocks, Low Rocks, Rationals, Silvertones and the Seminoles. Great memories.
 Gregory - 5/13/2006
Great site! Thanks for the flashbacks!
 Bill Archer - 5/12/2006
I really appreciate this site. I won my first drag racing trophy at Motor City Dragway. The radio ad about the Batmobile and the Little Red Wagon was incredible to re-hear, I actually raced that night that they were there. Thanks for all the memories. I really miss those days out there. They were for a lifetime.
 Bill & Vicki Ross - 5/6/2006
Very,Very great site! We were both born in Flint, Vicki in 1954, and myself in 1953. We now live in NC, moved there in 1994. Theres so many photos that bring back memories, dragstrips, circle tracks, drive ins, indoor theatres, gas stations,parks,restaurants and so much more! This site is in my favorites, I visit it all the time. We used to go to Tri City Dragway,Lapeer Dragway,Milan Dragway,Auto City & Dixie Motor Speedways. Seen many a movies at the Northland , South Dort,Westside , US23 and Miracle Twin Drive-ins.Saw many a movie at The Palace , The Capitol , The flint Cinama indoor theatres.Our favorite restaurant was Walli's on Center Road at Lapeer Road. Thats where we first met!Used to hang out at A&W on Clio Road,Burger King on Clio Road,McDonalds on Davison Road.This is a fantastic site,keep up the great work!
 Cheryl - 5/1/2006
I just came upon your weibsite this past weeked. What a fantastic variety of pictures and informantion. FYI, Wonderland Mall is empty, but still standing. A fence has gone up in preparation for the upcoming demolition. I went there when it was an open mall so your cool photo brought back great memories of that place. I also attended the Terrace and Mai Kai growing up in Westland on the Livonia border. My sister worked at the Mai Kai - I'd love to see some inside photos if anyone has them. I really loved your photos of the Algiers Drive-in as our family attended atleast once every summer. How cool that people can still download those silly concession commercials. But how about those trucks that sprayed for mosquitoes! Oh my gosh, we'd hear it coming and quickly roll up the windows as the area was filled with a cloud of what most certainly must have been toxic. And then a few minutes later, we'd roll the windows back down. Too funny. Though I was not a big fan of amusement parks, (the combination of the diesel fumes mixed with the cotton candy and tilt-a-whirl motion never agreed with me I wonder if anyone else recalls that small "carnival" (we're talking 3 or 4 kiddlie rides) at Farmington Rd & Plymouth in Livonia as part of the Sheldon Center. Keep up the good work bringing more colorful photos of Michigan destinations. Our family didn't do much traveling, but we did take in many of the same fun places you have highlighted.
 bill courbier - 4/28/2006
what a great a former announcer for many years at tri-city can only imagine the memories...thanks again
 Kevin - 4/26/2006
This is a wonderful site, and it brought many memories from growing up in Monroe and SE Michigan in the '60s and '70s. Keep up the good work.
 George - 4/23/2006
You sure have brought back many memories remembering all the good days from around the Grand Haven area. Thanks
 judy - 4/19/2006
looking back on the fun we all had growing up in the 50's
 diana - 4/9/2006
Many times in the hot summer while growing up in Detroit, my parents would take me and my brother for a drive to Belle Isle and enjoy the beautiful fountain with colored lights. We enjoyed the zoo, circus, and Eastwood Park also. While dating my husband our dates were going to the show at the Shores Theater. Many found memories.
 Lillian - 4/3/2006
Had a great time back in the "days" going to the "Gratiot" or "BelAire" drive ins almost every weekend no matter what was playing , we'd have a row of cars and meet during intermission. Hey, during the "leveling" of those 2 great places, a friend picked me up a car speaker from each location, any one know if there might be a market for them?
 Len Bigler - 3/22/2006
Great site my goodness brings back such memories. I am going to forward the site to all my friends!!
 Elaine - 3/21/2006
I love this site, especially the old amusement park info. Fascinating! Does anyone remember The Egg and I restaurant? I was hoping to find it here. I'm also pleased to see someone else remembers a movie theater in Somerset Mall in Troy. My own mother told me I must have been dreaming. Thanks!
 drive in king - 3/12/2006
the bel-air drive-in was in a shouting distance from where i lived which was warren at the time that was the best drive-in of the 20th century and this site is OUTSTANDING
 diane dufty - 3/10/2006
My dad worked for the "new era potato chip company" before it became Frito-Lay and the chip company would rent the Walled Lake Amusement Park one day in the summer for the company's employees and their families. We wore yellow ribbons with red letters saying "NEW ERA" and all rides were free, there was a beer garden, free food, contests and prizes. As a young child, it was like going to heaven for a day. we had a ball, and some of my best memories of my childhood were spent at this park due to the generosity of Mr. Nicolay and Mr. Dancey, owners of "NEW ERA", God bless 'em.
 Steve Malak - 3/10/2006
Great site-- Just interduced - but will be spending more time here-- I'm sure
 joann livingston kennedy - 2/26/2006
Great site! Does anyone remember or have photos of Pows from WWII being interred at the Fairgrounds 8 Mile and Woodward?
 Ellen Hendricks - 2/24/2006
What memories! Thanks for the site! Lived in Michigan 43 years before transplanting to Seattle. I was crushed to see old Wonderland Mall in Livonia like a ghost town and know it's now demolished. My birthday parties as a child always included a trip there to the little carnival they had set up in the parking lot every summer! Ten tickets/rides for a dollar! We'd ride the Tilt a Whirl for ages! It was also the hangout during my teenage years *its where my prom dress came from...thanks,Lerners!* Just thoroughly enjoying the walk down memory lane and seeing places I remember as a kid. Thanks!!
 JOHN BENKO - 2/19/2006
 Clarence J Spencer - 2/15/2006
What a site! Brought back memories of old Detroit. I went to the Big NO (Northwestern High, McMichael Jr High, Pattengill, Angel, Brewster in my younger days. Now am retired US Air Force. Huaah~!
 Jennifer Bond - 2/13/2006
I just want to say "Way to go!" This website is fabulous. I am a third grade teacher, and I have taught the history of Walled Lake for 5 years now, and I just now found all the great info. and photos of the amusement park and casino. I can't wait to show my students...also, our new curriculum is on Detroit and Oakland County, so I will be visiting back to see all the other attractions you have included! Way to preserve and celebrate the past!
 PLS - 1/29/2006
Very nice presentation, I really enjoyed all the pictures and info given.
 Roland Elkins - 1/16/2006
Nice site! Brings back a lot of old memories. I was a member of the Rod Benders club of Pontiac and spent quite a few Sundays helping build the Drag Strip. I can remember the cows watching us through the fence probabley wondering what we were doing.
 Ed Slawiinski - 1/13/2006
I attended many aracing events at The Motor City Speedway on eight mile road just north of Detroit. I enjoy your site very much. I still have a 1934 Midget Program that my father saved for me. Thank you for your efforts. I met Carson Zeiter, the track announcer once. He loved his job and that track.
 Louise (Gosselin) McIlhargie - 1/7/2006
I was raised in Detroit, spent my summer vacations at Oak Beach, Port Austin, Michigan. I met my husband there. We lived in Caseville after marrriage. We have many memories of the Detroit and the tip of the thumb. Love this site...especially the pictures of the Blue Sky Drive In, Caseville...Passing this site to all I can.. Great work!
 Don - 1/5/2006
Wow talk about a flashback!Great checkin' out the old photos! I used to go to the "strip" every weekend from 1968-73. My buds and I would stand out front and ask someone with a car to take us in. I used to get in as a child til I was 15 or 16yrs.old. Or we used to use the "alternate" entrance on the pit side(through the fence!)Then we would fasten a pit pass to our shirts. We would collect old passes from the trash,and use the right color on the day we were there! I have loads of pictures and autographed photos,I will work on submitting later! One highlight is Don Garlit's crew letting us push his dragster to the staging area! Posing in the dragster's drivers seat, unfortunatly no photo proof of that! Many great memories in the summer, you cold hear the cars from my house in Southgate! If it was clear and quiet you could hear the announcer commenting after a race!
 sc83x - 1/3/2006
This website is so bad-ass. I love it. I've never been to Michigan. Found the site via
 Diane - 12/30/2005
Just wanted to say I enjoyed your website so much. Grew up in Redford and enjoyed seeing old pics of Mai Kai and Wonderland Mall both sadly gone.
 Ron Gott - 12/23/2005
I just heard about the site today(12-23-05)and everything looks great. The info on Motor City Dragway is awesome. I know the guy in the 777 alter roadster. Thanks
 Ed - 12/23/2005
Great Site!
 Cara - 12/18/2005
Oh I am so happy I found your site again! I was sad because I forgot to bookmark this site. Now I have! Thanks for the info on the Citizens weather ball. How about some historical stuff on Paramount Potato Chip company and Slim Chiply? I did find his likeness on the web on one site. I know this company is out of business, but how about some nostaglia about this? GREAT SITE!
 Robert Wilson - 12/10/2005
Awesome site...I grew up in Walled Lake and heard my Dad tell about seeing Theresa Brewer at the Walled Lake Casino. I went to the drive in in Walled Lake and Commerce. Also the one on Michigan ave., which I think is still open..? Been to the Algiers too when I was younger...
 Paul - 11/16/2005
Great site, I can remember walking up the tracks from home to watch the races at the Mi. State Fairgrounds through the holes in the fence.
 Dave Kirker - 10/27/2005
When I was a kid in Detroit, there were four theatres I went to on a regular basis. I lived near Southfield and Joy Road. They were the Norwest, (you have a pic), the Stanley, (of which you have an old picture on this website), the Riviera of which I'm suprised you have no picture, as I've seen one on another website, and the Warren. I have never found any record of the Warren Theatre on any website. It was on Warren Ave just a few blocks from Southffield. Unless I'm going nuts, I'm positive that was the name of the theatre. In any case the pic of the Stanley and the Norwest brought a lump to my throat. Keep up the good work, and find more pics. Dave
 Shirley Kempf - 10/24/2005
Very neat, was looking up Manchester Speedway and you had info about it. good job
 sandy - 10/23/2005
Great!!!! Really enjoyed it! Thanks
 the glowacki family - 10/18/2005
Excellent site. Now I have pictures to back up the stories I've been telling my sons.
 Marisa - 10/15/2005
I love your website. However, it is so unfortunate that these buildings and places have to be demolished or set in ruins. But, with websites like this one at least they can live on in memory.
 Ron Finney - 10/10/2005
Great site, used to race local tracks back in the sixties. Need more info on Jackson Speedway get together in October if anyone has it. Good work. Thanks, Ron Finney.
 Cara - 10/3/2005
Thanks for a great site...It brings back great memories growing up here in Michigan! Have you ever seen this site? She has many Michigan quirky signs, architecture etc.
 Cara - 10/3/2005
I noticed that in your restaurants you have Kluck's in Ypsi, but not the Chick-Inn on Prospect. Please put this one in! Also I am sure there is an old restaurant still going in South Lyon and I think it is a Brownie's. It is one of those retro root beer places right on the main street. Pontiac Trail perhaps? LOVE THIS SITE...I am hooked!
 Gary Garchow - 9/30/2005
Nice site. It is good to see parts of Michigan that otherwise might be forgotten. Good to show the kids growing up what the "good ole days" were about. Thanks and keep up the good work.
 Barbara Sigerson - 9/23/2005
I was born in Flint in 1930 and moved away in 1959. What a delight to look at some of these pictures. It brings back a lot of old Memories. I'll keep looking for more.
 Dan Martin - 9/21/2005
Your site is a delight. I got to see some great places tonight that I haven't seen in years...from The Terrace in Livonia to the Tawas drive in and beyond. I currently work at a theatre in Ann Arbor. This is the third time I've worked there. It's in my blood.
 Debbie Fiester Ayers - 9/18/2005
Interesting site....looking forward to viewing new stuff. Thank you
 mary matlis - 9/17/2005
I loved the pics of the Strand Theatre in Lansing. I've been searching for pics to find where my gargoyle stood. Now I know it stood on top of the facade. My uncle aquired it during the 1940s renovation. If I knew how to send a picture I'd send you one of him.
 Elaine - 9/16/2005
This was truly enjoyable. Thank you for this wonderful website. Elaine 55yrs. old
 BONNIE GIBSON - 9/14/2005
 Cameron Dodson - 9/7/2005
Nice Site
 maga - 9/6/2005
very nice site .keep it up please
 Tammy - 9/4/2005
Love the Site! You have done A great job! I found the site at my kids school page and it showed the history of Vandercook Lake, I have told them about the Rollercoasters and stuff, now I can prove it! Thanks! Tammy
 James Wiese - 8/25/2005
Fun. I am moving to Hawaii, and this is a nice farewell to the many Michigan memories of my youth.
 Jackie D. - 8/25/2005
I came across your site while searching for old pictures of Ironwood, Mi...where I live. Wow!!!! What an amazing site you have...I love looking at all the old street scenes, and the old theatres are gorgeous. I'll definately be stopping by again...there's so much more to see. Thank you so much for the work you put into your site...I really love it.
 Janet ( Rovenski) Pressey - 8/23/2005
What a neat site!!!
 john finney jr - 8/22/2005
It is good to see this site. I used to have all the food trailers there. And I miss it alot keep up the good work., it is good to see this site i use to have all the food trailers there.and miss it alot keep up the good work
 Beverly Piskorski - 8/17/2005
How many memories came back...I was goofing around and put my name in a google serch and found this page. Thanks for the memory!
 jack redd - 8/15/2005
Still waiting on any info on Al Carpenter formerly with Hurst and photographer Ted Robinson - Any help?? Jack of Eastern Drag News & Drag Times and Drag News ! Great site (JA) Jack Approved!!!
 Kathleen Kennedy Williams - 8/11/2005
I have enjoyed your website very much, I have alot of memories in Michigan, especially the thumb area, Port Huron/Marysville, Bad Axe and the Caseville area. Plus did alot of travelling around the state when I was young. My Mother was raised in the Ferndale area, so I turned her on to this site. We both love it and spend many hours looking at old pictures etc.... Thanks so much Water Winter Wonderland.
 Lee Barber - 8/3/2005
Absolutely the most heart rendering pictures since watching Bambi. I used a half box of Kleenex just seeing and re-living the memories of days gone by. Then when I least expected it... I found you had a picture of my ’72 Maverick going through the staging lanes at Martin. That’s the only picture that was ever taken of it and I can’t believe you had it. Many thanks.
 robert liss - 8/3/2005
i guess i can say my lineage goes back to walled lk. amusement park. my mom was raised on a farm at pontiac trail & decker 14 she would walk to work at the park back in the early war did my uncles ,grandpa & grandma. my dad came out from detroit to swim & chase girls one day & thats when he caught my mom. and here i dallas dog the site.i'm a big hit this week in the family circle. thanks."badbob"
 Lilly - 8/2/2005
Great site! Took a look several years ago when article was published in Detroit Free Press. Will be looking in often. I have 2 "cool" Drive-In speakers taken from the demolition of the Gratiot Drive-In & the Bel-Aire Drive In. They are fun to have but maybe a real buff would be interested?
 larry payne - 7/14/2005
great job! i have pictures of alot of drive ins and 2 albums of 8x10 pictures of detroit drag way in cluding rick tope and al bergler!
 Tim - 7/5/2005
This is a great web site. I had started seeking information on Walled Lake Park. Then saw the links to speedways. I remember going to Manchester Speedway a lot as an 8-9 yeaar old. I have pics somewhere. When I get my info together I post what I remember. Anyone have any info?
 JIM BURGESS - 7/4/2005
 Syd Barrett - 7/2/2005
Great site. Brings back lots of memories. I send a pictures of the Wayne County Training School in Northville. Hope you like it. More on my site thanks
 Larry L. Preston - 7/2/2005
Just stumbled on your site. LOVE IT. I am a native of southern Mi. now live in Mississippi. Was born into & raised in the sport of auto racing. You have the best site for that in the state. My father was a racer beginning his career at Partingtons Pastures. Was surprised to see mention of it on your sight as not many today ever heard of it. My dads career was completed when in 1985 he was inducted into Mich. Motorsports Hall of Fame. I look forward to reading more about old tracks he ran at and was involved as promoter. I also know where to send info and hopefully some photos you don't have about the good ole days of racing. Thanks again.
 David Robinson - 6/20/2005
Great site. Grew up in MI and now live in Florida. Love the photos of the Mystery Spot...we used to drive by it on the way to the Cut River Bridge every summer and beg our parents to stop. Finally after years of begging....we did stop. We never went in, as it looked like a tourist trap! How observant...even as a youth. It is still a Mystery Spot to me!
 Aba & Owweri - 6/14/2005
goood site guys.
 Don Burhans - 6/1/2005
Wonderful Memories. I live a little south of Detroit now and remember a lot of the places on this site due to the fact my father would take me there for one reason or another. lots of great pictures and lots of fond memories, Keep up the GREAT and wondeful work on this site. I'll keep checking back on this site for any NEW memories.
 Patricia Roussin - 6/1/2005
Re: Durand Union Station Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a beautiful article. You captured the spirit of our railroad history, and I'll be happy to share this friends throughout the country! Best regards.........Pat
 Jim Laraway - 5/29/2005
Great Memories! I left the sport in the early seventies, I will be checking the site often, I hope to hear from some other "old folks" maybe they will share some pictures of the older dirt days?
 Randy - 5/27/2005
THis site just keeps getting better and better....more and more nostolgia pix. I try to hit this site once a week and still find new things to review...keep up the good work!!! Long live MI!!!
 Bill Frase - 5/17/2005
This is a great site. I grew up in Lapeer, Michigan in the 60's & 70's. So this really brought back some memories
 dwayne roszkowski - 4/28/2005
awesome website! my brother told me about it, we have submitted pix to the wonderland mall page. thats us from the 70's with the easter bunny. michigan, like any other state, is going by the wayside. there is nothing memorable anymore about our state. i know it is not because we were kids and now adults... current trips to cedar point still exude a memorable time... i have a hard time sleeping the night before we leave. kids today really do not know what makes a true memory. i would like to open a drive in here in livonia. any chance of a camp dearborn page? i got some great shots of my wife's parents and grandparents from the late 50's there for a picnic. keep up the great work!
 David Klink - 4/23/2005
No suggestion, I love this site. It's perfect, and that's a word I don't use too often. Thanx for the trip down memory lane. I especially love the pages with the drive-in movie theaters and roadside attractions.
 mary ann potter - 4/15/2005
Can I make an inquiry here? Spent a few summers on LakeCharlevoix in the late 40's to mid 50's at a resort run by the Tucker family. Does anyone know the name and/or specific location of that place? I seem to remember it as Sunset Beach. My parents have passed away, and I would appreciate any leads on this place. Thanks!
 Andreas - 4/12/2005
I live in Europe and still find this site about the history of MI awesome. Magnificent postcards and stories! I am a particularly interested in cars from the forties and fifties (, but I also very much enjoy reading about the history of theaters and drive-ins.
 Mike Dolliver - 4/4/2005
Thanks for the memories. Doing my best to do the same with Waterford Kettering and Township High Schools. Fantastic photo memories here and so nice to see so many enjoying your site.
 KathyDeesen - 4/3/2005
I love this whole site! Being in Virginia for so mant years now, I loved paging thru all of this. Thanks & I'll be back frequently. P.S. Does anyone remember the Blue Star Drive In in Pontiac? Great footlongs in the 60's !!
 greg tester - 3/23/2005
 GREG TESTER - 3/23/2005
 Seth Landon - 3/20/2005
I want to let you know I heard that a new drive-in theatre may be comming to clare county in loomis on an old mud bog facilty that did not make it. The drive-in if true will be between coleman and clare which I hope and may get quite some people since it is in a central location.
 Mary Ann Potter - 3/20/2005
Wow! We left Michigan for North Carolina 22 years ago, and your nostalgic site makes me a little sad. Too many changes but lots of lovely memories of Grand Rapids, Camp Keewano, state park camping, and the like. But the site is wonderful, and I am mesmerized by the old photos.
 Steven Gallanter - 3/19/2005
There is a sweeet sadnesss to this web site. I spent a week or so in Michigan better than 20 years ago and was schocked and saddened by what I saw in Detroit and Ypsilanti. The photois of what used to be in Detroit are truly heart-rending.
 christine Trottier - 3/8/2005
wow..i think i found my new favorite website! im not a computer person, but when i found this website it was hard to tear myself away from the comp. Your website is really interesting and helpfull in finding neat places to visit. keep up the good work!!
 Fred Shibowski - 3/6/2005
I don't know how I stumbled upon your website, but what a find it is! It's like reading a good book, the way it takes you back in time and makes you remember how great we had it in the past. Keep it up!
 Irene - 3/5/2005
Wonderful site, great memories! Please oh please, does anyone have any pics of the murals in the Mercury Theater in Detroit? It was torn down in 1997, and if the murals were destroyed, that qualifies as a crime in my book.
 Sandra - 2/17/2005
We send one`s love, team, from germany!
 Curt Debose - 2/11/2005
i know many people who raced at ononadaga dragway in the late 60's & early 70's that still live in the jackson area. i still have a unused orange & black bumper sticker that says FOLLOW ME TO ONONADAGA DRAGWAY! i just found this website about 10 min. ago & haven't had time to read any infor submitted. two names that come to my mind are he is in tenn. now & Dick Fortman in lansing. You could ck. with the old Cooper chevy/olds in Eaton Rapids, MI. they sponsored oldsmobiles drag cars from about 68 to 74 or 75. they had pictures of there cars on there walls. You might ck with them for infor & pics. You can probably tell by now i like olds 442 & H/O feel free to e-mail me. mightbe able to help with infor & search.
 Greg Fitrakis - 2/11/2005
Nearly 35 years in Motion Picture Management. Working for United Detroit Theatres-Suburban Detroit Theatres-Showcase Cinemas. Operated about 25 Different locations. 1959-1994
 frank beste - 2/11/2005
mcs caught fire in sept 1959 and propertr was sold in 1960. races was mon,wed,&sat in 34 yrs of racing there 9 people lost there lives. I am a son of Al beste
 Kathleen Pelepchan - 2/3/2005
Great Site! I'll definately be back to this one. Grew up in Algonac and now live in Colorado. Love it here but miss family and WATER!
 laurie albrecht - 1/22/2005
i remember going to riverland amusement park as a young child. remember riding the kiddie ferris wheel and the tilt-a- whirl as i got little older. was a cute little amusement park not far from where i grew up in warren.
 Scott Roman - 1/22/2005
I Really Enjoyed your site!, I Also stumbled upon your site while looking for something else altogether!. I Am a Native of the Flint, Mi Area, Moved North For awhile, Then Moved to the West Side (Kalamazoo Area) And Now Find the Metro Detroit Area as Home. You have brought back alot of Good Memories!
 Stingray427435 - 1/21/2005
What a fantastic site!! I stumbled across it searching for something else. Been here for hours now. Forgot what I was really looking for now. Don't care, this is so much fun. I'm sending this link to everybody on my email list.
 Debbie Mauelshagen - 1/18/2005
WOW!! Loved it!
 Dan Smith - 1/16/2005
Fantastic is an under statement!
 john dawson - 1/15/2005
cool site,wish my kids could have been a part of the 50's 60's.sooooo much simpler then
 Bob Mathews - 1/8/2005
Neat little site. I'm an old Michigander; went to Walled lake consolidated on Pontiac Trail from first grade through 12. Great memories! Thanks
 Betsy C - 1/6/2005
A wonderful site with wonderful sights! So many people just don't appreciate the past & have very little regard for the remaining bits and pieces. Sadly, as more building vanish, sites like these will the only reminders of days gone by.
 Don Konrad - 1/6/2005
I like your site very much. I realy liked the picture of the Nortown theatre where I used to get in for a dime on Saturday afternoons. I also took my future wife there in the early 50s. I wish you had pictures of Motor City Speedway were I spent many hours in the late 40s.
 Glen Strother - 1/5/2005
Re: gas stations pics, it appears you have come accross a few examples of the famous industrial designer of the 1930's- Walter Dorwin Teague's work. He designed gas stations for Texaco and they are distinguished by his trademark "3-streamline stripes" around the top of the building.Your pics of "George's-Manistique", "Commerce2", and "Coldwater Vintage station" all appear to be teague's work. He used the "3-streamline stripes" theme in many of his industrial (products)and architectural designs. He was a major designer for worlds fair architecture of the 30's-60's (The Ford V-8 pavillion and rotunda from 1934 San Diego CA Fair still stands in Balboa park, and he is most famous for designing the Kodak "Brownie" camera. Thanks, I've had my eyes peeled for years looking for those 3-streamline stripes to no avail!!!
 Seth Landon - 1/1/2005
Very great website I would like to suggest that you add the Sault I-500 snowmobile race track located in Sault Ste Marie,. We have plenty of photos I could probly put on.
 Suzanne - 12/30/2004
I was wondering if there is anyone out there that remembers Stasturka Lake near Belleville,Michigan. It was formed by damning a branch of the Huron River before it entered Belleville/Edison Lake. It had a large boathouse and several rope swings that one could grab unto and swing out over the water. Was also wondering if anyone remembers going to Peche (Peach) Island located in the Detroit River. It was opened to tourists for a couple of summers during the late 60's. Please feel free to e-mail me with your memories. Please put Stasturka/Peach in the subject line so I know it's valid. Thanks
 Barbaara Balkin - 12/28/2004
I could wander through your site all night- what a colorful and interesting group of pix. Brings back many memories - Keep up the good work
 Paul Graf - 12/26/2004
Your site brings back many happy memorys. Thank you for taking all the time to document Michigans wonderful history.
 Dick Lee - 12/18/2004
Gary, you are doing this website as a labor of love. From a professional standpoint, I love the old race tracks you have in here. From a personal standpoint, the photo of the Creston Theatre in Grand Rapids sure brought back a lot of memories from the 1940's when I attended movies there as a kid. Thanks a lot, Gary. I really appreciate all of your work and your porfessionalism. You're the man!
 Kendra - 12/17/2004
Cute site! I'd like to add your link on my site ( well organized!
 Andreas - 12/14/2004
Truely a great site about the history of Michigan. I am webmaster of My site also features old automotive postcards. So I have a natural interest :-) Thx so much for sharing the wonderful downtown motives with us. A big bag of information. Will come again to check out more... Andreas
 Tonya Catizone - 12/13/2004
I was looking for info on my great-grandfather John Gonsowski and I stumbled across this site!! The was the most information I have found to date! I am still searching for more info on the collection of furniture he built and was donated
 Jeff Marcosky - 12/12/2004
I love this site! A stroll down memory lane, Nothland Mall, Tel-Twelve Mall, Walt Lazar Chevrolet is the super-super dealer...
 Bill Biche - 12/3/2004
I'm coming back to study this site with it's automotive history
 Keith Bonkowski - 11/30/2004
Love the website keep up the good work
 mike from gregory - 11/24/2004
Gary Im not worthy really this site is the best thank you so much Mike
 David - 11/23/2004
Michigan alive and well Berkley High 57
 randy - 11/16/2004
I gotta say, I wish we could go back and re-live those good ole days, life was much more easier and much more fun...real music, real people, real cars...yea, those were the days. I still love reading about the old speedways and dragstrips...sure do miss 'em, oddly enough, "DETROIT, THE MOTOR CITY" doesn't have one track near the city to speak of. bummer huh?
 Sandra - 11/11/2004
Niceeeee siteeee!!!!
 Gerry - 10/31/2004
Fantastic site, brings back so many memories… Where is the time machine to go back about 50 years??? Thanks, Gerry Ft Collins, Co
 Sharolyn - 10/14/2004
Does anyone remember Shorty's Race Track on Lake Angelus Road? My Dad raced there and the M-59 Race Track for years. I remember when the Walled Lake Casino burned down in "65. This is the best site I've seen in years, sure brought back great memories.
 Chris Wilt - 10/12/2004
ROMEO ICE ARENA! Looking for anything from Romeo Ice Arena around the mid- 70's. PLEASE HELP!!
 walter hermance - 9/30/2004
Does anyone remember Ronnie Duman who drove at MCS?He later went to Indy car racing about the time Al Miller did.He was killed in one of Indy 500's I dont remember what year it was,I think it must have been in the 60's I believe they refered to the car as the hard tops that ran at MCS in the early 50's.Most were early Fords and they had to have hard tops.Early Fords such as the 36 Ford soft tops. Does anyone out there remember Partingtons speedway ?Went to a few races there in the early fiftys.I don't know when it shut down.Heard a driver was killed there It was on Ryan rd &15 MILE.
 jim wood - 9/24/2004
Great site lived in Flint 1943 -1993 have seen quite a change in Flint and Detroit
 walter hermance - 9/23/2004
Wondering if any older race fans can remember Partington Pasture race track that was on Ryan rd north of fifteen mile rd.It was shut down about the mid fifties.It was in a cow pasture.
 rick rzepka - 9/20/2004
what an awesome website!!! i have lots of pics and mailers from detroit and motor city dragway. I will be sending you more as i scan them. i was at detroit dragway from 75 till it closed. ill never forget saturday nite funny cars!!!! you will love the mailers from the mid-sixties....its a who's who of the era . everyone raced there!! i received all this old stuff from a friend of the family and have treasured it all since. im so happy to have found a place to share this stuff
 Bob M. (Wixom, Mi) - 9/6/2004
Found your site looking for the race track my grandfather used to race at...Motor City Speedway. Awesome site! Bookmarked for sure. Also started looking at Walled lake Casino where my parents used to go to all the time.
 Dexter Thor - 9/3/2004
Excellent website. Brings back many fond memories. How about doing a site for MI drive in restaurants that still encourage "cruise in" gatherings?
 Brian H. - 8/18/2004
Great site. Don't want to admit how many hours I've wasted sitting here looking around. Tons of memeories about my misguided youth. Bravo.
 Sarah J. - 8/13/2004
I found your site searching for drag strips, and I have to say, excellent site! Definitely book marked. Thank you for your site, I love Michigan!
 Gerard Wurtenberg - 7/29/2004
I was looking for old drag strips and drive-ins in my area which is just north of Philadelphia and I found your web site and it just so happens that about 2 months ago I accidently passed the second oldest drive in in the country and it's still open near Allentown, Pa. here's it's web address interesting enough an old drive-in in New Jersey just reopened last week and by coincidence it's located right next to the old Vineland DRagway which originally operated together.Pa still has 39 open drive-ins but most are in central or near Pittsburgh.Delaware has 1 that has been open for 25 years at least.Just thought I'd let you know their not all dead and starting to make a comeback, how great also you have a great site.
 WALTER HERMANCE - 7/17/2004
i LOVE THE OLD MEMORIES.Edge Water Park,my gang and I spent many evenings there.My favorite was the Motor City Speedway.Walled Lake was another place to remember.All good things come to an end.The Korean War and military service(unwanted)brok up that old gang of mine.Great site.
 mumu - 7/6/2004
 Andrea - 7/1/2004
Nice to read anything about Palmer Park. My Aunt took me there as a child and I have fond memories of my pony rides, feeding the ducks and just spending time there.
 Patricia Wiley - 6/6/2004
I stumbled across your site trying to find information about Adrian, Michigan. What a nice surprise. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and in 1985 moved to Arlngton, Texas. I miss Michigan so much and remember going to drive-ins all the time when I was young. It was fun hunting down the drive-ins that I frequented with my mom, dad and sisters. Thanks for all of your hard work, it's been a pleasure looking.
 Dave Vander Roest - 6/2/2004
Awesome site. I have lived in B'ham \ Troy for all of my 54 years and this brings back tremendous memories ...
 Patt - 5/29/2004
Love this sight! Brings back so many fond memories. THANK YOU! Would like to see something about the old Radio City Theater that was located accross Woodward from the Magi Bag. It burned to the ground sometime in the 70's. Little tidbit about the Magic Bag. When it was still a movie theater is was considered an XXX theater. Know what it was showing that gave it that rating? TO SIR WITH LOVE. Yep that's right that mild movie that caused such a stir when it first came out. But remeber that was the early 60's. And they say Livingston County is/was racist?? Me thinks back then so was Ferndale..
 Kenneth Kaiser - 5/28/2004
I am very interested in finding original photos of the Ramona theater. I went there many times as a kid and teenager and I'd really like to get ahold of some pictures. Email me with any suggestions. Thanks! Great website!
 Sean Doerr - 5/28/2004
 Mike Maxson - 5/27/2004
A Michigan Boy born and bred, son of 20th Century America, and a wanderer at heart, I dig this site! It keeps me on a Michigan road trip even at work. Way too, too KOOL! Thanks!
 Frank Reynolds, M.D. - 5/4/2004
Loved the old photos of Motor City Dragway. Anybody ever hear of Allegiance Speedway in Garden City, MI? Probably late 1950's then gone by early '60's.
 Ron baker - 4/21/2004
Hi all really like the site after a couple of passes through..however about some more representation from Downriver. I am a native of Wyandotte (now in Arizona). Lots of heritage downriver, lots of memories. Thanks for the site.
 Kami Jenkins - 4/19/2004
 Steve McCoy - 4/18/2004
Nice site! I've been living in Ishpeming since 1972. It brought back soom good memories. Any 1960 pic's from the corner of 16 mile & Mound avl.? We used to hang out at Virgies corner store, and Frank Reames(?) Standard station. Oh, we also hung out at the Texaco station too. I have an arial pic' of North School that my father and I took from his airplane. Is it of any value to your site? The school is gone now. I lived in front of the school, so we were always playing there. The Van Dyke Drive-in was cool. My brother worked the concession stand there. We also went to the Utica theater. Keep up the good work! I'll be watching what your site has to offer from time to time!! Sincerly, Steve McCoy
 Eric Belland - 4/9/2004
Wow, I can't believe this site, I was looking for info on my old stomping grounds like wonderland mall, and got very depressed after reading of its demise. i was a mall rat in the 80's and i was usher at several AMC theatres around detroit from 83' to 89. My main place of work was either the Tel-Ex or the movies at Prudentail town center, where I floated for overtime at twelve oaks, fairlane,wonderland, lakeside as projectionist. i worked at towne in Oak park. this was a great old theatre. and the americana complex , northland in southfield. Boy you gotta know how depressed I am, this was my teenage years. making 4.50 a hour and 6.00 if i work rocky horror on friday and saturday nights at the prudential AKA the prude, back then. you know people brung 20 pounds of rice and giant water guns for rocky, and the chinese restaurant upstairs from the theatre would come around 4 Am to clean the theatre. One time I wore a tel-ex usher jacket at the prudential, and know one noticed. I sorry about boblo island, this was a awesome place to go. I was a regular customer at the farmington grnd river drive in. i guess you can;t ever go home again. i now live in beaufort, South carolina. Iwished i had some pix's fom back then.
 smurrf - 3/23/2004
what a great site
 Doug Shirk - 3/10/2004
Wish every state had a site like this. Wonderful way to revisit (and show my wife) places i grew up in. Congratulations from the Pacific Northwest on your gorgeous palace of memories.
 Rob Garrett - 3/7/2004
WOW!!!!!! WHAT A BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!!!! I've never seen a BETTER example of local history! EXCELLENT JOB!!! I even ran across a photo of the sign of my FIRST JOB (circ. 1963) Texan Restaurant - Bay City. I started there shortly after it opened.
 Dan Dugan - 3/2/2004
Born in Detroit ... lived on Eastlawn attended The Gyton School then moved to Warren attended Warrendale Elementary and later Oakwood Jr. High moved to Calif. in 71' sure miss Mich. your site brought back many pleasant memories ... Great Site! ... Thank-You.
 Terry Stinson - 2/20/2004
I was born and raised in the Detroit area, you certainly bring back a truck load of memories. I just e-mailed my freind in Florida, who was also born and raised in the Detroit area, your web site address. This is the coolist site I have been to.
 marit - 2/6/2004
 John Whisler - 1/23/2004
What a beautiful web site you've made here! The design is wonderous! Even though I've never even been to Michigan, I love the resource you've created to view drive-ins, architecture, signage and so on. It's amazing. Your efforts are appreciated.
 Larry Ciarrocchi - 1/23/2004
AWESOME SITE! Great work, keep it up. I will definately be a regular viewer. I metal detet for a hobby and some of these sites are clearly fair game. Been looking for long time for info on Electric park and Tashmoo. Thanks a ton Larry
 Josh Gross - 1/19/2004
had fun at 007 and Jolly Roger with you
 Chuck C - 1/15/2004
NIce site... brought back alot of Memorys of Bob-lo Island .. and Cptn. Bob- lo Thanks
 Tiffany Draper - 1/14/2004
I just have one comment to add to this guest book and thats that my grandpa road that rollercoaster and that lake actually looks clean not like it does today. I just thought that i would let everyone know that views this guest book how iteresting it is to see how vandercook lake looked when none of us were born or thought of yet. Thank you, a concerned student
 Suzanne T - 1/13/2004
Can anyone remember specifically where the Walled Lake Amusement Park was located. Was it right on the corner of 13 mile Rd and Novi? What stands in it's place now.Please feel free to e-mail with this information. Thanks
 jackie wright - 1/9/2004
I was telling my husband about the Krim theater on woodward ave in the 50's. I worked there and at the Uotown (RKO) and the ambassador on John R. We went searching for the Krim theater and ended up on your site. WOW ! I love it. I moved in 1957-58 and miss all the old places but you have brought back such memories that I can't stop checking everything on the site. We still come to michigan since I still have alot of family left there and it is always a shock when I see what has happened to Detroit and my old homestead. I hope you will put something in about Palmer park. i took some pictures a few years ago and it made me cry to see the beautiful fountains all broke and spray painted. Keep up the good work.
 bob cichowski - 1/8/2004
have old photos of different places, I'll look for them and send them to you when I find them, that is if you want them?
 Tom Posthuma - 1/7/2004
Gary This has got to be about the best site on the internet. Old dragstrips are my forte but i find the drive ins and amusements parks very interesting too. You've done a marvelous job.
 Ron Gross - 1/7/2004
Gary, can you drop the WINTER from Water-Winter-Wonderland!? I had enuff of the white stuff, and cabin fever is settin' in pretty hard! How about Drive In - Drag Racing-Wonderland?
 Jack H. Almy - 12/28/2003
Great site with alot of history. Looking for more of in the past photos of Saginaw Michigan and it old theatres, Like the Marr, Wolverine, Mecca, Jeffers. This site is the best that I have comee across as of now. Keep it up. Jack
 Jack H. Almy - 12/28/2003
Great site with alot of history. Looking for more of in the past photos of Saginaw Michigan and it old theatres, Like the Marr, Wolverine, Mecca, Jeffers. This site is the best that I have comee across as of now. Keep it up. Jack
 JOHNY - 12/21/2003
great site ok
 Gary Wood - 12/13/2003
Having a great time exploring your excellent site. My mother would remember the Dowagiac theater from the picture of the street you have posted. She was born there 85 years ago. Also my cousin Dave Cook manages the Ionia Theater. The Ionia is a great old theater that has undergone major renovation over the last few years. Contact him for a tour, you will want to add it to your page. Tell Dave his cousin Gary Wood from Houston, TX sent you!
 Josh Gross - 11/26/2003
I had a great time at the Scio and at yesterdays
 leonard wardenski - 11/23/2003
Love the site. Nice work, hope you can add more history about The Great State of Michigan...I'll surely be back. Thanks
 Dan Thorpe - 11/4/2003
Love your site Thanks alot for the trip back in time
 Josh Gross - 10/20/2003
What do you think of the Siverdome drive-in
 Josh Gross - 10/20/2003
Did you know that you have two of the same thing.You have two Mid-Mi-Motoplex.Other than that every thing is cool
 Chester Lawrence - 10/14/2003
You have done great work. I will be coming back for more history on Detroit, a city I love.
 Jan - 9/11/2003
Just happened upon this treasure trove of a site! Old motels, drive-ins, strips and speedways - what a find! This is something I would have thought of, but wouldn't even know where to begin. I commend you. I wil be back... probably daily!!!
 John Higgins - 9/2/2003
WOW! what a site, I just relived my growing up in the Water Winter Wonderland form Bob-lo to Port Austin. I live in East Detroit, oh ya I mean Eastpointe, things really do change. Thanks for the Travel back in Time
 Margaret St. Pierre - 8/18/2003
I grew up 1/2 mile from the park.
 Margaret - 8/18/2003
My grandfather was master gardener at Jefferson Beach, and lived in a house on the park grounds. At the north end of the main entrance, and on Jefferson Avenue. My brothers all worked at the park so I had free rides always. The man who operated the merry-go-round was Charley and he also drove the Lakeview public school bus. Great times.
 Larry Toll - 8/10/2003
Great site. Having worked in many theatres in Michigan in the 60s and 70, it was great (and mostly sad) to see what became of them.
 Bonenbergers - 8/6/2003
Hi Gary, Leslie told us about your web site. Pretty cool!
 Leon Baker - 8/1/2003
Love the site, its wonderfull, really love the old dragstrips, and drive-in theaters,thank you so much for keeping them alive in my heart.
 Richard J Williams - 7/30/2003
Thanks for keeping the old and new racing tracks alive.SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RACE TRACK
 Brent - 7/29/2003
Very cool site. This is the most thourough and accurate source I've seen about old Detroit movie houses. I submitted some info on The Admiral Theater on the east side of Detroit. That was my neighborhood theater as a kid.
 Gary Flinn - 7/28/2003
That was a great article on DIs which mentioned you and the Water Winter Wonderland web site in the Sunday July 27 Detroit Free Press article.
 Wendell Rowe - 7/27/2003
awesome website !!!!!
 Dale Mason - 7/27/2003
Some additional info that may be helpful- under indoor theatres you have Woods Theater with no address. Under that you have the Woods 6 on Mack Ave. I believe they are one and the same. The Woods was a single theater later converted to 6 mini theaters. The building has been demolished. FYI Dale Mason
 Bunny - 7/27/2003
The site is great. I just relived my past thank you
 Jerry Danaj - 7/27/2003
Great site! Brought back many memories being a teenager in the 60's - especially the drive-ins.
 Carolyn Venditti - 7/27/2003
Absolutely wonderful sites!! Thanks for some great memories.
 Randy - 7/23/2003
This site rocks...the Dragway & Speedway stuff is's all awesome....I've been at this site for hours...
 David Jirik - 7/17/2003
Great site!! I just spent two hours reliving my childhood in your pages. Your pictures of the Lakes Drive In in Brighton are identical to mine from '98. I picked up most of the marquee letters from the ground and hauled them back to California with me. Keep up the good work!
 Ron Gross - 6/12/2003
Hey Gary, is wayyyyy cool dude!.........Ron @
 Scott Biggs - 6/6/2003
Hi Gary, Robert and Rachel, Great job on the site. Your doing an awesome job on this. It's very inspiring to Sandie and I. Keep up the excellent work. :) Best wishes, Scott Biggs Sandie Taperek
 Robert - 3/21/2003
Water winter wonderland rules!!!
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