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Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - Grant MI

Address: 11990 Pike Ave
City: Grant
State: MI
Zip: 49327
County: Muskegon
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General Information:

Dirt Oval - Operating Dates: 1946-1976

Source: Randy Whipple

My dad used to take us kids to Whiskey Ridge on Sunday's in the late 50's or early 60's. His friend John Morse would land his plane in the field just south of the track. The 1st time I ever drove a race car was at Whiskey Ridge about 1976. Gus Weinrick loaned me his Pontiac station wagon in the streaker class. I got a second place in the feature. It was shortly after that it closed forever and I never got to race there again.

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Info Updates:
3/19/2014 - MH
great memories and stories of days of thunder at Whiskey Ridge just up the road from maple island grocery. Big Tam was my aunt and the last owner and she also kept the action going as in the lateryears promotors were not very nice people about paying there bills which led to the closure of the track. The days of seeing a dust cloud raise in the sky and the sound of big block engines blasting around a clay 3/8 mile track here are gone and will not return. It does make a great hunting location as deer love to run through the track now,maybe some of those good ole boys are watching from above as many were also hunters and fishers to keep a tradition alive we never fail and we still have action on the ridge.
7/1/2013 - Randy Whitten
This message is for Bob Clover My Father: Mel Whitten now 81 years old also raced at Whiskey Ridge. I believe he has pictures from there and you should give him a call. Call my Aun't Ola at Whitten's Storage 231-788-5106 to setup with her an appoitnment to meet with my Dad. He would love to hear from you I'm certain Thank you, Randy Whitten 616-292-3551.
4/30/2013 - Dave West
My Dad and uncle raced at Whiskey Ridge when I was very young. I recall the snowfence around some of the track. And setting on the sand hill. I think my Dad drove a 37 ford. We rode in it to and from the track. My uncles name was Lucky Little. My dad was Leo.
2/26/2013 - SP
I used to live on Whiskey Ridge and that is where my mother met Pat Wilson. It is funny how James Ryan mentioned all of the well seasoned drivers names. BOY did THAT bring back memories!! I grew up there on the ridge. it was a different world. different times!! RIP to Pat. he now is holding the forever checkered flag!!.
2/7/2012 - beth holy
i have 3 pictures of the track. if u put the together they show the whole track. i have a few racing pictures too.
9/16/2011 - JAMES RYAN
8/15/2011 - John Griffes
Ken Henderson use to race there and he may have some pictures of the track and of the drivers that raced there he lives in Fremont and has South Side Marine I think the number is 231-924-4510. We went to the Bridgeton Church and after Sunday night service we would go over to the track and watch the races, would be great to see it open again.
4/14/2011 - Robert Clover
If anyone anywhere has any old racing photos with me in them i will pay for them. Most all mine got lost in the flood in 1986. I would be grateful and my family also Thank You Bob clover.
12/30/2010 - Gary Mortensen
My dad, Gordon Mortensen, raced at Whiskey Ridge race track. I have about six pictures of the track, one with him racing. Another picture is a of the panaramtic of the start/finish line. with Whiskey Ridge written on it. I believe these pictures are around 1947, the one with my dad racing was in 1947. Three of the cars in the pictures have numbers of 12, 13 and 25. Maybe someone can relate to these cars. I would be willing to make copies of these pictures for anyone interested for the cost of the pictures and postage.
4/24/2010 - Wendy (Knoll) Ford
My dad was Ken Knoll and he raced at the track for years! My Mom was Ella (Kellogg) and her mom was Mryl (Kempton) - My Grandmother was the oldest of the Kempton children and grew up on the farm at Whiskey Ridge! I have some pictures and memories of the 60's and early 70's watching the races!
Concerts or a reunion would be so much fun! Anyone have any memories of the Dad racing??
6/4/2009 - bob clover
I ran many races at whiskey ridge and also managed it for a time. I am now 83 years old and i am in the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame
2/17/2009 - Walt Kempton
My Grampa purchased the track from Pappy Fisk and of course my dad was raised there. Then my uncle Bill bought all his brother's and sister's out and he owned it. Now it was left to my girl cusin and it is not being used at this time. I have subjusted to my relation to build a stand and have rock concerts there with benches made in the hills........Good money in it..........................
10/14/2007 - Ray Singer
It"s a shame there isn't more about this old raceway. But I don't have any pictures to share, But man that was one of fastest tracks in it"s day. Turn three was a booger it had quite gulley there, if you went off it. In the latter years there was a wall built out of rail road tie's. It was a place where I as youg kid raced. Thank"s for what you do have on your site!

Sincerely Ray Singer
5/14/2007 - Larry Heyns
Don Radbruch of Sagle, Idaho writes the column "A Lesson In History" in National Speedsport News. His article in the 5/9/07 issue is titled "Whiskey Ridge Lived Up To Its Name In Rough, Tumble Times." Radbruch reports that promoter Jack Fiske carved out a race track in 1946 that was more or less an off road circuit, a half-miler with natural obstacles such as hills, gullies and bumps. The oval fit nicely in a little valley. The surrounding hills served as the spectator area. Whiskey Ridge never had a real grandstand. The track was gradually improved and smoothed out and eventually became a fine place to race. Radbruch's list of Whiskey Ridge drivers includes Joe Quinn, Glenn Rockey, Roger Johnson, Dick Peoples and Joe Bisoki. Nobody bothered to keep point standings, so no Champion was ever crowned. The track operated from 1946 until 1960 and , on an intermittent basis, from about 1972 until 1976.
4/1/2004 - Web
Bob Clover of Muskegon started driving race cars at Whiskey Ridge Raceway in 1948. Over the years he has raced a variety of race cars insluding roadsters, jalopies, stock cars, supermodifieds, sprint cars, midgets, and late models.
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - Old Aerial Photo
Old Aerial Photo
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - May 1948
May 1948
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - April 1948 Ad
April 1948 Ad
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - July 1969
July 1969
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - June 1969
June 1969
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - May 1948
May 1948
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - May 1973
May 1973
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - Oct 1969
Oct 1969
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - October 1947 Ad
October 1947 Ad
Whiskey Ridge Raceway (Whiskey Ridge Speedway, Whisky Ridge) - Whiskey Ridge 1951 From Jerry
Whiskey Ridge 1951 From Jerry
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