Clinton Race Track

Address: US-12 and Bartlet/Matthews Hwy
City: Clinton
State: MI
County: Lenawee
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2/29/2012 - Kyle
I believe this track is visible on historicaerials. com. If it was indeed 1/10 mile. search 'bartlett, clinton mi', there is a small oval there in 1963 which is probably the track.
11/5/2008 - Steve B.
I have access to a large collection of old USGS aerial photos. Everyone is correct on the location of the Clinton track. It was at the back of the lot on the aerial shown on this site.
I''ll send the current aerial of the exact location
8/9/2008 - JB
The racetrack was closed before the ''80''s I know that. The Race Track Inn is still in business. It just changed hands 2 years ago. Its a bar and restaurant. No race track behind it. They just paved North of US 12.
The subdivision you speak of hasn''t gotten off the ground yet. Something about the ones doing the improvements violated natural wetlands or something to that affect.
11/15/2006 - JDW
This photo was taken well after the track ceased operation. As you can see, US-12 goes east/west. That's Bartlett Hwy going north of 12 and Mathews Hwy going south. You can make out the building that is/was "The Race Track Inn" at the northwest corner of the intersection. The track was small and was directly behind the bar. The arrow with the question mark next to it is pointing at a subdivision that went in just a few years ago. The Clinton race track closed in the late 50's/early 60's, I think.
11/5/2006 - Larry Heyns
Allen Brown's book America's Speedways lists Clinton Speedway, 1/10th mile dirt oval (1957-58) ran by Clinton Jr. Chamber of Commerce.
11/5/2006 - JDW
Back in the 50's there was a race track outside of Clinton along US 12 at Bartlet/Matthews Hwy. It was behind the bar (The Race Track Inn). It was about 2 miles west of town. Does anyone remember the name of this track? They ran midgets.
Clinton Race Track - 1965 AERIAL
Clinton Race Track - AERIAL
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