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General Information:

This is just a starting point for this entry as it is going to require lots of research. I frequented a Jack-In-The-Box in Farmington as a teenager. It was just off of the Orchard Lake Rd exit of I-696 near 12 mile, pretty close to where a Wendy's sits now. It is long gone as are all of the Michigan-based locations. They are still going in other areas of the country, I have been to quite a few in California for example.

The locations I know about so far are:

  1. Farmington - W 12 Mile Rd
  2. Southgate - Allen Rd
  3. Southgate - Trenton Rd and Pennsylvania
  4. Taylor
  5. Wyandotte

This is going to be challenging as I am finding next to nothing in the newspaper or yearbook archives. They didn't advertise much in either one. The early ads indicate they had an office in Southgate at 15331 Goddard Rd which is now a radiator service shop.

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