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8/27/2018 - David Beck
WOW! This site sure brings back memories. I grew up on this track. My dad, Don Beck, used to drive there and had a tire groover that he used to groove tires for the drivers. My mom, Helen used to drive powderpuff races until she won too often and they let her and another woman race with the men. The other woman, ( Jerry something) went over the banking on turn 3 and 4 and landed upsidedown in that big mudhole by the pits. Boy I miss those days.
2/27/2016 - Rod Dropping
My dad's friend, Dana Smith, was the flagman at Capitol City Speedway. He took me and my friend, Monty Grimes under his wing when we were about 12 yrs. old. Dana (Smitty) would take us to the track with him and eventually promoted us to assistant flagmen. He had shirts made for us that matched his, and paid us fifty cents a night for helping him. We occasionally were allowed to ride around the track in the cars with some of the drivers. We were big shots.
7/19/2013 - Lori Thomas
The 74 car that is burning was my dad's car (Jim Turner) from Perry, MI. He drove #75 for Jerry Austin (from Perry) but dad built the #74. Someone threw a firecracker under it during the 4th of July and it went up in flames. I have a few pics of my dad winning races there.
5/23/2012 - John
I was talking to my friends dad about those days. he used to race out there. My grandpa. (paul) took tickets and grandma (bertha) did the concession stand his brother max and wife mary owned the track. I went online to look for any info pics etc. thought it may be easier to find it here. Than in the house. If I run across anything ill post it here.
5/24/2011 - John Merryman
Hi Chris, No the car was not a Bingo car to the best of my knowledge. Ken Smith and Fedewa's drove it. It is Packard powered. Thanks for the reply.
5/5/2011 - Chris Hutchison
To John Merrymen. There are a few differences, but any chance your Hi-Way Grill was one of the old Bingo cars? Grew up around Mahlon Depue (#9 farther down the page) and his brother Dean. Friends of my dads. Great guys. Anybody remember Dick Cherry? He was the least famous driver of one of the Bingo cars.
11/8/2010 - phillip croll
I sure miss the old tracks. Went to Capital City many times when I was young. It seems like you turned on Davis HY and then almost immediately turned left into the track. Long time ago, could be wrong. Next time I am in Lansing I will check out Wayland Way. If everything was covered up and not dug up then you might still be able to smell that sweet smell.
11/5/2010 - Ron Gross
In response to Ray Wade, just where is the front stretch wall you mention? I see nothing on the aerial image to indicate where the track was, and I'm not seeing it after walking around the area.
11/2/2010 - ray wade
To Ron Gross from Ray Wade, Just north of the Wendys there is a road called Westland Way. This road runs parallel with the front stretch wall and right through the infield of the track. It was all filled in when the road was put in. But even thought the top of the front stretch wall is at ground level you can still find it. When you travel on Westland Way look to your left and you will see a line of small scrub trees and taller grass that runs parallel to the street. About half way between the road and the field. This is the front stretch wall. But it is at ground level and you will have to walk the line of grass and small trees to find it. I would be glad to show you were it is at if you would like. You can email me at rjw1243@aol. com Ray.
10/19/2010 - Ron Gross
In response to Ray Wade, just where is the front stretch wall you mention? I see nothing on the aerial image to indicate where the track was, and I'm not seeing it after walking around the area.
10/8/2010 - Dennis Holly
I have very fond memories of Capital City. I'm from Portland and I remember many racers from Portland that were regulars at Capital City. Bill Beard was a winner many times over, Bob Shattuck, one of the prettiest cars to race there. Bill Bandfield, Bill Nick Rowe and many more.
6/6/2010 - John Merryman
Just found this site. Excellent!!!!!! I was suprised to see the Hi-way Grill car picture as I have that car now. If anyone has information or pictures of it please let me know as I am restoring it - yes with a Packard motor. Also I have the white number 37 super (283 chevy) from the same time and track if anyone has pictures or info I could use as I bring that one back to life also!
Dan if you have more pictures please let me know as I am looking for more all the time.
Keep up the Great work. John Merryman
6/9/2009 - ray wade
Very nice site. I lived by capital city speedway growing up. Went to many races as a kid. Even though the site has been developed you can still see the top of the front straightaway wall. The picture showing where the track was is not correct. the track was north of davis hwy and west of creyts rd. But thanks for the old pictures, brings back many great memories watching the races there as a kid. Ray
10/11/2007 - Garrett Pierce
What a great bunch of old photos these are! We should all be grateful that someone like Dan had a camera and knew how to use it back then. What was really great about the old days of racing was it was run what ya brung; Buicks, Studebakers,Flatties, everything! Modern racing has become a small block Chevy parade. Most people in roundy round racing don''t even know how to work on anything else anymore. I love Chevies, but that''s why I don''t go to too many roundy rounders anymore. Just too dam many of the same types of cars. My kingdom for diversity!
9/20/2007 - jim
Doug is right, i used to go to the speedway with my father and uncle. it was on the corner of m-78 and cryets rd. it was the place to go back then. thanks, jim
8/13/2007 - Randy
GREAT PICTURES there Dan Shadduck!!! Look at the wings, even back then were thinkin areodynamics. ahhhh, those were the days - jeans, t-shirts and a helmet - let''s go racin''
8/12/2007 - Doug
Pertaining to the comments made by moose It was called capital city speedway until its closing in 1965 it was located at Creyts and Lansing rd not across from dons truck stop. The Lansing speedway open in 1956 and later became spartan speedway. I first attended Capital Speedway in 1955 at 10 years old aaaaaaaaaand went the races there until it closed what a real time it was. doug
12/18/2006 - Garrett Pierce
My father used to go watch races there a lot before I was born (1967). To the best of my knowledge the track was closed by then. There used to be a short dead end dirt road that led to the track. It started about where the Wendy's is now. The track itself was about 1500ft or so north of the Capital center. The remnants of the track were still there until they dosed it for all the new buildings they built there in just the last few years. It's great to know there is a site for this stuff.
8/12/2006 - Ron Gross/Michigandriveins.com
Ive done some digging and found no evidence Tucker did any testing at Capital City Speedway, Lansing (Spartan) Speedway, or any Michigan racetrack. The Tucker was designed, tested and built long before (1947-48) Lansing Speedway opened in 1956. There was testing done at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and this is where the rollover depicted in the movie actually took place. The movies speedway scenes at the fictional "Lansing Speedway" were actually filmed at Petaluma Speedway in Northern California. Apparently, Hollywood opted to use the Lansing Speedway name in the film instead of Indy.
1/25/2006 - Mudclodbob
My Dad and I went to Capitol City on most Saturday nights if we werent at Berlin (when it was dirt) and it was located on the Northwest corner of Creyts and old US 27. They ran supermodifieds, midgets and motorcycles for a while. They had some great racing at that 3/8ths mile dirt track. There was an old barn that had some holes punched in it from errant wheels. Also a fence on the backstrecth occasionaly had a car go through and a couple times, cows wandered out on the track. Lansing Speedway is now called Spartan Speedway and it was in operation while Capitol City was also. Lansing Speedway is where the Tucker ran, I think they filmed that for the movie. After Capitol City closed in 64 or 65, we went to Spartan to see the supers for a while on Saturdays, but it wasnt the same. Wow, what memories. Bob
9/11/2004 - Chris Fobbe
From what I have heard the Capital City Speedway was located on Old Lansing road, I have not been to the site, but other famnily memebers have.
6/21/2003 - Moose
I think this was also known as the Lansing Speedway. The Summit sits on the property now, across I-96 from Dons truck stop. This was where the Tucker car was tested. I know it operated in the 50s, but I do not know for how long. Once it closed, Spartan Speedway was constructed.

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