Charlotte Fair - Charlotte MI

Address: 1025 S Cochran Ave
City: Charlotte
State: MI
Zip: 48813
County: Eaton
Number of visits to this page: 12395

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General Information:

Source: Garrett Pierce

I live not too far from this track. A few years back there was a club based in Ohio I think that put on exibition races there. The Antique Auto Racers Association they were called. They tried for a few years to get a following going but no one save for old gearheads like me ever seemed to notice them. I have lived around the area all my life and I cannot recall ever seeing any races there other than the above since I was a little boy in the early 70's. Contact the Eaton County Fair Board (517) 543-4510. Maybe they can help with info.

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Info Updates:
12/22/2013 - Don Wyne
I lived all my early years in Charlotte, and remember watching a motorcycle race held there around 1960 or so.
11/25/2012 - Jim Wilmore
I have a couple of photos from the figure-8 races at the Charlotte Fair Grounds track that I think relate the motor racing section if you would be interested in adding them to the Charlotte Fair link. Thanks Jim.
10/27/2010 - Jim Wilmore
I'm from Charlotte and have never saw any but horse kart racing there. However, I know some guys in VARC that raced there, I'll see if there's any photos of that day. Would have loved to watch it and I'd better the reason no one showed is because maybe there wasn't enough marketing. Great track though, 1/2 at least, maybe more.
Charlotte Fair - Aerial Photo
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