Imlay City Speedway - Imlay City MI

Address: Clear Lake Rd near Churchill
City: Imlay City
State: MI
Zip: 48444
County: Lapeer
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General Information:

Paved Oval - Operating Dates: 1970's - Thanks to Steve for location information.

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Info Updates:
8/24/2018 - Ronald Bolek
Hi, I was the son of the former owner of imlay city speedway. I was looking for any information. My fathers name was Larry McCloskey. he passed away in 2016. Thank you.
7/3/2014 - Ken Jordan
Looking for jet car and jet car driver for possible show Americas got talent and Guinness books of records. To show what I do look up super car jump by ken Jordan YouTube. 810-787-1985.
2/29/2012 - Kyle
The track is visible on historicaerials. com, it does not yet exist in 1959 but is there in 1964. search churchill road @ clear lake road, imlay city.
1/27/2010 - NC Ghost Hunter
The color one is the corner of County Hwy 44 (Clear Lake Road) & Churchhill Road. That matches my info. The B/W aerial is 8 miles south with Church Road running East-West between the 3 ovals, horse training tracks?
8/28/2006 - Bill Whitman
I think this track was dirt.I went to some races there in 1966,it was a small operation but they did a good busisness. I heard they never had any insurance or paid a big purse. Thats probably why they made money and stayed in busisness as long as they did.
Imlay City Speedway - 1964 AERIAL
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