Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Birch Run MI 

Address: 11700 Gera Road
City: Birch Run
State: MI
Zip: 48415
County: Saginaw
Number of visits to this page: 25964

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General Information:

Source: Brian Huffman

The park was built and owned by Joe Huffman. We used to go there in the 60s. They had a band stand that used to feature country singers and also amateur acts. They had the usual carnival midway with kids games for prizes, Ferris Wheel, roller coaster and carousel, and go-cart track. They also had a train ride that ran around the park and stopped at the animal zoo. The main attraction of the zoo was a cow and calf that had a fifth leg growing from its chest. I will look for pictures at parents home.

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Info Updates:
6/9/2022 - Shawn Downing
I remember always wanting to go there when the amusement park was open but every time we went by, we were headed to Dixie Speedway and by the time l got old enough to drive, it was closed.
3/23/2014 - william anderson
my grandfather, Hilding Albin Anderson a swedish immigrant worked at pine ridge for many years. 1st ride he operated looked like giant eggs suspended from cables that you operated with a wing attached to the top. could fly far out from the base or close to it. the last ride he operated was the tilt-a-whirl. seems around 1970 or so they closed. we were gm kids, my dad working at buick and when we would go talk to grandpa, he secretively would hand us some ride tickets held together with a red rubber band. for 5 kids that was awesome! there were some big names out there too like conway twitty, loretta lynn, and buck owens etc. before they were real big. i think most of the youngsters loved them go-carts the most though! i think that was the first ride they stopped. when the money from gm left it seems these parks left also.
11/12/2013 - Gene Henson
My Father Gene and Joe Huffman were best friends, both from Arkansas, when I was 7 until 12 we went to the Pine Ridge Park every weekend, some times went to Joes house next door, I played with Joes youngest daughter Sally, It was a real kick going there, the gocarts,railroad,the animals in the woods, and the concession stand, Joe was a nice generous man, my brother and I could eat and ride all day. Joe was a big man but very kind underneath. I sure miss those days.
6/24/2012 - yvonne cornell
my name is yvonne used to be huffman. my family built and an the pine ridge park alot of hreat memories. i love reading comments. dennis we went to school togethe.
4/20/2012 - Teresa
So sad I was looking for this place a couple years now and just found the website today to find it closed. Looking for fun things to do with my 9 kids. I heard good things about this place is what kept me looking. Thanks anyway :).
4/18/2012 - yvonne cornell
hi so happy to see the comments about pine ridge. it was my family that owned the park so many great memories. i have lots of pictures of the park' i think i probley remember every one that worked there and every one was special.
4/18/2012 - Todd Schwenk
I was talking to a friend, Yvonne Cornell, about her family owning and operating an amusement park, so I looked it up to see if anyone remembered the place. She has tons of memories, stories, and even pictures that we will work on posting on this page. So, thanks waterwinterwonderland for this site.
3/5/2011 - Steve Wolfe
I remember going to concerts there in the mid 1960s. In particular, seeing Pee Wee King, the country and Western singer who wrote The Tennessee Waltz. He was wearing a white suit with a blue rhinestone design. I got to shake his hand. I must have been between 5 and 7 years old, but the experience always stuck with me. Also the roller coaster ride which made me sick. Hated carnivals ever since.
12/23/2009 - Betty Liss
I remember the five legged cow!! My mom was friend with Charlotte Harding who sang there and one time we saw Sonny James singing. good times
2/7/2008 - Dennis
First job was at Pineridge amusement park, in the 60's ran the pony rides, but don't remember who owned it
9/11/2007 - Debbie Ross
My Grandfather worked in the park. Does anyone know who the owners were. We are trying to add to our family tree and the park was a great place to go when I spent the weekend with my grandparents.
3/22/2006 - Bobby Peakcock (Cactus Bob)
I believe there are go carts and mini golf where the Pine Ridge park was.
11/20/2005 - G. Sudhoff
I used to go there with my parents in & around 1971. There was a rollercoaster and a go cart track.
9/25/2005 - T. Weaver
I visited Pine Ridge in the early 90s when a small carnival was set up there. I remember the park itself having a miniature railroad, go-karts, a petting zoo, and perhaps a carousel. Pine Ridge was located near an area where Six Flags was considering building a large theme park during the mid 90s but was never realised.
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - 1991 Aerial View
1991 Aerial View
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Ticket Office From Gary Flinn
Ticket Office From Gary Flinn
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Go-Kart Track Now From Gary Flinn
Go-Kart Track Now From Gary Flinn
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Now An Rv Campground From Gary Flinn
Now An Rv Campground From Gary Flinn
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Foundation Of Ride From Gary Flinn
Foundation Of Ride From Gary Flinn
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - 1972 Aerial Showing Car Track
1972 Aerial Showing Car Track
Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Freak Cows Mentioned By Submitters
Freak Cows Mentioned By Submitters
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