Hasbrouck Ford Sales - Bronson MI

Address: 859 W Chicago Rd
City: Bronson
State: MI
Zip: 49028
County: Branch
Number of visits to this page: 1746

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General Information:

I was looking at an aerial view of Bronson and found the telltale footprint of an old building that was gone. I got the address and began digging. A weird search result came back from the Branch County Library which turned out to be a metadata file for an old Bronson High School Yearbook scan. I figured out which year it was and sure enough the name of this old Ford Dealer matched the original search.

I checked the historical aerials and it is plain there was a small dealership on this lot in the 1950's. It seems it was demolished by the 1990's. I had originally thought this place was an extension of the old car lot that sits across the street (see photo below) which used to be Kub's Corner Auto Sales. It is quite possible that was once a small Big 3 dealership also. Sadly, I don't have a photo of the Ford Dealer from the street level yet.

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Hasbrouck Ford Sales - 2022 Street View - Empty Lot
2022 Street View - Empty Lot
Hasbrouck Ford Sales - 1955 Aerial
1955 Aerial
Hasbrouck Ford Sales - The Old Kubs Corner Across The Street
The Old Kubs Corner Across The Street
Hasbrouck Ford Sales - 1978 Bronson  Yearbook Ad
1978 Bronson Yearbook Ad
Hasbrouck Ford Sales - 1980 Bronson High Yearbook Ad
1980 Bronson High Yearbook Ad
Hasbrouck Ford Sales - Feb 1974 Bronson Police Buys Car
Feb 1974 Bronson Police Buys Car
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