Hart Fairgrounds - Hart MI

City: Hart
State: MI
Zip: 49420
County: Oceana
Number of visits to this page: 9912
General Information:

Dirt Oval - Operating Dates: 1947-1969

Source: NJP

Back in the mid-60's my family would vacation at the lake nearby and we would go to the Oceana county fair in August if we were in town. I saw two or three demolition derbies at the Hart Racetrack. It wasn't the largest oval and more than once they would get so many cars knotted up that they would haveto stop the derby and get them apart before continuing. I actually had a neighbor, one year, who had a cousin who drove in the derby and came in third or fourth.

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Hart Fairgrounds - TOPO MAP
Hart Fairgrounds - AERIAL PHOTO
Hart Fairgrounds - AERIAL PHOTO
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