Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore MI

Address: 6170 Meldrum Rd
City: New Baltimore
State: MI
Zip: 48023
County: St. Clair
Audio Clip: Vintage Radio Spot
Audio Clip: 1967 Radio Spot
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General Information:

The address is approximate, the old strip is a few feet North of this address.

From Michigan Drag Strip History:

Dave Lyall wa a teen-aged member of the Tappet Tickers in 1956, a Michigan Hot Rod Association-sanctioned Hot Rod Club, The dues paid by club members was used to fund the purchase of sixty acres of land in New Baltimore, in Ira Township. Club members were also required to work at the track site to get it ready for construction. The track finally opened in the summer of 1957, with very primitive facilities, including a pnenumatic timing system. Races were started by a flagman.

The timing clocks were operated with an air hose attached to a hand-held pole under a front tire of the race car, starting the clocks (an official pulling it away from the rear tires after the launch so it would not get damaged) and another air hose crossing each lane of the track at the finish line, which stopped the clocks. Later additional air hoses were added at the finish line to facilitate recording speeds. An official stood at each side of the finish line with a flag. The official in the winner's lane raised his flag to indicate to the officials and spectators which lane was the winner.

At this early date, the strip was called the MHRA Drag Strip. Ads gave its location as Gratiot and 26 Mile Road, but newspaper articles clarified it as being six miles east of Gratiot Road. It was just south of today's Marine City Highway (26 Mile Road) and on the west side of Meldrum Road. At an April 19, 1959 race, Harold Smith of Masillon, Ohio, was top eliminator in his blown Chevy dragster with a 132 MPH and 10.68 ET. Connie Kalitta was second fastest with a 126 MPH, 11.48 second run.

On May 17, 1959, another fast car from Masillon, Ohio, broke the track record. David Pearson, at the wheel of the "Blue Angel" dragster turned 136 MPH. In 1963-64, ads were calling it International Raceway Park, "the racer's drag strip." In 1965, it was named Motor City Dragway, sanctioned by NASCAR. They began running at nights under lights in 1965. On May 20, 1967, Dick Sawallich was killed at the track in a racing accident. It was listed in the January 1969 issue of Hot Rod as a sanctioned NHRA track.

Info Updates:
3/25/2022 - Chuck Marlin
I've been attempting to get pics of Bill Salveta's Screamin Dago 66 Mustang. I've attempted internet searches under his name and that of the car. Can anyone point me in another direction to get a pic? Better yet, I'd love to see pics of many of the local cars in the 65-66 years at Motor City of Detroit Dragway. Anyone have pics to share? Chuck Marlin 248 -894-4727
2/10/2022 - Dale Lacy
Reading some of the comments this one got my attention. James Ellul raced a 1940 Ford in 1970 at MCD. A very good friend of mine bought a 40 Ford in the early to mid seventies. This car was parked at the back of Mt. Clemens Drive-In. We towed the car to my house. He still owns the car to this day, Feb. 2022.. I think this is the same car. If it is let me know. I also raced at MCD 1973-1977. 1966 Nova & 1965 Chevelle. PS James Ellul post is near the top of this page.
1/17/2019 - Chuck Marlin
Thanks for keeping this website up and running first of all. Comments awhile ago talked about historical significance. Long road to hoe, but I'll volunteer time and resources if there is a path. I would appreciate a tour of the old property, and maybe and event and some food and beverages just to invite anyone who may be interested in gathering in 2019 to reminisce. If anyone has the horsepower to make this happen, pun intended, please reach out to me. We could all sign releases just like we did as drivers to be on the property. I'm also interested in gathering pics/videos of the 65 and 66 season. I'm attempting to recreate diecast cars of the Warren Bros GTO's, Wally Booths Trumbull Chevrolet, Screamin Dago Mustang, HoleShot 6 Anglia,. there are already diecast replica's of the Royal Pontiac cars. If you have any pics please reach out to me. I don't even recall the big MoPar guys, but I'd love to have them. Guidelines say I can post my email so contact me at chuck. marlin@gmail. com. I'd also like to toss out an idea. How about a gathering at the Woodward Cruise for any Motor City racers, mechanics, sponsors, fans. ? We might be able to piggy back one of the radio station events if we get a start on this now, maybe even pick up a sponsor. In the alternative the Harper Cruise which is more manageable. I would be delighted to host it as I have a large office and parking lot at 91/2 and Harper. It's a dying era that I would like to say goodbye to in a fashion deserving of it's time and all who contributed to it. Just a few thoughts to provoke some thoughts and memories. Chuck.
6/18/2018 - John bimberg
I enjoyed your story because I used to race at Motor City with friends and New John Bloom very well. I worked at Peerless induction for three years while I was going to college. Peerless induction was on St Aubin in Detroit. MyWife and I also went to numerous events with John. He passed away in 2006. A lot of great memories!.
12/20/2017 - David
It may have been after Gil Kohn but John Bloom owned the Motor City Dragway. After the drag strip John owned a company called Peerless Induction Heat Treat in Detroit and employed a few of the same people.
10/24/2017 - George Foehringer
Motor City Dragway sign on east bound direction of 26 Mile Road near Gratiot Avenue In 1976, when we would drive from Rochester MI to Motor City Dragway, we would take 26 Mile Road. On the south side of the road, somewhere around Gratiot (I think), we would pass a wooden sign advertising the drag strip. I think it showed a drawing of two rails racing horizontally across the sign. It was set off the side of the road in front of a bunch of trees. It measured maybe 5' x 10'. Does anyone have a picture of the sign or know of its origin or demise? Ah, such great memories of history gone by!.
11/3/2016 - The visualtuner
Gilbert Kohn was the owner of Detroit dragway How interesting.
10/16/2016 - Terry
I stumbled upon this site because I was looking up info on both Grand Bend and St. Thomas / Sparta Dragways. That got me thinking of Motor City Dragway and Windsor Dragway. I am 59 yrs old so I don't have driving stories from the 60s other than the awesome memories of my Dad taking me to these strips when I was 8 to about 14 yrs old. My Dad passed away 4 yrs ago and I couldn't find any of the pictures he had taken on those trips. I was raised in Sarnia Ontario. We used to take the Sombra Ferry to go to Motor City. Looking at the pictures reminds me the fact that Motor City Dragway got all the big names. The first time I saw The Little Red Wagon and Hemi Under Glass was at Motor City. I raced Mustangs there from '73 to'76 on a high school students budget. My friends and I would go over with our cars. Some times I did ok most times not so much. It was always fun though. There were always wild cars racing. When my wife and I fly anywhere we take the Sombra Ferry to Marine City to go to Detroit airport. I always get an urge to drive down the road that took you to the strip. I am feeling very good right now. I am thinking of my Dad and how I used to love talking with the racers when I was a kid. I am so glad I stumbled across this site. I will be a regular reader now and will pass it on to my friends. Thankyou.
1/3/2016 - the ghoul
Bob Larivee, Sr. new book Hot Rod Detroit has a great little segment on this track. It seems a shame to me that a bunch of local clubs formed an official association (MHRA) and organized an annual fundraising auto show (auto ramma) to raise the money to build this track only to have it sit and rot. I am currently researching what can be done (with or without the owners cooperation) to get this considered for historical landmark status. Lets face it this site has massive historical significant for the foundation of not only the MHRA but also the reason we have autorama today! Ultimately it will need to be by the owners consent to have it officially declared a historical site, but I would hope upon received word that it qualifies he will see the value of preserving it rather than selling it to developers. I have no delusions about it ever being a functioning dragway again the track is too far gone, the township is too hard to deal with, and the nail in the coffin was some one cutting all the electrical lines in to 3' segments in the winter of 77 78 (the assumption was they were fighting back for the noise). However, it is my goal to have this declared a historical land mark, receive consent from the owner to clean the grounds and hold summer events to fund future upkeep and hopefully build replicas of the 1958era structures (much like how the Packard proving grounds are currently being utilized in Utica). I can think of many car clubs and local organizers that would love to hold their events (show not race) and a historic track such as this. I also know of a lot of heavy equipment owner operators who used to race on this track back when and would love to help. If you would like to contact the current owner register Ira townships website has a property search program on the main page search for Ira Township parcel 23 004 1012 00 or 23 004 2008 000 as of the date writing this, owner is listed as Glibert Kohn of Delray beach FL and date of last name change was 02/26/2015 estimated value of each parcel is $63,500.
7/28/2015 - Chuck Marlin
Still looking to connect with Sid and Dave Warren from the Warren Bros Racing Team. Attempted to connect through the email Dave left without success. If anyone has a direct connection have them call me. 248-894-4727.
3/24/2015 - gary smith
My family worked at MCD in the middle 75-78 Head tech and prestige my wife the tower(et)my kids the crossover booth and clean up. We did manage the track for a short while until rescued by John Broden and wife. we also raced a 68 GTX green.
3/13/2015 - K Smith
Looking for anyone that may have a picture of I assume it would have been called a super gasser called Way Out Willy. I lived across the street from this sweet purple car and its owner when I was a kid on Macarthur in Redford Township West of Beech Between Grand River and 8 mile in the mid 60's until the early 70's. Any help would bring back a smile I will always have when I heard that car being tuned in the summer time as a kid.
1/26/2015 - Jerry
I drove the Rzadko Tire Dodge Poison Dart in mid to late 60'S. Best times we ever had at MCD.
1/18/2015 - Terry
I went to this Dragway every Sunday and enjoy it John was the owner then I believe. I did security and loved it, at times race the track, I went out to the track on 26 mile rd last yr high grass now and miss them days,which was the good old days. I believe these kids today will never have the fun we did back in our days, Just wish I kept my 1968 Charger.
12/26/2014 - George Bozynski
Looking for any pictures of a 1968 Chevy Nova SS from 1968-1972. Teal blue with a black vinyl top.
12/21/2014 - Ron Latine
I was owner/driver of the MID PARK Chrysler Plymouth Injected Funny Car (previously owned by D. Koffel). We finished runner up to the Ron Brothers at a large Funny Car meet at this track. I think it was in 1966/67. It must have been a big race since the Virginian and many other top names were there along with me doing an interview prior to the final race with two magazines. If anyone has any pictures or print from this race I would greatly appreciate hearing from them.
11/17/2014 - Tom Nankervis
Posted on here in 2010 and have new e-mail add. ntb1953@hotmail. com This was a very user friendly drag strip. We always had a great time unless we broke something. The drag strip out here in Az. closed sometime back don't know why. It was Bee Line Dragway, located on Indian land. Sure wish it was still in use. Would love to hear from anyone from the good old days again. Haven't heard from my old race partners in a long time. SAD.
8/25/2014 - Tom Nelson
Looking for any info and pix from 1965 / 66 on Dodge darts that ran there also the D Darts from 66. One that was called Meat Ball #1 Any help will be Appreciated, Thank you.
8/12/2014 - George Nagy
Anyone have any pictures from the races in 1958-60 that aren't posted? I raced my car Raunchy - a 1939 Ford Coupe - started black then painted white. I lost all my pictures in a divorce and would sure like to see any, if possible. Any assistance will be most appreciated. Thanks & God Bless - George Nagy.
8/12/2014 - Paul Torney
Hi, I'm on a committee doing a pictorial history of Ira Township for Arcadia Publishing Co. , we have the history of Motor City Dragway to add but we'll need some original photos to scan at a high resolution. If someone could provide us with a few classic photos of the Drag Strip, especially with the name Motor City Dragway visible. This history would greatly enhance the story of Ira Township and the photos would bring the story to life. We need the photos by September 5, 2014, contact me at paultorney@comcast. net or at 586-725-0766. Thank you for your help and interest.
7/18/2014 - Michelle (Micky)Venticinque Holderbaum
Ahh, Memories!! My Dad, Ronnie (Skuzz) Venticinque, started bringing me here when I was 7 or 8 years old in the late 60's with Al Busch and his son Rick. From here is where my love for fast cars began! My husband and I still race a 79 Olds Cutless which we bought from my dad. He's no longer racing but he's still building motors. I wish Motor City was still in operation so I could show my hubby where it all began for me. I know my dad would love to hear from any and all old racing buddies! He doesn't have a computer but please feel free to leave your number with me and I'll pass it on to him. michelleholderbaum@aol. com He's going to be 72 this October and it'd be an amazing surprise for him. Thank you!.
5/25/2014 - Kerry Sutton
On June 14th we have an event planned called the Seaway Drive-In Experience. It's a drag racing theme movie night at the original Seaway Drive-in property in Algonac. The movie showing will be The Snake & Mongoose and we will also be showing 15 minutes of unseen footage of Motorcity Dragway from 1972 on the big screen. This footage includes cars like Corkys The Janitor, Gregs Toy, Little Hustler, The Mongoose (from Mt Clemens I think) Greg Liedecker and a lot of local guys that were at the track all the time. There will also be classic cars and drag cars on display. For info on the event email seawaydrivrin@gmail. com.
3/21/2014 - Jim Dalian
In the fall of 1957 my friend Gerald Martin I and dragged our brand new 57 Chevvys out there. I don't remember our times. I know I did not like tearing all that rubber off of those new tires so we only did it once.
3/1/2014 - leo beattie
Thsi is for Sarah grandaughter of Tony Lomnitz please contact me at thebeat56@gmail. com.
2/21/2014 - Jim Petty
I was there the day Huston Platt wheeled into the guard rail I have 8mm film I took of that day.
2/17/2014 - Chuck Marlin
Art - my apologies for the reference to Al. Art it is.
2/17/2014 - Chuck Marlin
Thanks Al for the Facebook tip. Not much action on the blog here, so Ill definitely take your advice.
1/5/2014 - Chuck Marlin
I tripped over the site and would like to express my appreciation to the host for keeping the dream(s) of so many drag racers alive. Drag racing was in my mind a fraternity of mechanics, drivers, owners, those that wished they could be, those fortunate factory boys, and of course the fans. There were local greats and those from afar. Too bad the cost of racing and being competitive has gotten away from us. A bygone era for most of us. I do not now and in years gone bye ever found a way to support 300mph Dragsters or Funny Cars who run a little slower. From the mid 50's to the late 70's we had a ball didn't we ? I'll be a s supportive as I can from this point forward, please try and do the same for me. I hope to see you all at a reunion event this summer. I'll be the guy with a big grin on my face with a white tee shirt that on the back asks Has Anyone Seen Linda Vaughn ?, a sunburned nose, and sunglasses in order to see who beat who through the traps at the other end. Having said all of that I could use some help. I grew up turning wrenches with Dave and Sid Warren of the Warren Brothers Racing Team in Fraser, MI. Sid built the car and Dave drove it. Dave taught me how to drive and I will be eternally grateful. Sid taught me patience and discipline. I have not been able to locate either of them via an internet search. If you have any ideas or contact info it would be appreciated. I am also looking for pics (stills or video) of their 1965 and 1966 GTO's called the Cowered and Catnip respectively. Does anyone have an archive or anything they can make available ?. I'm attempting to put a bygone era together and would appreciate any help you could provide. I would be willing to bear the costs of recreating, sending or an outright purchase of what you may have. Some of the contemporaries of the day were Milt Schornack of Royal Pontiac 66 GTO, Booth and Arons 66 396/375 Chevelle, Screamin Dago 65/66 Mustang, HoleShot 6 Anglia and many other fine local racers. If you have any picks/videos from that era please contact me. Or if you know of someone who might, I'd appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Chuck.
12/19/2013 - Randy Ofiara
I am wondering if any body can tell me about a car that possibly ran at Motor City. I am thinking mid 60's to late 70's. It is a 1956 Chevy Bel Air 2 dr sedan. I believe at the time it was painted orange and it had one of those thunder bolt hood scoop. The engine was a 409. The rear wheel wells were cut out also. Does anybody remember who owned it or seeing it there. I 've owned the car now for nearly 25 years now. I have heard from the women that I bought it from that it was built by a father and son from the east side of town. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
9/30/2013 - Mike
looking for old pics of a 55 chevy, that might have had run at motor city. My dad and I bought a 55 chevy bel air hardtop painted white in the early 80's. It had an injected small block with 10% engine set back. On the door under the white paint read mid west auto parts. The car also has a glass front end, stock front suspension, Pontiac rear end with a 617 gear, leaf spring with traction bars. Also torque thrust wheels. We still have the car but it was cut up some more. Aluminum tubs, floor and fire wall. The car might be for sale, or I would like to turn it back to a gasser with its 60's lettering. The car is just 5 miles north of motor city.
9/11/2013 - Dennis
I saw Huston Platts' Camaro wheelstanding. Meynard Rupp was pulling little wheelies in warm ups. Everyone was cheering for him, then Platt stood his car on end in the right lane, hit the guard rail, went airborne over it. It came down on the nose in the grass in front of the stands. The front of the car was gone. A header broke off and some guy ran over (must have been a spectator) and picked it up. Dumb move, burnt hands. I've told this story many times over the years. I always said it was Huston & Otto Platt's Camaro (brother). Platts' car was orange and Rupp's Cougar was lime green. Wonder if the photo is of that race? If so, I was there!.
9/9/2013 -
I got a chance to walk the motor city dragway today & took pictures. What a shame to let this go. Also talk to a couple of neighbors that told me an investor from New York had bought it & because the land is contaminated there letting the soil rejuvenate for posiable farming or building structures. City officials rejected three investors to rebuild the track due to noise & the types of crowd it could posiably bring to the area. Bull crap in my opinion. I'm still doing some research. Have ideas for a few things.
9/5/2013 - dean
I live 5 minuites from the old drag way. Would love to see it open again but looks like a fat chance. If not a drag way something such as a dirt track for four wheelers & other events. We could use something new like this in our area besides the same o, same o not just for adults but kids as well. I want to try to do something for our community such as & I'm sure others would want/like to as well. Any ideas what we could do??? Or who would come together to make something happen. E mail dean73340@yahoo. com.
7/2/2013 - George Privaloff
I heard the track as recently been sold for development. I was really hoping to see it open again. I raced there between 1973 and 85. I ran a stock optional 1972 yellow Heavy Chevy chevelle almost every weekend. I ran against a canadian 66 chevy impala called Sweet Revenge during time trials. they were always close races. I was also fortunate to recieve Racer of the Year award in 1985. I blew an engine in a 1966 chevelle on a time run. I didn't have the money to rebuild and I'am still trying. If anyone has pics of my car or the award ceremony at the starting line, please share them. I ran alone and didn't get any show my kids now.
5/10/2013 - Frank Reynolds
Was at Motor City Dragway once, August of '68 or '69. (Can't remember which year but it would be the same year that the U. A. W. was going to strike against Ford because the tower announcer kept telling us to buy a Ford now due to the upcoming strike. Maybe that can narrow down the year. ) We usually went to Detroit Dragway but there was a great round-robin Funny Car show that night: Ramchargers, Maynard Rupp, Doug Nash (289 short-wheelbase Bronco on nitro), others I can't recall (I was 14 or 15). Recall an inline-6 dragster on nitro (could that be right?) with header flames. I walked the track some time in the 1990s (got in through some gap in the fence) and it was really overgrown with trees, bushes and weeds. Oh, in a recent issue of National Dragster, the NHRA ran some pix of cars running at Motor City dragway.
4/1/2013 - Dennis Wisniewski
Jim Dross, My brother Mike and his partner Larry used to own Willy Do It the 40 Willys Coupe D/A sponsored by High Performance Associates. I remember your T-Bolt running B/A with it's injected motor. Dan Parker was driving an injected Fiat in A/A. I'm searching for pictures of all 3 cars.
3/18/2013 - Jim Dross
In the 60's I drove a 41 Willys then my 64 Ford ThunderBolt. I managed High Performance Associates then went to work for Angelo at Gratiot Auto. Ran an Altered Wheel base 65 Plymouth on nitro up til 95'.
1/16/2013 - Christopher vandenabeele
My dad was a part of the torquers out of Harper woods in the 1950 trying to find anything out that I can about it he can't talk anymore and want to be able to pass this down for him my e mail is christophervandenabeele@yahoo. com any help would mean the world to me I have his window torquers on my wall in my car for him thanks.
12/27/2012 - leo beattie
I am the cousin of Tony Lomnitz. I used to go to Motor City Dragway and work as his gopher when I was 15 years old. His car was a 1965 Mustang with a 289 HiPo engine as he described it. Car was real quick and won it's class many week-ends (C/S) Any one with pictures please contact me. Many great memories of the week-ends I spent at the track.
7/3/2012 - Bill
As mentioned in earlier posts, Ira Township has previously declined all actions related to the dragstrip, real attempts to revive the old track were made several years ago. The strip was scheduled to be open year around with the rumor of snowmobiles drag racing in the winter.
10/16/2011 - Davie D
Hello all, was curious as to the ultimate fate of the property that the dragway is on. I had last heard that Gil stills owns the property and currently resides in Florida. Not that you could ever race there again. but obtaining the property for drag race historic reasons would be interesting. One would have to think the property will come up for sale eventually. Or possibly already has?.
10/15/2011 - John
Herb: My friends Chevy II was aqua in color and it was not a SS. The car is long, long gone and friend went to the big dragstrip in the sky many years ago. Do you believe that a 1966 2dr HT Chevy II base price was $2271. at 2675 lbs, SS was $2430. at 2740 lbs. Bill Grumpy Jenkins gained national prominence in 1966 with his 327-cid, 350-horsepower Chevy II. With the L-79 engine it fell into the same A/S class as the 1966 Dodge and Plymouth 426-cid Street Hemis. Only the Street Hemi driven by Jere Stahl, who held off the Grump in the finals of the 1966 Nationals and World Finals, was quicker.
10/14/2011 - Herb
JOHN NOWAK does your buddy 66 chevy 2 ss l79 car still exist. I purchased one ealier this year that's a wa code chateau slate with tuxedo black top. Bought it first of the year. Guy I bought it from said he bought it from the owner's son 38 yrs. ago. Maybe not same but if so looking for original owner on history and maybe original documentation. Car is getting fully restored to original specs. I bought it in shelby township. If there's a chance maybe same car my email is blueghost810@yahoo. com.
8/23/2011 - George Foehringer
My friend, Chuck Butte, and I explored the old Motor City Drag 'ruins' yesterday (8/21/11). It took 30+ minutes and lots of hard studying of a Google satellite map/picture to figure out where the entrance was to the ol' strip. Things are amazingly overgrown from when I last visited the place around 1980. I'll submit some photos later, but to describe what we saw, the track was so over grown with vegetation and trees encroaching on either side of the track, it looked like a narrow pathway down the entire track. The bottom half of the control tower still stands, though with the caved-in, charred top half resting on it. It is surrounded in such thick undergrowth, that it is difficult to access. It was very sad to see the track like this, but I am very happy it still exists. My friend, Dave Mahr, with his wicked 283 '56 primer Chevy, and my black '68 GTO, use to race at MCD in 1976. I believe we raced on Sundays back then. They would start the race day by playing an instumental (tape) copy of the Star Spangled Banner. A few years later, after the strip closed, I visited it and poked around inside the control tower. In the back of a cupboard, I found a small cardboard box with the description 'Star Spangled Banner' on it. Inside was an 8 mm reel of tape. I didn't have a tape player, so I wondered for many years if that was the song we listened to at the start of each race day. Fast-forward about 15 years, I found a perfectly good reel to reel tape player that someone was throwing out. I grabbed it and took it home. I nervously threaded the tape on it, held my breath, flipped the switch and, YES, the same wonderful song played that had started our race days! Another interesting find back then was the '4/5' white plexiglass staging lane sign that I found and now hangs on my workshop wall. Thanks for such a wonderful website and allowing (almost) forgotten history to be documented!.
7/26/2011 - Larry Yurek
I am now in my 70's, at the time in the late 50-60's i raced many tracks, I worken for Highland Park Hot Rod, on Manchester, off Woodward, drove the 48 ford Anglia Prefect, with 50 ford flat head, 51 Henery J powed with a1953 Desoto Himi, 1957 Ford (Blue Angle) 400hp hard top, our dragster was the Butt Line Special (himi power), and had the honor to drive the Cannibal twin engine drag bike, that beat Bloody Mary most of the time. The Buttline Special raced Kallita, and many other racers, we just did not last long, when Max Lobar owner of Highland Park hot rod passed away, he was bassically our sponser. Still run my Classics, missed the New Baltimore dragway as I called it and missed all those that like to lose there money on Gratiot and 8 mile. (Jupiter's).
7/19/2011 - Rick Spencer
This was the first Drag Strip I ever raced on. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday night race in July of 1966, I had just bought my first car a 1966 Ford Fairlane and it was time to race it. I lived in Wallaceburg ON Canada at the time and went to the U. S. on the ferry at Sombra and across to Marine City. All alone I went and watched and listen until they called my class, I ended up winning a trophy for first place, pretty cool. I will never forget Motor City in New Baltimore, it was an experience I will never forget. Now 45 years later I still love to watch the races but gave up racing last year. Its a great sport and I hope it continues to be.
7/19/2011 - David PIERCE
Its just not the fathers who had memories at Motor City. We kids did too. Hanging out with Dick Ross's kid and John Broden's boys made the Sunday go by so fast. Playing in the cement tubes in the Hot Car pits, Polly wog fishing in the spring in the ditch out front and having the starter stop the racing because we were caught walking down the return lane on the pit side of the track trying to get to the blue bubble houses at the west end of the track. Those cement tubes don't look as big as they did long ago. Also remember the day back in 75 - 76 when the guy rolled car and died when the plexi-glass door window cut his neck.
4/28/2011 - John Nowak
David Martin: There’s one video clip on YouTube called “1960's Nostalgia Drag Racing at Motorcity Dragway in New Baltimore Michigan” and there’s a DVD called “A Day At The Races” which I got from a posting at this site, see posting: 3/7/2008 12:00:00 AM - Bruce Herron. It’s good quality video about 4 minutes long from 1968 and appears to be early spring because the grass isn’t green and people are wearing coats. The last time I was at MCD was 1968 with my 1967 Royal Bobcat Firebird 400. Sold the Firebird in 1969 when I went to Vietnam, came home in 1970 and bought a 1970 Six Pack Cuda. Got rid of the Cuda when my girl friend wanted us to get an apartment and buy some furniture. Today I don’t even remember her name but I’ll never my old cars and all the good times I had at Motor City Dragway. RockandRollBob: 12/20/2010 3:31:18 PM Yes, I delivered newspapers out of the old Conley Street station from 1962 to 1964. I had the paper route on Hasse Street first and then on Moenart, which was the street I lived on. I then got my driver’s license and started delivering pizza for a little mom & pop place called The Home of the Pizza on the corner of 6 Mile and Moenart.
4/26/2011 - larry malski
I put together a 40 DVD,footage from Detroit,Motor city ,Indy66-70. Go to fordflashback. com click on video. I sell Dvd for !0. 00 plus 2 dollars shipping. Better yet,may 21 Detroit Dragway Reunion at Milan Dragway. Daryl Huffman and myself will be displaying over 1,000 photos from 65-72 from Detroit,Motor City and Milan. Will also have 2 DVD's to relive the HISTORY.
3/31/2011 - jim
1/21/2011 - Dan Ostwick
I spent many racedays at IRP. Three of us raced together as Mickey Mouse Engineering. I remember John Bloom and meeting him at his business. I don't remember what it was. any help? One of my friends raced his Corvair. One raceday he cross-threaded a spark plug. We borrowed a 10 foot chain from The Filthy Few. I towed my friend all the way back to Dearborn with my 57 Ford and that chain. What a ride. We returned it to them at their club garage. Real nice bunch of guys. If any you are out there. thanks again. Dan.
1/6/2011 - don wolanchuk
i remember when it was called IRP. international raceway park. no krondeks yet. the flag starter was a guy named skip. from warren woods parts supply john bloom was the owner. gary kohler. who still lives near selfridge at his business. dynamic engine service. was the tech inspector. an all around operations as i recall. who remembers tony lomnitz and billy salveta. 64 mustang racers.
12/20/2010 - RockandRollBob
John, This is really getting interesting I also delivered the newspaper in that neighborhood, The Detroit Times, and the paper station was on Conley street, behind Carl's Meat Market. No, The Filthy Fewmembers had cars from various manufacturer's. The club used to meet at several places, Jack & Jill's Drive-In was one, I think. Some pretty cool cars in that neighborhood as I remember.
12/18/2010 - John
RockandRollBob: I remember the Filthy Few. I delivered the newspaper on Hasse Street in Detroit in 1962-3 and the guy in the corner house of Hasse and Luce on the west side was in that club. He drove a 1963 black Plymouth Sport Fury Golden Commando convertible. I was coming home from somewhere once and was hitchhiking and he picked me up in that car. It was a big deal and I’ll never forget it because knowing any of those car club guys back in the sixties was really cool. Wasn’t the Filthy Few just a Mopar club?.
12/17/2010 - Mike S
Young Bull I recall ran a/b- altered 32 ford coupe with a 392 Hemi and 8 Stromberg carbs. Car has been restored for many years as a beautiful street rod and was in Detroit Autorama 2008. Hard to believe it's the same car but it is.
12/15/2010 - RockandRollBob
Hi Everyone, Does anyone remember the racing team called The Filthy Few? They used to run at Detroit Dragway and Motorcity too. Back in the day, I used to letter their cars with the appropriate classes and names. If memory serves me correct, there was a 63 Black Impala 409 running A/S and several Plymouth Golden Comando's, not to mention a 40 Ford running a 392 Hemi. I wish I still kept that sweet looking T-shirt that everybody wore when they went. Another cool car was a 32 Bantam coupe that had an injected Hemi with 2 Free Press mailboxes that were used for air scoops! That car was named The Young Bull and ran B/Gas, I think. This is a great site and any info or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!.
12/10/2010 - Gary Bogusz
great site even thou I live in Texas now. Does any body know what happen to Dick Jese's chop top GTO funny car The one the driver protruded through the roof I remember seeing it at Motor City Dragway. I remember they even made a model of it. It was bad a_ _ Thanks.
12/3/2010 - Larry Strunk
My dad Dennis Strunk had a blue & gold 1963 Plymouth w/ 426 wedge that he later swapped for a 383. He had alot of trophy's from motor city dragway.
11/10/2010 - Peter Caroselli
I spent a great deal of time a Motor City as a youth. I ran a 49 Ford with a 283 and a 1936 Ford Coupe with a 265 the motor had 2 4 barrel carbs and later hillborn injection. The 36 ran C/G the car's name was Kmotion ran in mid 1960s looking for photos. Pete pecarosel@aol. com.
7/9/2010 - Bob
I was there in 1970, 71 and some of 72. Those times are a bit fuzzy sometimes? I was just a kid walking and jumping the fence or snuck in mostly in the trunk of a 66 green Mustang, six banger three speed. He used to race a yellow 66 Dodge Dart, also a six banger, just about every week. I lived just about three or four miles away then. I am in the process of creating an HO (1/64) scale electric slot car track of Motor City Dragway as best I can from memory and photos you fine folks put up on the net. Pretty cool. Thank you.
6/13/2010 - rick rzepka
Hello Mickey, I dug out the limelight funnycar article. Looks like the owner was Bill Mckesson from dearborn,mi. Car ran 160mph 8.95 in test at motor city dragway fall 1966. Only crew member named in article is 25 year old Rob Holloway of romulus,mi. Article is from rodder/super stock magazine 1966. I email me if you want a copy of article. There are more pics of crew and car
5/11/2010 - dan polovich
hello all. i thought i recieved some info about a motorcity dragway reunion, on may 23 at milan dragway. all i see now is a detroit dragway reunion, on tha same day at milan. can anyone give me more info about a motorcity dragway reunion at milan dragway on may 23? my father was a frequnt visitor at motorcity dragway with several friends, Greg Leidecker, Jim Fry just to name a couple. maybe someone rremembers a rust brown colored 57 chevy delivery , gregs gotha now the shadowmaker, or a fron and rear engine top fuel or top alcohol dragsters of jim fry's. please give any and all info available about a motorcity dragway reunion, that i saw on facebook about a week ago. thanks for any info given. important to dad!
5/9/2010 - Dick Birchmeier
The B-altered red roadster #777 belonged to the Birchmeier Bros. Dick, Dave& Bob,racing against the Matthew Bros. in the mid 60's I think we won!
5/7/2010 - Mickey Hershey
I was looking through the pictures and noticed on of the Lime Light funny car, wondering if any one has more info on the car my dad traveled with them somewhere between 66-69 ?. Asked my mom but she doesn't remember and dads gone.
5/7/2010 - Mickey Hershey
Any one remember the owners name ? I know he"s still around (My father in-law was in a heart rehab class with him) that was a couple of years back. Would love to find him, I like to see his picture collection to get them up on the web before there gone. To every one else Please get them up on the site love to look at them.
4/28/2010 - Mickey Hershey
LOVED this place. Dave Kanners (before he passed) was sharing some old war stories about Motor City.He"d won a championship there back in 69. I use to sell the weekly strip paper on the week-ends while my dad announced. Matter of fact I was born 4/1/62 and was in the tower 4/20/62 ? for opening day,Saw and rode in Mavericks "Little Red Wagon" there. Between Motor City and Tri -City our great state had some of the best there was. You had Kanners,Ron Reader,Paul Mecure (sp?),Mike Fonz,Al Mannard,Sam Gianino,Teddy Bochma,Rick Ellis (Trick T rules!!!!!!!),Danny Elkins and the Elkins Bros Great 62 Nova 1 st Gen Funny Car, of course the "Bounty Hunter" Connie Killita ( Loved the landing of your plane at Tri-City it was awesome ) ,Fast Eddie,Little John,Jim Cornell,Larry Pain,Charlie Owner of Troy Auto Body,Dick Maskin,Booth and Arons,John and Butch Deloren,Ram Chargers ect.ect.ect. Yes Yes I know you can't go back but between Woodward Ave (Street Racing capital of the world !969- we had the station at 14 1/2 and Woodward) and those two Drag strips, growing up then and there was perfect. it was "American Graffiti 2". What was the saying back then "Gas,Ass,or Grass no one rides for free. Michigan Muscle "the originator not imitator". "World" you are welcome for the greatest industry of all time.
4/11/2010 - Tom Nankervis
We used to race seturday night and sundays at good old MCD. I even won a trophy on my mini-bike one time with a time of 22 sec. Think they uses a sundial. My car was a 53 Chevy green 4-door with a 327 4spd. Ran in the high 12s with 7" tires still have a stack of time slips. Would lift the front wheels in first and second gear. My partners were Bill and Dick Maas. Only sponser was a case of Valvoline a month from a neighbor who worked for Valvoline. Now known as "cousin Tom" by the guys at MHRA and started by cousin the best rod builder RUDY and his son Race. Still judge at the worlds best car show AUTORAMA each year at Cobo hall. Before we got together my partners ran a 292 1955 Chev at MCD called the Hustler, followed by a 1966 Poncho 421 called Yankee Hustler. Anybody out there remember me? We ran against a little yellow Simca 4dr called SEE SPOT Run also raced a ton of really great guys from about 1965 to 1969. I sure would like to see an historical marker placed by the state to mark a great landmark at MCD.
4/10/2010 - hg990
were is this drag way? what exit do get off of 94 to get to it? who owns the property? it would so cool if a couple of these drag ways would open back up again
2/12/2010 - Unknown
i sent in a note about ace novaks bike the (hand gernade) in this note i misspelled the word HIGHWAYMEN M/C out of respect please correct this mistake. THANK YOU!
1/29/2010 - Greg Hofmann
A freind of mine went back to the strip a few years ago and took a bunch of pics for a class he was taking at Macomb College. The tower at the starting line was burned, kids went back there and broke a bunch of bottles on the track, and there was a 5 inch diameter tree growing through the blacktop about at the 500 foot mark. I think I'll get with him and see if he can scan the pics and post them. The thing I remember when I went back there about 10 years ago was that the track was so narrow, with no guard rails... just a fence which went south a long time ago. I wouldn't get out of an electric chair to run on something like that again. My car is way faster now... I used to run 14.50 @ 98 with a 65 Plymouth Sport Fury, now I have a Mercury Capri running 8.60 @ 153... a big change.
12/7/2009 - Dennis S.
While scanning this page, I saw where a couple of guys were discussing who was the starter there, and when. All I know is that when I was the PA announcer there in '74, the starter was a bit overweight guy with dark hair and a beard.

I ended up working as announcer purely by chance. I was working security at the spectator gate for a week or two. (Which was really boring, since EVERYONE went into the pits.) When we closed down the gate, I would go down to the starting line area and be there if the needed any help with oil downs, or whatever. A tall African-American guy, I think his name was John, was the General Manager at the time. He was doing the announcing that night, and called me up to the tower and said, "Can you talk?" I said, "Sure I can.", not knowing what he was getting at. Next thing I know is he hands me the mike and takes off out of the tower. Guess they needed him somewhere else.

Later, all of us had gathered in the office, like we always did after the races. John was saying, he had to find an announcer, because he can't run the track and do that too. I asked if he had a chance to hear how I did on the mike. He said, "No, not really." He asked some of the others, how I did. I guess I did pretty good, John said he'd give me another chance next week. It was never discussed again the rest of the year, so I guess I had the job.
11/28/2009 - TODD BORKE
11/28/2009 - randy zack
Anyone know any thing about the syncronizers club they used to race at all the local tracks. My uncle used to race with them and I am hoping to find some old video for him for christmas his name is Will Zack he's a great guy and I would like to find some thing special for him for christmas from me from his old drag race days. Any suggestions would be great
11/10/2009 - merek chertkow
you can never go back. but you can share the experience with your family to keep it alive. merek chertkow. driver ramchargers aa/fd 1966
11/2/2009 - Dan Hawley
I went by mcd on Sunday Nov.1st what a shame.I set my odometer and it was 21 miles from my house in port Huron.then after thinking of the track for a few hours and thought it would be nice to have a reunion,get together,of the guys and gals that used to race or just spectate. I thought maybe get a hold of the owner ask if we could clean a spot at the track or rent a hall to show pictures,movies,or just plain get a chance to see the people you raced with or watched.Just an idea.
10/29/2009 - Robert
Response to Frank's question posted March 17, 2005 (I think): yes there is someone who remembers the "Fugitives" car club in the early 1960s. Yes, most were from Denby except I know a former member from a Catholic school. They had a jacket that was to be worn only at Club functions. The club went bad from some bad elements and got themselves in trouble. Common bond of early members was the Dragway and cars.
10/9/2009 - Unknown
I grew up in the 60's in Fair Haven and loved to get my friends together and go out to the MCD waiting for the day we could all race there after we got our drivers license of course. We had great times with all the funny cars, dragsters racing was cool and we got to see all the national acts! In the 70’s we finally got to race on the track with what we could build. We finally settled on one car and all of us built it, a Mercury Montego with a 428SCJ with tri-power an a 4 speed. We sure spent a lot of time there what great memories! Kids today won’t have that too bad for them.

Item Two: The announcers I believe for this commercial are my uncle Wally Blanton and friend William [Bill] Ennis they both worked for KFJZ in Fort Worth Texas. I remember them cutting one of these commercials there in the studio in 1966 for MCD my dad and I got to watch them tape it. They did this for a local track and they told their friends and in time they did these commercials for about 200 +/- tracks all over the country in a few years after that. Both are now dead from cancer unfortunately. Who ever has these I would greatly appreciate a copy of these no one in the family has any of this and at least I would treasure it. If you look up KFJZ on the net there is stuff around if you like to see more on that.

Item Three: I pitched the idea of a article on MCD to a friend of mine that publishes monthly articles for a few national magazines. He told me to write it and with your help I think we can get it done. I would like to get info on the strip who was there photographs etc to do a full story on it. Any takers? If so I would like to hear from you.
10/9/2009 - Garrett Pierce
Went on a trip over to the area today and I had a tough time even seeing where the track used to be. Everything is so grown over you can't see much of anything but a couple of old light/speaker poles. Judging by the amount of high dollar houses just down the street from it, and the "urban sprawl" that is creeping up on it, I would say this place is off the list of possible tracks that could ever be re-opened. What a shame. I still think a little plaque or some kind of monument needs to mark this place for all it's history. It is an important piece of Michigan Motorsports history that is sadly being eroded by time.
9/9/2009 - Dennis Fetter
8/18/2009 - jay coble
8/10/2009 - Tony Achatz
I was a local boy from Marine City who had a 68 Z 28 never beaten at motorcity. would any one have any pictures?
6/21/2009 - Chris
Looking for any photos of several MHRA weekend regulars at MCD - from about 1953 to 1961.... Gene Haddad, Louie Kohler, Richard Wilt, Connie Kalitta, Doug Kalitta (Sr.), Paul Kemp. Bearingburners/Modifiers, Gratiot Hot Rod Supply. One car was a brown 55 Ford......
3/3/2009 - Steve Fraley
There is a picture of EJ on his bike in the Detroit Dragway section.
2/10/2009 - Steven Fraley
I am looking for pictures of the AA/S 1964 Galaxie 500 sponsored by Bob Ford of Dearborn. NOT the T-Bolt Fairlane.
If I remember correctly it was white with blue or black lettering. Any help would be greatly appreceiated.
I use these pictures to create decals for static models and slot cars and I'd like to be as accurate as possible.
Thank you!
12/28/2008 - mike lewis
Just wondering if anyone knows of some old junkyards around the area that have 1970 and older cars. I just like to look around. I love the old stuff and at the moment im building a 1950s studebaker gasser so please let me know of any info...
12/17/2008 - Steven Fraley
I am looking for pictures of Roger Lindamoods 1965 S/S and A/FX "Color Me Gone" and any other 1965 Dodge Coronet S/S and A/FX cars that raced in the Detroit area.
Funny I've only found a right rear quarter wheelie shot of the 65 Color Me Gone car.
11/23/2008 - Steven Fraley
Well, the good news is that you can build a sound proof dragstrip. The new NHRA track in Charlotte NC is a shining example.
So the noise problem, as I've stated before, can be defeated.

To Susie Koffel: On the left hand side of the page there is link to post a photo under "General Info" almost at the bottom of the list.
I'm still working on the 8mm photo caps. I just can't seem to get them clear enough.
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Drag On.
11/20/2008 - Dave & Susie Koffel
Would like to enclose a picture of Dave Koffel's "Flintstone Flyer" Barracuda Funny car running a match race against Al Joniec's "Bat Car" in 1967. We were part of the NASCAR Gas Funny Car Circuit.
Dave, in his youth, was also a member of the Blue Angels from Massillon, Ohio that is pictured from 1958 in this site.
Great pictures and memories.
How do I go about e-mailing this picture?
Susie Koffel
10/12/2008 - Robert D'Alessandro
In 1971 my uncle bought a 1964 GTO from the neighbor across the street. It had spent most of it's life on the track. He since has restored it to street trim but left the original Motor City Dragway sticker on the vent window. Pretty cool.
10/7/2008 - MarkM
Spent many days and nights in childhood years (60-67) at Motor City as my father was the Track Manager and Promoter. He is still alive and kickin at 80.
Would love to share some of my memorabilia with others and reminisce.
A highlight memory is when Garlits did a test session at track and he let me sit in the SwampRat ( I was 8 or 9 years old )
9/21/2008 - dwight fackender
I have been a member of M.H.R.A. and Motorcity Modified Auto Club since 1953I Ihelped build Motor City when we owned it. All hand labor and a shovel to build the pits. I raced a 1933 Ford 3 window coupe with a chopped top and a flathead in B/gas. I knew Al Dortenzio as he was in our club. The last time i remember being out there was when we had 1/8 mile drags. I guess late 50's. Bob Larivee also had a lot to do with it.
9/15/2008 - Steven Fraley
Pictures people! Post your pictures!!
9/9/2008 - George Ealem
I worked at Detroit Dragway from 1988 until it closed at the end of 1997. Ralph Turgeon was the starter that whole time. Gil Kohn owned both Detroit Dragway and Motor City Dragway. My question to you is what years did you work at Detroit and Motor City?
9/2/2008 - Bob Leverich Jr
I was the one who uploaded the video to youtube, the video was taken with a with a 8mm camera that didnt record sound, My dad used to race injected nitro there (the red dragster that you see the most of) the Leverich & Frye car if anyone remembers or maybe you may remember some faces from the pit shots, don't forget about the high quality option too. I just now made it here to let everyone know I uploaded it but someone beat me to it, I guess I was caught sleeping on the line and my rt was very slow.
8/14/2008 - John Nowak
Go to Youtube and type in Motor City Dragway. Someone loaded old video footage from the 60's on August 8th. No audio, just background music.
6/18/2008 - Bruce Richards
I came across this site today, and it brought back MANY Memories. I lived in Redford Township, on Ivanhoe in the 50s, and was a car nut from about 10 years old. One of my neighbors was Ron Radholf who was President of the Quartemilers Hot Rod Club, and also MHRA.

I learned a lot about cars from him, and went to New Baltimore many times in the late 50s. I never knew it by any other name till recently. I moved from Michigan in 1959, and then went into the Army. I loved looking at the pictures here, and would love to hear from anyone that knew Ron, or knows where he is now. I am Retired now, but am still a car guy. I still go to the local drag strip at least once a month with my week end play car.

Bruce Richards
5/12/2008 - Doug Pentzien
I worked from 1966 until the closing of Detroit Dragway and MCD as a starter and fire crew for any of the fuel shows at both tracks. Contact me as I have numerous photos and memories of all the years and fun times at the tracks.
5/6/2008 - tootsie
It's really a shock to see a picture of the Funny Car - Cougar Country.
Although, the picture doesn't do justice to just how beautiful that Cougar was.

I sat in the stands breathing the sweet smell of nitro-methane fuel/exhaust emitted by the two contestants (I don't remember who the opponent was).
As the light turned green & tires sent their clouds of burning rubber into the air they both did wheelies.
The competitor regained four-tire traction & roared down the 1/4 mile track.
But that's not who we were watching.

Cougar Country accelerated before the front wheels landed. The tires bounced as the vehicle continued to pick up speed. Suddenly, it lost control careening from side-to-side. At over 100 mph it's fiberglas body started breaking apart.

The car edged toward the stands. Pieces of fender & hood flung into the air, landing among the spectators. Traversing the small barrier fence it slammed into the front of the bleachers. Little chunks of Funny Car flying everywhere.

Finally it rolled & flipped & skidded to a stop. Only the frame/cage remained.
To everybody's amazement, the driver (with a little help from rescuers) walked away unharmed.

Thankfully, (to my knowledge) nobody sitting in the stands were injured either.

If I remember correctly, admission was only $4 and parking free.
Best $$$ I ever spent.
4/28/2008 - Steve
I wonder if anyone has approached Connie Kalitta about the track. I know Kalitta air Services makes outrageous profits. Would be nice to see someone like that invest in the area where he started. Just a thought. Steve/Shelby twp.
4/7/2008 - Wild Bill
3/24/2008 - Steve Fraley
Pat, Read the post again, real carefully. :)
3/23/2008 - Patrick LaMontagne
"I will build a new Motorcity Dragway." - Steve Fraley

Did I miss something? Are you serious?

You sound like that guy in East China Twp., by Saint Clair Shores. I think Dan Griffin is his name who wants to start something out there.
3/23/2008 - Erik Fetter
My dad Dennis used to race here before circle track.
I here lots of stories about the old drag tracks,but me being so far from
any tracks ,I only have stories of street racing.
I would love to have stoires about drag racing and a TRACK!!!
I kept hearing about this new race complex tring to get aproved
can I bring my shovel??
ha-ha but anyhow good luck!!!!

p.s. not kidding!!!!
3/2/2008 - Steve Fraley
To Rich
20,000 an acre?!!! Why aren't the farmers selling everything off? Geez, my grandpa used to own practially everything from Church to Meldum road along 26 mile. If he only would have known, he could have been rich!
Funny thing is, the taxes on MCD property are only $644.00 per year on 44 acres. Somehow for property is supposed to be valued at $880,000 dollars it seems it would have a higher tax burden.
Something smells like old fishflys.
But the news is, I will build a new Motorcity Dragway. I'm just checking out if I'll have room for 1/4 or 1/8th drags. Shut down is the big concern. I'm checking on timing systems now and what surface to use. The track will have updated electronics and computer system. But I will recreate the original tower and buildings.
A road course will also be intrigated into the project and if space allows a 1/2 mile roundy round track.
As soon as funds are confirmed construction will start. And, I do not have any resistance from the township. No sound problems, and no effect on the current enviroment either.
I'm planning a race schedule every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until 10 pm with test and tune on Thursdays until 8:00. Bracket racing and class racing, the track will be independent with no sanction body.You'll be allowed run either 1/32 or 1/24 cars. :)
2/17/2008 - Scott Schroeder
As I stated in a post a few years ago, I had some great times at MCD back in the 70's. I hope someone can do something to save the old facility before it is gone forever.

While re-opening it as a functioning drag strip may be impossible I always thought it would be a fantastic place for a Detroit area drag racing museum. With the right people involved the facility could be restored as part of a museum complex that could showcase the evolution of Detroit area organized drag racing and the history of cruising Gratiot and Woodward.

I've had a picture in my mind of the museum building being built so the staging and starting area of the track is actually in the building with the track continuing on through a window wall. This museum could also include the history of Detroit Dragway as well. It seems like something Connie and Shirley could even be part of as a personal museum.

Just my thoughts,
2/11/2008 - Donn
Selfridge? Doubtful. The ANG won't even allow part of the base to be used as a civilian airport. Besides, the area surrounding the base is a suburb now. The locals complain about the occasional jet noise. Drag racing two or three nights a week? Never happen.
2/11/2008 - Nelson
Has anyone ever tried to speak to the Selfridge Air National Guard (ANG) people. As I recall, the Topeka, Kansas NHRA track was built on land that was part of a down sized Air Force Base. There is still an ANG base on part of the property along with a road course race track. It's worth a try and the city or township would have less of a say on what gets put on the base. Selfridge would be an ideal location.
2/7/2008 - Patrick
That's not a bad idea; move it up the road a bit so it's not right by peoples' houses. If Motor City Dragway was opened up again, even if it were not in the same exact location, I'd DEFINITELY be a customer very often and so would me buddies!!!
2/4/2008 - Mike S
I was in a small way involved in the late 80's attept to buy and reopen the track.At that time we had Nhra,funding and Gil Kohn on board.It was not Gil that stopped the deal,it was the township.( see my early posts) Shortsighted and foolishness on their part ended any chance of the track reopening.It is my contention that a sight sightly north or northwest of the track could be found and bought without all the hassles dealing with the township.

I understand why they were against the track but the area is never going to grow like other parts of SE Mich have.Moreover with the economic conditions in the state it is important for any investors to move now.The area could really use an influx of money that a first class Motorplex (not just a drag strip) could bring.It's always about the money and this area needs it badly as does the state.I think that local governments in that area may at this time be open to hearing a professional proposal from investors.

The state may even help if properly approached.There is not much going on in that area and hasn't been for a long time. One important fact is that the track must be in short distance to the interstate.(I-94 in this case). Just my 2 cents..........Mike
2/4/2008 - Rich
2/3/2008 - Steve Fraley
I've been in touch with possible investors. #1 problem is NOBODY will touch this place as long as Gil Kohn has ANYTHING to do with it. The property must be bought from him free and clear. Then there is a chance of a spark.
Seems he ticked off quite a few people during his reign in the racing bizz.
Mr. Kohn must not be interested in selling. His taxes are dirt cheap for the 40 odd acres. It's worth more to him to do nothing with it.
He doesn't answer any of my letters I've sent for an asking price.
By land prices up north, I'm guessing about $40-60,000 for a down stroke and then the cost of resurrection which would depend on what your doing with it. Does anyone or any group have that kind of funding for such a gamble? And by gamble I mean twp approval. DNR approval. We don't want to bother the Leapord frogs habitat now do we.
On the side of "historic" value, do you really think Grabbin' Granholm would allow funding?
If Kohn would donate the land lock,stock and barrel to a group like the MHRA or NHRA, for a tidy tax write off, that would go a long way to getting started.
2/1/2008 - scott dortenzio
i have noticed that alot of posts are from people who ran at the track my father raced and ran the place for a while his name was al dortenzio just wondering if anyone knew him or might have some stories .he passed when i was 18 so never really got to know him,would like to hear something good or brothers and sisters would like to hear also thankyou
1/27/2008 - Art Thibault
also has anybody asked the m.h.r.a for help??they did build and own the track in the late 50,s.and alot of the original members are still do i know?i,ve been a member for over 25 years.somebody has got to have a plan and set it forward first then things could start falling into place.first hurdle is trying to get china twp to approve it.
1/27/2008 - Art Thibault
like i said before i heard gil kohn still own property.also i heard the state is paying him a agricultural grant not to do anything with it.your tax dollars hard at work!!!good luck!!!first somebody needs to find out if the owner is willing to get anybody interested in in doing anything with it.then go from their.yes the place should be made into some kind of state history marker or something.but getting the state to realize the history of this place is another story.look at the packard proving grounds.instead of this being the motor city its more like the import city.people just let it all go way for the japanese crap.and people just keep on buying them.maybe if people would be more loyal to American manufactures they could get some help from gm,ford Chrysler and they might get on board too.when nhra started letting Toyota body funnycars run its all over.yes they build Toyotas her but where does the money go.not in the united states.c,mon people lets get this going and start making this state like it used to be!but everyone has to be willing to help.we need to bring back the track!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/10/2008 - Don Sioma
Rick ...Thanks for the complement about the pictures of the Ramchargers. I still have more old slides that I have to download. I wish I also had the sound. Those were some great times and good memories.
1/8/2008 - Russ Emmons
I just sent a pic to the webmaster here of the MCD property I took in August 2007. The pic was taken from Meldrum Rd. I believe the 2 track shown is the south edge of the property. The rest of the MCD property along Meldrum is mostly overgrown along the ditch line with thickets, shrubs and saplings so there is limited visibility now into the property from the road especially when the leafs are out.
Like others here have said, I too would like to see this place again in action!

Along Arnold Rd. east from County Line Rd. is now the huge new Anchor Bay High School complex, said to be the largest High School in MI. All along Marine City Highway (26 Mile) are now industrial shops, strip malls, used car lots, trailer parks, and of course as mentioned the new huge Meijer Shopping Mall complex. There are though few new houses adjacent or near the MCD site, just the old farms. As mentioned by someone, there has been no agriculture use of this property.

As I mentioned on my previous posting of March 7, 07, we live less then 4 miles from the site and I would be happy to send email photos of the present day property if anyone so desires. Russ Emmons, Casco Twp.
1/3/2008 - rick rzepka
awesome pics don sioma! love the ramchargers coming off the line lifting the left wheel....killer! wish it had the sound we have to treasure these photos as the days of motor city are gone forever.
1/2/2008 - Randy
Well as I was reading all the other posts on WaterWinterWonderland for the speedways and dragstrips, I thought there was one appropriate headline from an article about states "A DREAM BECOMES A REALITY" so maybe there is hope for something to be understand, this article was about MIS and had big $ backing from Mr. Penske. But I like how the headline reads...and if there was only the $ backing from someone like Mr. Penske.
1/2/2008 - Randy
Garrett, very good points...I think the biggest hurdle is that the property (as like Detroit Dragway) is privately owned. So the first thing is to get the property owners on board. That in itself, I think is a challenge.

BUT it would be nice for at least some sort of signage to be posted marking a historical area. Odd how there is not some retired racer to take the lead on something as this.
12/31/2007 - Garrett Pierce
As a vintage drag race fan, I frequent this site often and I am always amazed by all the people who want to try and re open this and other old facilities like it (Onondaga,Tri-City, ect.). While I would love to see something like that happen, the odds are very small because gaining the public's sentiment for issues like this is like trying to start a fire without matches; you might get lucky but don't bet on it.

What I can't believe is how many people don't understand what a significant piece of history this facility and others like it are to those of us who love motorsports; this is holy ground for us gearheads. Some pretty significant events in motorsports history took place here. We must remember that this track was founded by LEGENDS like Connie Kalitta and others without whom there would be no track in the first place. Let's be honest; if this were some building like Tiger Stadium, you would see a large effort such as the one there was in that instance to preserve the stadium because of all it's history.

Tracks like this are just as significant to fans of Drag Racing as Tiger Stadium is to baseballers. Yet no one seems to be trying to save this thing even though it has basically been sitting around for nearly 30 years with nothing going on there. I don't know if there were NHRA National Events held there, but there were DEFINATELY some held at Detroit and look what happened to it. It seems to me if we want to save this piece of history, the time to act IS NOW!

Form committees, alert your local government and GET IT DONE before it is gone too.I wonder if we could get a place like this regested with the goverment as a historic landmark? That would maybe preserve it for prosperity,for a while wouldn't it? It sure would be neat if we could save this place if for no other reason than to hold Cackle fests and car shows.
12/23/2007 - Jay Hicks
I raced a '57 Ford 292 CI at MC Dragway. I was an also ran.
I remember a motorcycle called "the Cannibal" that was top eliminator a few times before it was finally beat by an Austin Healy with a lot of added muscle.
12/15/2007 - Mike Nunnally
It was great finding this site and reliving memories of the time and the area.
I was born in Mt. Clemens and spent a good part my wild (so I've been told)youth in Macomb county. I raced at Motor City twice, I used to race Sports cars and after rebuilding my engine I would take my car to Motor City to try out. If any one has pictures of my car it would be great to see them, it was a
1961 Fiat Abarth, the car was a 2 door and looked like a minature 48 Ford with number 44 on the side. I remember I going into a class by myself and winning trophies, one time I went to a elimination round against a 1968 Pontiac and beat him off the line, but he passed in just a few feet (After the shock wore off). I remember me and the car was a real crowd pleaser. After I left to go to Arizona in 1968, I sold my car to a friend who used as an Ice fishing shanty shuttle in Algonac and it lays on the bottom of the Bay.
12/1/2007 - RON GARZA
Marie, the car was the Green Monster,it was a jet car driven by Art Arfons ,I seen it run at Lapeer a few times in the 70's it would run 285 mph.back in thoes days. real good show
10/27/2007 - Steve Fraley
One thing that really sticks in my memory of the "Mystery Mover" was the flames belching out of the back when the driver would rev up the motor. I don't know if that was supposed to happen but as a boy it was "cool".

Was this named after the "Scooby Do" Mystery Van?

I know there was a contest that my brother entered to guess what type of engine was in the van whenever it came to MCD. Hence, the "mystery" part of the name.

Does anyone remember the '48 Anglia that did a bumper scrapeing wheelie, came down with the wheels turned and then did a few barrel rolls, and the driver got out ran back up the track and picked up his shoes!

I know it wasn't Pappy Ellis but it was a dark colored car.
10/25/2007 - Bill Layton
Hello, was wanting to know if anyone out there knew the whereabouts of the Mystery Mover Wheelstander. Corvair Van built by my Father Jack Layton. Any pictures or leads appreciated. It was driven by Bob Ries from Howell Michigan and did full length wheelies against the best wheelstanders of their time. Little Red Wagon, Hurst Hemi Underglass, LA Dart and more.


Bill Layton 517-861-7308
10/8/2007 - Steve Fraley
OMG! Marie! What, something like thirty five years!!?? One of my e-mails is listed in a 7-07 message, use that and we'll catch up. Grandpa's friend was Andy Findel. The car your probably thinking of is the Green Monster jet car. Do a google search and there is a fan site. Little John is drag racing up here and was doing pretty well.

Great to hear from you!
10/8/2007 - Marie (Williams) Fish
Steve, I have all of Mom and Dad's old photos, I'll check and see if I have any, and get them posted.
10/7/2007 - Marie (Williams) Fish
To Steve Fraley; Hi Cuz, fancy meeting you here. We left the house on the corner in '67 or '68. I think I was about 3 or 4, but I remember playing outside and hearing the Drag Strip. At that age sometimes I thought it was scary. One car has stuck in my mind all these years and I have been trying to find a picture of it because I was too little to go to the track, I'd love to put a picture with the sound. I believe it was called the "Green Hornet" or the "Green Monster" something like that any way. I guess it could be the "UFO" you have been talking about, but I don't think so. One more question, Grandpa's (john G. Williams) best friend lived near them. I remember his name was Andy, do you or your mom remember his last name?
10/7/2007 - Steve Fraley
Bruton Smith is the guy to have on your side if your planning on building a dragstrip!

After breaking ground to build a dragstrip on his Lowes Motor Speedway property the local zoning board rezoned the area so he COULD NOT put a dragstrip on his property. Who says you own land.

So he's looking for a new location to move the speedway to! The track is 40 years old so it's probably wouldn't hurt to haver a rebuild anywho.

But think of this! A track that brings Millions into the local community gone! All because of some stoneheads that don't want a dragstrip on a race tracks property!!

9/28/2007 - GJ Rusch
+Still proudly display 3 trophys won at the Motor City Dragway with a green 67 Mustang

convertable. Drove to track from Roseville with neighborhood friends who had racing type vehicles. Raced only on Trophy Night. Won Class Trophy on September 6, 1970 (M Automatic class); July 25, 1971 (KA2 class) and 35 years ago today on September 24, 1972 (KA2).

Was a cool promotion. Still proudly display all 3 trophys on the fireplace mantle.

Milan Dragway is a good choice when the mood strikes. Racing is still a blast and therapy too.

It is great to be in the Motor City area where so many people support very fine car cruise/show events. We can go do our 'thing, meet people, have a good time, for even more memories.

9/20/2007 - Randy
TO Mr. Dangerous...I guess the thinking on that would be the prison is funded by the State/County and a dragway would be funded by a private source/owner. So the state cannot raise any taxes to fund a track, but they can to fund a prison.

Just my 'quick' opinion...I agree, I would take a dragstrip making noise over having to worry 1, 2, 3 or 5 years down the road that there could be a possible encounter with an escaped convict intruding into my home.

But all this is hypeathetical...there is that chance of nothing ever happening...right?

9/18/2007 - MrDangerous
You know whats funny? We all know its all because of the Noise. and yes, I would agree if Konnie or Shirely applied to build a new track it would be approved......but anyways, we cant have a Drag Strip but we can have a Prison built and its okay. Property Value has since gone down and most locals are scared of an escape. so lets review this.....noise vs escape. Ill take the noise, it wont affect my property value
8/31/2007 - Ron Gross
Paul your post on 7/24/2007 (In 1984, an investor attempted to reopen this track....) sounds EXACTLY like what happened at Onondaga Dragway. I was at the Onondaga township meetings and hear all the same complaints from the clueless neighbors. Did you maybe make your post on the wrong track?
8/30/2007 - Dave Gray
Alex is right AT Lapeer Dragway they won't put up with that stuff. One time when i was there some people had that dirty rap music blasting on their radio as loud as it would go,,Ed told them to shut it off and they kept playing it,he threw them right out the gate.That is the way it should be.
8/27/2007 - Randy
KUDO's to Lapeer personnel for taking that action...I cannot believe some people would even think of wearing something like that to a family/public event(and I know all about the freedom of speach deal)

Good going LAPEER DRAGWAY!!!
8/22/2007 - Alex KERN
Steve, you are right about all the smut that is pictured at the Dragstrips.Last year when i was at a race at Lapeer Dragway there was a guy wearing a t shirt that said something on it about go get fu***d ,the owner seen it and told the guy he had three choices,he could take the shirt off,turn it inside out,or leave now. That there was family's here and he would not tolerate this stuff.The guy turned his shirt inside out. I thanked him for not letting him get away with wearing something like that. Alex.
8/20/2007 - ricbee
Dennis: I just picked up the current issue of 'Hot Rod' magazine,and the 'blue racer' is featured in the 'barn finds' feature.
7/30/2007 - Randy
Steve...that NOPI thing is running is the drag racing for the tuner crowd and that is the kids with mama n daddy's $$$. So of coarse Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc. are going to buy into this and as good ole corperate Amercia goes...if there is enough money, they will promote it. Sad but true. If it was like back in the day when Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, Pontiac, Ford, etc backed teams to race on Sunday (and not the extreme version of drag cars, just good ole Stockers), we would be seeing those commercials. I am not about the tuner scene and drag racing to me is done with Amercian made steel built by Amercian's (American citizen's) the U.S.A.
7/26/2007 - Steve Fraley
Here's an interesting bit. I was sittin around with a buddy watchin' ESPN2. Something to do with NASCAR, he's into that so I let him watch it. While discussing what Junior was going to do, that stupid NHRA Stylefest or something like that came on. What a blow to drag racing this show is! The car owners look like greasy tatooed gang bangers, girls running around(bouncing around) 2/3d's naked shaken their butts and bouncing for screaming crowds, like a strip joint. No pun intended. Stupid "hip" commentators. Some broad named Crash?!! This is tv exposure of a family sport? My buddy ground my nose into that! Little jap cars buzzing down the strip. The "new" drag racing? No wonder tracks are closing left and right. How are you supposed to get local approval for a track when ESPN and NHRA allow such CRAP at the tracks! How do you counter such a contradictory display when your trying to tell the local people how wholesome and family oriented drag racing is supposed to be. Yeah, thanks NHRA you just threw our battle back 40 years.
7/25/2007 - Nelson
The only way you will get a dragway in the near Detroit-Metro area is to have a guy like Roger Penske, Connie Kalitta, or Bill Davidson come in with deep pockets to build a class act, national event facility. They would have the best chance to sell the idea to a small township. I don't see the "traffic" as being an argument not to resurrect the old Motor City Dragway. They are currently building a huge Meier Thrifty Acre on 26 mile and I'll guarantee a Lowe's, Home Depot, or Wal-mart will soon follow. The only place I think you could get a drag strip in the area is to build it in an unused area of the Selfridge Air National Guard base. This way you are dealing with the Federal Government who can over rule the local government. I was to a dragstrip in Topeka, Kansas who did the very same thing and it worked out well for the people of Topeka.
7/24/2007 - Paul
In 1984, an investor attempted to reopen this track. Me and several friends from my high school attended the township board meeting in support. The local opposition was fierce and in the end, the proposal was denied. If the parcel had been zoned industrial, it would have reopened, but with the lack of local support, the request to rezone was denied. The most common issue from the local opposition was the traffic, people street racing, as well as bringing in a 'bad element' and drug use. Before the track closed 1978 , it became very seedy, which didn't help the cause. The track still exits today, but it's so badly deteriorated, it's barely recognizable.
7/22/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Last night I saw the Friends of Dennis Wilson playing at the Fourth Street Fair in Detroit. The lead singer who is about 25 was wearing a Motor City Dragway speed capital of the mid west T shirt. Detroit deserves and needs an oval/dragstrip/road course.
7/17/2007 - Steve Fraley
Does anyone have a copy recording of the MCD advertisement Ba Ba Ra Ra Cu Cu Da Da? If I remember right it was a promo for Ronnie Sox's A/FX Cuda in a match race or maybe Hursts' Hemi Under Glass. Maybe while you were using your reel to reel tape recorder getting the Beatles or Jan and Dean or maybe the Beach Boys you accidently got the ad off CKLW?
7/12/2007 - ALEX KERN
Steve, I remember back in the 70"s that UFO car running a lot at Lapeer Dragway. I was there every week. I will check my old pictures and see if i can find any.
7/10/2007 - Steve Fraley
Doesn't anyone else have pictures to submit? This was the best times for detroit iron. These cars from the 30's to the early 70's were beautiful works of art. Especailly the mid to late 50's and through the 60's. Today I can not tell you one thing from the other thing driving down the road. They all look like chicken eggs layed in a high wind to me. So dig around in the basement and attic for some pics from your days at MCD. Thanks everyone that helped me out with my UFO picture request!
7/5/2007 - Randy
Steve, Bravo on the pix...those are awesome... Well here's an idea, don't know how well it would fly and the first part would be "who's going to fund the track IF there is a potential" but what about a petition of some sort to - back the track reopening? Can't tell me there isn't people out there that would not sign this...and who knows who might jump on board (get the right political figure(s) that wants votes that see's how many people want this part of history back) and you never know. Of coarse there would have to be a proposal and plan in place with the right backing. BUT again this is just an idea for a small piece of the puzzle....and I know this all would take a lot of energy and time, but using the Detroit Grand Prix as an example, once it left Belle Isle who'd thought it would ever be coming back. Just need those key people... I won't throw out any names, but I know there have got to be some big name Michigan Drag racers that would back this somehow (I'd hope anyway). (and on a side note-I did run at MCD in the 70's nothing ground shaking, but still raced there)
7/5/2007 - Steve Fraley
Thanks Jack, we used to have oodles of pics. I'm trying to get some good captures off from 8mm movie film, it's a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I loved watching Tom's Nasty Torquer 62 Galaxie. That baby screamed! That car influenced me even to today as I own two 64 Galaxie 500s one a street car and one a drag car that emulates the 60's gassers like TNT's 62.
7/5/2007 - Steve Fraley
According to some of the messages on the board it was because of a combination of lack of racer support and fish flies! My theory is this, it's zoned as agriculture. The government pays you not to grow crops. (wonderful eh?) The owner, gets big bucks for NOTHING!! It makes great business sense. No track bills, no employees, no racer headaches ect! Trump does it, Turner does it and the corporate farms do it. I don't know how much acreage is there but money for nothing, can't beat it! As long as it pays the taxes and a bit in the pocket it's profit. Just a theory though.
7/4/2007 - Ron Gross
They tried to reopen the long-closed US30 Dragway in Indiana recently, but couldn't overcome the opposition. MCD would face the same opposition from the narrow-minded "not in my backyard" set. I'd love to see MCD reopen, but I can't see it happening. It would need some big time support to make it happen. If the NHRA was interested in coming here, maybe. But they aren't....our "Michigan" national event is now in Norwalk Ohio. Having someone in Lansing who actually cares about tourism and bringing new business to the state would help too, but that's not going to happen. Sad to say, but there's far too many obstacles my friends. I admire those who remain hopeful though! So, WHY did it close!?
7/2/2007 - Kevin
Pardon me STEVE but I was wondering myself if you have any valid information on the current owners location or the where abouts of the owners of the MOTOR CITY DRAGWAY,incorporation????I have made many different attempts in the past few Day's to find this out on my own and have just stumbled into this forum....Also if could please inform me as to why the Track closed and why it seems to not be re opened you seem to have a vast knowledge of this track..Not to pull punches but I'm interested in restoring it to it's original design and condition..along with some more updated items...The Tower is a must be there item and the advertisement boards as well..The round metal lights along the track..I have a strong desire to see it live again so please please e-mail me any information that may be helpful...IRA TOWNSHIP claims it is ZONED FOR AGRICULTURE..BUT YET THERE IS NO CORN SINCE 1983...OR SMOKING TIRES....Metro Detroit has lost alot of it's ICONS and yet they brag about revitalizing DETROIT so let's do it ALL OUT I SAY.....
6/28/2007 - Steve Fraley
Chris, I don't remember. My mom's not sure. We knew the Koloffs somewhat, and my brothers best bud at the time was a guy named Tommy Tenyer on Arnold road down by the school. And my bud was a freckled face, red haired kid named Alan James. I had a big crush on his mom, Judy. :) They lived on Meldrum past Arnold road if I remember right. North from Fair Haven. I was just a little shaver running around with my cousins. All I cared about was riding my pedal bike, BB guns, drag racing and collecting "Weird Dohs" and model cars. My uncle Floyd Williams lived on the corner of Meldrum and 26 mile and my Grandpa, John Williams lived on 26 mile rd toward Church rd. Both have passed away. My brother used to sneak my moms 56 Pontiac out to MCD, he painted "Telstar II" on the rear quarters. That car had the hi po 316 package! We moved north in Oct 68. We were told our old ranch house on 26 mile burned down soon after we left. Funny thing too, we we're told that MCD was turned into a mobile home park with the dragstrip being the main road with trailer houses lining both sides. Guess that was wrong! Mid-Michigan Motorplex is a great place to race and they have NHRA division 3 series every year. I thing they just had the meet this past weekend. They used to have IHRA Northern Nationals but switched back to NHRA after US 131 got the Nats. I saw my first 6 second 200 mph run at MCD and my first 4 sec 300 mph at Mid Michigan. Don Garlits gave me the 6/200 and Blaine Johnson gave me the 4/300. I really doubt MCD will ever reopen. It's a shame it ever closed but if Detroit Dragway can't stay open with a larger population how could MCD. Like the man says, use it or lose it. Steve
6/28/2007 - Chris Wilt
Steve Fraley, We lived on Meldrum, a couple houses south of Arnold Road. Did you know the Cummins family across the street from MCD? Or the Borke's down off Arnold? It would be an injustice to try to reopen MCD. I say let it be. Someone needs to open an NHRA Supertrack somewhere farther south. It's a shame Michigan doesn't have a big NHRA facility. Had some great times there at that little track though.
6/27/2007 - Steve Fraley
Sorry, I'm not just a fan. I was involved in the process to reopen Northern Michigan Dragway in the late 80's and I have owned a few businesses. I have to mention that the Ledfords were great with their help and support and I hope NMD continues to grow. Many business's in the NMD area now have customers spending money in the area that otherwise wouldn't be spent. Gas stations, restaurants, machine shops, parts stores .....ect. I see the "big picture". While polling spectators soon after reopening NMD, I asked anyone, racer or fan, what draws them to the race track and almost to the person they would mention the sound. I've seen 7 sec muffled cars they weren't that quiet. But they just didn't have the excitement either. I was raised with Motor City Dragway practically in my backyard. I've raced on and off for over 30 years. Noise is a political excuse. Period. It's an easy wedge for the "green anti's" to use. The noise issue can be countered on every level if someone were really serious. A business venture will go to the cheapest place to build with the least resistance rather than spend money to appease the local politics. I don't think telling a board that cars would have mufflers would change their minds at all. Heck, even electric cars would make too much "wind" noise. I wonder if someone tried to put up a NASCAR track where MCD is, if they would have such a rebuke. Probably not, due to the positive publicity that NASCAR does. It's a conspiracy man, to keep the innovator's and free thinkers under "their" control, man. "They" don't want us to gather where we can express ourselves, man. LOL!!!
6/26/2007 - Dave Gray
Your dead wrong boys.Noise is the big issue.If dragstrips were as quiet as golf courses,we would have them all over the place. Kurt is right on the mark,he has first hand experience and knows what the facts are.You boys are race fans and can't see the big picture. No noise no problems with neighbors. Can't N. H.R.A. and I.H.R.A. see the light that a muffler could solve the problem , or is it like Kurt said they just don't care. Dave
6/25/2007 - Randy
I agree about noise not being an issue, but I am sure the county / community officals would use that as another nail (look at when Neederlanders wanted to do a Motor City Speedway at the Michigan State Fair Grounds) in the coffin...this also sounds too fimilar like the situation with Thunder Road Raceway also in Cass City. They had new track owners that wanted to rebuild the track and re-open it...the city, county and community shut the door with rezoning laws to stop the forward motion. This was just last year. It is the closed minded officals that do not think outside the box. What a shame, as there can be $$$ to be made for all (city businesses, new employment, etc.) but no one in the city organization wants change or to benifit the community. We all know that the drag racing (as well as stock car racing) has come a long way from the 'leather jacket clad' crowd. Auto racing has become more of a family sport to attend AND participate in. Heck, I wish there were Jr. Drags when I was growing up. It is a shame that the state that has a city titled "the MOTOR CITY" being Detroit, does not have any kind of track near the boundries. It is sad that I have to drive an "hour +" just to get to a track whether it be drag or stock car...guess the new Motor City is in N. Carolina, even Detroit Speed & Engineering moved there.
6/24/2007 - Steve Fraley
In regards to reopening MCD, however remote, the noise wouldn't be an issue in this area. By the satellite photos it's amazingly sparse in regards to residences. Also there is a motorcycle race track right across the road from the old track. Nothing is more annoying than the sound of a two stroke on the pipe. :) At least that what my neighbors used to yell at me. :) With the advances in sound control and if put into use the track could co-exist with the home owners in that area. Example, Northern Michigan Dragway is located in a wooded area. Trees on the east and north and less dense woods surrounding the rest, other than what has been cut for pit area ect. You will have an awfully hard time hearing the cars 1/4 or even 1/8 mile away. And if there were berms surrounding the track to force the sound upward it would disperse the sound even further. Also, you could have curfews, no Sunday racing, Sat night racing if you have to run a night race, which by the way is a big spectator night. Let the locals, what there is, in for free. Ask them to be involved, hire them ect. And above all, a STRONG security presence to keep the track a family friendly experience. Bottom line is if there is an open mind in the local government, there is no real reason not to reopen MCD if someone put up the money and resurrected it to be residential friendly. Or for that matter to open a track anywhere. The biggie is getting local support. That would take a campaign to show that your track would not be a threat to the community. Also I don't believe that race mufflers are any issue on a properly tuned car and that's why NHRA and IHRA haven't really pushed them since the late 90's.
6/22/2007 - KURT MARTIN
6/21/2007 - Steven Fraley
Unfortunatly it's the close minds of township leaders that actually fight against what would be a benefit to the community. It's this way in many parts of the state/country. Oceola county had a chance to have the Midwests premier national event dragstrip. If I remember his name was Burton Smith, he wanted to build a "state of the art" dragstrip on an unused airport that used to be used for private planes of a local company. This is out in the middle of nowhere. Sound berms were planned and the proposed track looked a lot like Route 66 in Chicago. He bent over backwards to appease the local supers. But they were still believing in the leather jacket troublemaker stigma. I went to one of the meetings and these people had no idea what this would do for the local economy and they didn't care either!!! Now the freeway goes around the little town and it's dieing, the streets are lined with closed businesses. But by goodness they don't have those dragstrip thugs running around their town! It sad that people in power are so arrogant. The only thing left to do is vote them out and support people that are really interested in the public needs.
5/22/2007 - Steve Fraley
Oh Boy! My family used to own the land from Church Rd to Meldrum along 26 mile rd in the 50's and 60's. My uncle lived on the corner of Meldrum and 26 and my Grandpa lived near the corner of Church Rd and 26 and we lived right in the middle. Next to Golders truckng. Now there looks to be a junk yard where my grandpa house used to be, our house is gone and looks like a storage area and my uncles place looks to be a drum storage or something and the pond is gone too. We saw everybody, Garlits, Ivo, Lindemood, Arfons, Maverick, The Professor, you name 'em we saw them. We used to call Kalitta "Wild eye" and he would chase us out of his pit! Garlits sat me in Swamp Rat VI on the starting line during some down time! Detroit test cars, first run drag cars, test run drag cars ect. It was like having a pass to something really special. I can't even begin to add up the miles my cousins and I put on our bikes riding up and down that strip during the week. Plus all the time there during the races. We moved north in 68 to get away from the riots and the Rock and Roll "sphere" nearby although I haven't been back my brother went down in 72-73. We had boxes of pic's and film but most of it disappeared during our move so we only have a pitence of what we had. Once I figure out how to post a pic I'll put some up.
4/25/2007 - art t
i heard the same guy gil kohn still owns the land.china township wouldnt let them reopen because of noise.problem is nobody still lives by track but that old farm and house next door.and further down meldrum.with all new technology and use of berms.that could make it acceptable.i wish somebody could contact the owner and some petitions going.we need a local track.and that site has alot of history.
4/5/2007 - Bobby Z
I knew Mike from Mancini racing Detroit location and Grosebeck. Real nice guy! He Helped me out setting up a 440 Charger R/T. Hated small block guys! never was nice to me when I had a 340 Dart! Mike was nice enough to give me some small parts I needed at his home. I offered to pay him, but he only asked for a diet coke next time I visited the shop. He had a awesome black 1966 or 67 Hemi Charger! Super shine paint job and straight as an arrow! He also had a LeBaron super gas type drag car with a hemi at the time. I believe it was called the "God Father". I was shocked when I asked for him at Mancin's, and they said he had passed away.
3/12/2007 - Bill Bergman
I was browsing a Google search for New Baltimore and ran across this site. Wow did it take me back. I raced at Motor City Dragway at various times from 1966 to 1973. My late father-in-law Levi Hand talked of his good times there in the 50’s and 60’s with the Bearing Burners of Mt. Clemens. Levi ran a HEMI powered 1950 I think Ford that the club members helped him build. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of myself or Levi’s car at the strip all I could find was an old 13:99 time slip from my I/S Lime Green 340 Duster. I think I kept it because it was a short lived record run. Through the years I ran a 1966 Honda Super 90 in 1966 (my first vehicle). Bruce Miller’s of Louie’s Honda 1965 Honda Super Hawk 305cc drag-bike in 1967, my 1970 340 Duster in 1970, my B/S B/M 1970 Honda 750 four in 1971 (one of the track announcers always called the bikes “Kamikaze Crotch Cars”. I remember the right lane after the lights was sometimes a hand full if I wasn’t right down the middle of the lane, but the excitement of the run trumped all else. The last time I remember running there was during an event the drag-strip was promoting as new car day. I took my new 1973 455 cu. in. 4 speed Buick Gran Sport there. I think it was the only manual transmission Buick at the track that day. If you can imagine it didn’t hook very well with the factory tires. Anyway like many of you I think that location could have really thrived if reopened and improved, there was a real resurgence in the 90’s. Some guys or gals only raced there once just to say they had done it and for little more than admission they purchased a lifetime memory.
3/7/2007 - Russ Emmons
We live only 4 miles NE of the old Dragway! Moved here in 79 1 year after it closed. My youngest son Marty manages the big Auto yard, Auto sales "Auto Farm" on 26 mile near Meldrum now. As a teenager in the 50s I ran around with the original "Bearing Burners" bunch who started the whole thing. We did the Mt. Clemens/ Gratiot cruise thing! I rode with Connie Kallitta, Billy Werderman, Ken Johnson and several others whose names escape me. My brother Bob and I were early participants racing "stock" class cars there in the late 50s. Among others we ran our stepdads hot little stock 54 Chev. pickup which I still have here in decent running condition! I pulled in there with my wife in the late 80s and took maybe my last run down the strip then. (Very slowy tho) Yes the weeds, saplings, all the trash, broken glass, debri etc. Such a shame. We go by there often and nowadays I don't see a way to get in there anymore. Shrubs growing everywhere now! Not that many homes being built around it surprisingly. Lots of industrial shops going in along 26 Mile (Marine City Highway) in the area. That big farm house shown in many of these photos is still there. I remember I think in the mid 80s, someone started a thing to get it going again to no avail. I ran various stock & Super Stock cars then up to the mid 60s but with a new family, several kids and starting a business my running there faded away. I ran once at "Detroit Dragway" but living in St. Clair Shores, "Motor City" was the place to go! Sure wish I had taken some old photos of those days! Wow the Memorys! I wonder if I dare walk in there when the weather gets nicer and get some photos? I wonder who owns it now? I bet the property taxes are way up there now! Russ Emmons Casco Twp. MI
3/4/2007 - chad boise
I know at one time there was proposal on the board to build a strip near St Ignace, don't know how it died or why but maybe something worth bringing up again. The UP is begging for tourist traffic, and with the car show it would be a great location for a track. No fussy neighbors!
2/8/2007 - Dave Gray
You wold be wasting your time and money to even try, I was with some people that had millions of $ and tried for years to open a strip in Michigan and could never get any place with the townships.They ended up in N.Carolina.took them 6 weeks to get the ok from the local zoning board.They spent 3 million dollars on a dragstrip and the town loves it.but not in MICHIGAN,these sponge headed officals don't know what their missing.crazy thinking on their part. DAVE
2/8/2007 - Randy
Tom, I know exactly what you mean. I know there have been proposals for drag-strips and speedways with no success. It is sad that the state that revolutionized the automobile cannot give any support. Seems like the racing mecca is now in the Carolina's and the southeast. It would be nice to see a local track of some sort come to be, as there are still parents that want to hand down that 'good ole racing knowledge' and re-live the good ole days...yep, very sad that the kids have to depend on video games for that now. I will still keep the spirit and support local tracks of all kinds.
2/3/2007 - TOM WOODS
2/1/2007 - Randy
Tim, if you head East on 26 mile road and then turn right onto Meldrum rd, it would be 'almost' immediately on your right hand side, the last time I was out there I could spot a speaker on a light pole, but a ways into the field and brush. It is mostly overgrown (as in pics) and not that accessible due to the thick brush. I do not think the owners of the property want folks wandering back in there snooping around anyway...sad that there is so much history back in that field and will probably be only memories forever....would be nice to see another Motor City Dragway appear somewhere near the Detroit area.
1/7/2007 - Bob C
To Chris Campbell: I have very fond memories of your fathers very Bad Ass “ Killer Camino” It was 1970 BBC car and would leave wheels in the air. When I seen it, I was racing at Motor City and Detroit at the time in the very early 70’s Darrell Campbell the “ Killer Camino” member of the “Bearing Burners” car club. The “killer Camino” was a Sweet piece to say the least and one of my all time favorites. I even pushed one of my employees to purchase one about 20 years ago and still has it to this day. It’s a BBC car and pristine. Fred was sitting on the fence about buying it but I’m sure the stories that I told him about your dads car pushed him into buying it. Sorry no time slips and no pics but some very cool memories and I still talk about it to this day at the strip. Yep 40 years later and still drag racing. One kid never grow up Bob C
11/20/2006 - Jennifer Schenk
I am the late great Mike Schenks Daughter, and I would like to post a comment to thank you all for the wonderful things that you all had to say about my late father. I was only 6 when he died, and I am sorry to say that I do not remember much about him. It means so much to me and my family that you all have such fond memories of him. The reason that we were asking for any pictures-video's or even a memory that you have is because as a race car enthusist, he spent most of his time with his cars and at the track. I know that I have some photo's of him, but with his bad eyes, he rarely allowed his photo to be taken. I have very few photos, and I cherish every one of them. I also recently received a video of him at a race talking to the camera, and it made a dream come true, i knew that my dad was real and not just a dream. I know it seems like a lot, but if any of you have time, please e-mail me with any info-or photo's/videos that you may have at Thank you all for your continued rememberence of my father, it means a -lot to me that he meant so much to you.
11/8/2006 - John Haven
Does anyone remember a drag race driver by the name of Jerry West of Flat Rock, Michigan. He drove Fords, but not sure what class in the 1950's and 1960's?
9/30/2006 - Brian M
Bruce, I have copies I've been sending out(12 to date). My copy is exact except for the still pic in the beginning. Couldn't get it copied properly for some reason but your name is credited at the beginning. Anyhow the original copy went to a guy in Richmond. Now, would the gent in Richmond or anyone else that saved a copy please offer it up. Brian
9/29/2006 - Dave Lyall
Gary: Although I worked at Ford during my racing heyday, and I of course raced Ford products, I had two near-misses to change camps. In early 1963, my salesman friend Jack Gray intended to follow the Bob Ford Sales Manager Dick Spencer, who left to open his own Chrysler-Plymouth Dealership, Westborn Chrysler-Plymouth. Jack had Dick order what was to be our race car for 1963, a red Plymouth plain-jane two door 426 wedge with all the S/S options and deletes. But before the season started, Paul Harvey talked Jack and I into staying at Bob Ford. The red Plymouth was sold to one of Jack's buddies, an older fellow we called "Pappy Mason" who raced the car during 1963, even beating my Bob Ford S/S on one occasion. Then in 1966, I was racing my AFX Falcon in NASCAR's (yeah..that NASCAR) drag racing circut, and I was approached to run a Plymouth Hemi Baracuda for 1967. (Although the NHRA version did not show up untill later, several were built for NASCAR drag racing, including Bob Koffel's funny car) Once again, initially I accepted, but was again pursuaded into staying with Ford by the promise of more support including $1 cars and unlimited parts. I often wonder how my working and racing career may have been changed if I had gone through with either one of those opportunities. I went on to have many friends at Chrysler, including Dick Maxwell and the late Ronnie Sox. I even had Lunch once with Lee Iacocca when he was chairman of Chrysler Corporation, and had him autograph my copy of his book. I left Ford in 1984, but I am still working at an engineering supplier, and I have both Ford and Chrysler products. At 67 years old I am still racing, a 1995 tube-chassis Mustang I race in IHRA Top Sportsman when time permits, usually at Milan Dragway. As irony would have it, my tow vehicle is a Dodge Diesel Quad-Cab Dually, and my wife enjoys playing grandma hauling our grandchildren around in her Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Dave Lyall
9/26/2006 - Gary Bogusz
Dave Lyall- Thanks for the response and its good to hear your still around. You dont remember me but back then I was in the Mopar camp and a coulple of close friends of mine raced Fords and I remember you where approachable guy in helping them with ther cars. The younger guys may not remember but the compatetion between manufactures was fierce back then, so one didnt venture far from his own camp. Also did you run withthose guys from Al Long Ford Mustangs, they where Boss 302's I believe, and where that orange color. Boy could they haul the mail. I think one unfortunatly rolled into the spectator side ditch one night (1969 I believe) Are you still racing?
9/18/2006 - Bob Schenk
This is in respone to Mike Schenks 1972 six pack Charger, its still in the family and belongs to Mikes oldest son. Mike Jr. Mike hopes to restore and drive it again some day. Its been 16 years since Mike has passed and we still miss him dearly he woould have been 52 years old on September 10th. I hung around and grew up with Mike and spent many hours wrenching on the 72 Charger and going out to Motor City Dragway and street racing on Gratiot.
9/12/2006 - Chuck Kurzawa III
I was out at what is left of the track on 9-9-06 to spread some of my Dads ashes on the track. I walked the whole length of the track and couldnt seem to find the finish line too overgrown! I wish this track would open up again it would be nice to have something close to home. As always I am seeking pictures of my Dad at any dragstrips in the topfuel cars he drove. If anyone can help please email me at or call me at 586-871-3266
8/17/2006 - Gary Jankowski
Sadly, I heard that John Bloom passed away a couple of months ago. He purchased the dragstrip in 1963 and owned it until 1968. Ironic that his passing was so close to that of Big John Mazmanian, a good friend of his. My brother and I had lunch with John (Bloom) a year or so ago. He also attended several Daly Drive-in reunions with us over the years. He was a great guy and well all miss him very much.
7/14/2006 - Dave Lyall
Gary: Yes, I am the Dave Lyall who was sponsored by Custom Speed Enterprises from 1967 through 1970. Originally I drove my own "street" A/S 1956 Ford at both New Baltimore and Detroit Dragway from 1957 through 1959. During the 1959 season, I meet Jack Gray, who was a salesman at Bob Ford in Dearborn, and who raced his new Ford Demonstrators (always with the biggest engine option and manual transmissions) and we struck up a friendship which lasted for many years. With my 2nd child due, I retired my A/S Ford (NASCAR engine option) and started wrenching for Jack Gray, ultimately going to work at Bob Ford as a mechanic. Being younger than Jack, I eventually took over the driving chores. We successfully raced Jacks succession of demonstrators untill 1962, when Paul Harvey came up from Indianapoilis to be the general manager. Our race team becaume a full dealership effort then, and we were soon suported by Ford Motor Company. At the end of the 1963 season I left Bob Ford to work at Ford Motor Company, and started my own drag race team. Paul and Jack were helpfull in both my getting a job at Ford and keeping my Ford racing support. Custom Speed Enterprises was my first "paying" sponsor, as in writing a check each year to have thier name on my cars, and thier help was esential as I began to tour nationally. Getting new cars from Ford to race for $1 is one thing, but preparing the car and maintenence with huge travel expenses was another thing. At the end of the 1970 season, I sold all my race cars, truck and equiptment and opened a service station in Garden city, Michigan, which I operated for seven years. I returned to drag racing in 1972 on a smaller scale, and have been racing on and off since, in Pro Stock, Pro 5.0 and IHRA Top Sportsman. I still race in Top Sportsman with my 1998 Mustang when time permits. Cusom Speed closed a few years ago, about the time Jack Gray passed away. I spoke with Paul Harvey several years ago, now in his 80s and his son runs his Indianapolis Ford Dealership. Bob Ford (who was a nephew of the original Henry Ford) sold thier dealership and it now is Fairlane Ford, in Dearborn. Dave Lyall, Livonia, Michigan
7/12/2006 - Gary Bogusz
I remember a Mike who owned a black 66 Hemi Charger (I know where this car is now) He lived near 9-mile and Kelly (I think) he also had a original yellow 1972 440 -6 pack Charger he made into a drag car. I also believe he raced a maroon 68 Dodge Charger. Anyway is this the same guy as Mike Schenk? Sure like to know what ever happen to the 72 yellow charger. Finally did Dave Lyall did you drive the custom speed enterprise Ford Mustang?
7/5/2006 - MrDangerous
I also knew Mike Schenk, Mike was known to build the best Transmissions for any MOPAR (904 and 727) infact he built a few Transmissions for me. Mike, who owned The Godfather (The Original 1969 Roadrunner) and a late model Lebarron for Chyrsler was a awesome person. not only did he have The Godfather, but he had a 1966 Hemi Charger (Black) and a 1970 Superbird 440 6 pack car (Original) and a RARE Hurst Chyrsler 300 White and Gold. over the years he had many cars and when Mike died, many were lost. but anyways, the reason I find myself writting this is because, the person who posted Mikes name also had the last name Schenk, and why would you be looking for Photos? Mikes Wife not only had Photos when Mike died, but she had all his cars!...People to talk to would be Bob and Connie M. or Mancinni Racing on Groesbeck in Clinton Twp....or maybe Bruce or Gary Kimmons Owers of Heads Up Racing/Top Craft in Mt Clemens. I will make it a point to find what I have, and talk to Bruce and Gary. If your a family member, go to Mikes house in Clinton Twp, a small Yellow house.....Sorry about Mike, he was loved
7/5/2006 - MrDangerous
I had written a article on June 23, 2006, which was posted June 24,2006, about my memories of the Dragway and my Fathers 1968 Dodge Charger. In hopes of building the car before my Father passed away. ironically, my Father passed away the morning the original posting was posted. so...I guess he will never see what I wanted him to see, not just a Car, but My Brother and I doing something together as a team. but anyways, I know why they closed down the speedway, and it wasnt because of fishflies, it was because some money hungry person wasnt making what he felt he should. and yes, it has been tried to be reopened to no avail because the local residents didnt want the traffic and noise. some guy out of Texas was willing to reopen it and build tall dirt hills to deflect the noise but somewhere that idea was lost. like many things, power, money and greed takes usual
7/3/2006 - Larry Lawrence
I worked at Fenders Performance Auto Parts on 26 and Van Dyke in the late 80s. According to Tom Fender who raced at Motor City the tracked closed due to pressure from local home owners who didn’t like the noise. He said the last straw was when the control tower mysteriously burned down. A group tried to reopen it some time in the 80s but got shot down by the local whiners. I may have taken the last pass ever down that track. In 1989 I snuck in on my 1974 Kawasaki 175 and ran a blistering 70 mph down it (LOL) ! Sure wish I could have been there during it’s hey day. I am back to living in the U.P. now and the closest track is Kaukauna WI, 3 1/2 hrs away. Sure miss having a track close by.
6/29/2006 - Chuck Kurzawa III
This is to mike the track closed because of the fish flys and because of lack of spectators.My Dad told me this before he passed away.The track is still there but overgrown I was just there not to long ago to spread his ashes on the track he raced there alot he drove top fuel dragsters.He told me that when he used to drive the RAMCHARGERS top fuel car he used to have the keys to the track when they wanted to do testing.I went there a long time ago when it was open and can only remember a little about it.I do know that in the late 70s early 80s my DAD and Connie Kalitta wanted to buy the track and open it up again but the city doesnt want it to happen so good luck it would be nice to have a track close by.
6/24/2006 - MrDangerous
I can still recall the days when the drag strip was in full force. My Father who was a single parent, who always told us of his racing days of his 49 Merc Brought me, My Brother John and Sister Lisa to enjoy all that was. It was always exciting to see the races, cars blowing up, and some of the heavy hitters known to NHRA, Connie K, who resided on Jeffereson and 21, Shirely M, Jack and John, who resided on North Ave, and of course Don G, who made racing as it it known today. somewhere, some cheap greedy anus decided he wasn't making enough money allowed it to be closed down......well I say one thing for certain, life isn't always about money, its about bringing smiles to people.........but....Lisa's Gone, the dragway is gone, but many memories will be never forgotten....John, One day we will build the 1968 Charger Dad once had in honor of things that will be NOT forgotten
6/5/2006 - K Regal
You can see the layout still in the field in the Google Earth at this location: 42 43 4"N, 82 40 37"W You can see the main and return roads, some buildings. That used to be way out in the middle of nowhere but the housing pressure is moving into the area. I grewup in St Clair Shores in the 50s and never got out that way when I could have in the late 60s.
6/5/2006 - Jack
Bruce, the dvd is pritty cool. It was great being able to see how things looked then compaired to now. It really did leave me wishing I could see more! Im going to be sending it on to the first person who e-mailed me- Brian. Thanks again!
5/16/2006 - Bruce Herron
Hi everybody. I have sent off the Motor Ciy DVD -" A DAY - AT THE RACES" off to Jack. I have included a dozen pages of copied autographs, newspaper clippings and results, and etc. for your perusal. If you know anything about the various names feel free to add comments. Everyone who gets it - view it,burn a copy if you have access to equipment, sign the log, then be responsible for getting in touch with the next person who logs in wanting to get the package, and send it on to them. Everyone be patient - besides myself and the transfer people, you will be the first to see this footage in 35 years. Enjoy, Bruce
5/9/2006 - Bruce Herron
Hi guys, Was just raving about your site yesterday at the Mendon Old Car Dustoff! I have a question for you. I posted a commentary 12/8/05 on the Motor City Dragway site and in it talked about the film I shot in 68. I have had this transferred to DVD and would like to offer it up as a roving library copy. I would send it to the first person who wanted to check it out, and they would send it on to the next, and so on, each person gets it free, views it, then pays postage to send it on. How do you think this would work out? I could see that the original posting would eventually get buried a bit and maybe potential new viewers might noy scroll back enough. Maybe the person would view it, then be asked to post their "review" and that it was available to the next person. It is only a 4-minute film including the opening and titles that I added, but it is rare footage that if you view enough and start looking at the background scenery and action, you really get the feeling of the era and the Dragway itself. Just thought Id run it by you. Thanks, Bruce
3/16/2006 - Gary Jankowski
I remember when John Bloom bought the strip and opened it in May or June of 1963. He invited all the guys from the Dalys drive-in on Greenfield and Joy Road to bring their cars out to try out the strip. The timing equipment wasnt finished so it was just run for fun. I was only fifteen so could only ride in some of my older brothers friends cars. It was free and we had a ball out there that day. Rick Cronin still has the 61 Corvette he blew the motor in that day. We had lunch with John Bloom a year or so ago and he shared a lot of memories. He sold the strip to Gil Kohn in 1968 as he recalls.
3/12/2006 - Ralph Stone
Hey I didnt know Superbee Lee raced at Motor City, back in the 70s and 80 when I raced at Lapeer Dragway, he was there every Sun. he was a hard one to beat no one wanted to run him. Boy he could really cut a light.
2/20/2006 - Doug "The Creeper" Mutter
Was looking for info. on "Ace Novak", who campained a Triumph Drag Bike called the "Hand Grenade" in the 60s to possibly the 70s. Raced at Motor City Dragway. Please, any info. about him or the bike would be greatly apprecated. Pix, 1/4 mile times, any thing at all. Ill buy you a beer or ??????????. Thanks
2/12/2006 - Terry Dunham
Hi - At 5:00 AM this morning I needed something to do so I checked out Water Winter Wonderland and the recent comments on the New Baltimore (Motor City)Drag Strip! It had been a while. Wow! You really have captured the spirit of what went on there in the early days. From one who was drag racing there very early on after the track opened, my sincere thanks!
2/9/2006 - Jack Jacobson
Message for joe from the tach twisters: Im real glad to hear that you found the original Over Anxious. As I recall it was one of the First 427 Camaros. Rich still has his jacket, and hes is trying to find Sonny, to contact you. So we can get together and shoot the breese about the old days. I still get into restorations and Jimmy owns a repair shop somewhere in Imlay City. Hope to hear more. Jack
2/4/2006 - Dave Lyall
As a teen-aged member of the "Tappet Tickers" in 1956, a Michigan Hot Rod Association sanctioned Hot Rod Club, I paid dues to fund the land aquisition, and was required to work at the track site preparing the dragstrip. The track finally opened in the summer of 1957, with very primitive facilities, including a phenumatic timing system. Originally, the track had the quintesential starter flagman, and the E.T. clocks were operated with an air hose attached to a hand-held pole under a front tire of the participant, starting the clocks (an official pulling it away from the rear tires after the "launch" so it would not get damaged) and another air hose crossing each lane of the track at the finish line, which stopped the E.T. clocks. later, additional air hoses were added at the finish lin to facilitate MPH clocks. An official stood at each side of the finish line with a flag, and the official in the winners lane raised his flag to indicate to the officials and spectators which lane was the winner. When it appeared to be a tie, (not infrequently) both officials would raise thier flags, and the race would be re-run. I drove my personal A/S 1956 Ford at the track when it opened, and also raced it at Detroit Dragway the first night they opened in 1959. I went on to drive the Bob Ford Super Stock Cars at both tracks, before operating my own team through the 60 and 70s, (and now through the present) sponsered in the 60s by Custom Speed Enterprises. My last run there was in a pro Stock Match Race in 1970. I last saw the ruins in 1990, 20 years after my last trip down the track. The population boom, high taxes, land values, insurance, and energy costs are stripping our society of many of the outlets for fun and entertainment I knew in my youth. Dave Lyall
2/4/2006 - Joe
Re: "Tach Twisters" -To Jack, yes Im the Joe with the 1967 camaro. We found the same car awhile back and bought it. My son and I are in the process of restoring it back like it was. Send some contact information. Joe
1/27/2006 - Scott Earle
I havent been back there since 1998. The last time that I was there someone had dumped roofing materials on the strip, as well as a bunch of other garbage. My dad used to race there back in the 60s and 70s. I think the name of his car was "White trash".
1/25/2006 - Jack Jacobson
This message is for Joe, from the tach twisters club of detroit. If you are the same Joe that I remember then you ran a 68 camaro named Over Anxious. and a Pontiac catalina, I ran a 55 Ford and numerous other things back then. Rich and Spike and Jimmy are all still alive which is a wonder. I would hope that we would be able to talk and remiinise further. Rich Drives a Dodge coronet 500 and I have a 74 Vette. Jack
1/5/2006 - Christopher Suzor
I was recently at the old ruins of the strip, I am far too young to have any memories of the strip, or any racers or anything. My father and my buddies father told us stories of them going there as kids. The day we went 1/3/06 it was like walking into a rip in time. The track is still race ready with a lil weed-be-gone and a weedwacker. Standing on the track lookin ito the woods feels like so many memories are there that will be lost. A have heard that abilities to save places like this rely on the historic community not to reopen the track as a track but to restore it as a historic landmark . As we walked the premesis looking around we came across an old Corvair95 flipped over with engine and all and in the middle of the track there was a Plymouth hood. Just an overwhelming feeling being there the speakers and lights still on the poles as we walked down the track. A coyote ruffled through the bushes out of one of the booths most everything is still standing except one building which i dont know what any of them except the bathrooms where which might I add the seats are still in. The land is at the corner almost of Meldrum and 26mile we pulled in on the 2track next to the silo and walked in there has been new houses built on right next to the strip closley encroaching on the property. I have an email into the Marine City Historical Board aswell if anyone else would email them the more people prolly the better. Thank you all for leaving such a tradition for my generation to follow by.
12/8/2005 - Bruce Herron
My greatest day as a kid. Fraser, 1968 ,14 years old, a new neighbor moved in with a mechanic dad who somehow got us a ride on the Seatons Super Shaker car hauler to Motor City. And I was also able to use my Dads 8mm camera and got to film the action from atop the tower. I still have this film. Its a Match Race between SSS and Roger Lindamood in Color Me Gone. A couple of gassers are also there, The Hooker and Twist 'o Lemon. I panned the tower, got the match race and other race action, and a little pit footage. From a few of my visits there that summer I have my ticket stubs, promo shots, a mint pennant AND the pinback!! I also have a nice collection of autographs. I remember seeing the wheelie trucks, funny cars, jet dragsters and most of all I remember getting right up to the fence and when the nitro-methane was burning, so were my eyes and nose as the cars thundered off. We always got pit passes as you could literally walk right up to the drivers and touch their cars if you wanted. Ah, those were the days...and god bless Linda Vaughn!
10/16/2005 - Don
Does anyone remember a drag strip East of this one? Someone told me there was one on Starville Rd. south of 26 mile.
9/25/2005 - Chuck Kurzawa
This is to Chris, The track closed at the end of 78, They took the tree but the track was race ready until it was overgrown.
9/25/2005 - Chris
Hi i was wondering if anybody knew when Motor City was closed if Gil and Ed left the strip in running order, and if the tree and signs were left.
8/9/2005 - Joe
Response to Unknown 11/16/04 "Does anyone remember the "Tach Twisters" car club that raced at Motor City drag way in 1964 & 65?" I was a member of the "Tach Twisters" car club. The club meetings were held in the basement of my dads store on Gratiot in Detroit. Does anyone remember? Sure would like to hear from the old gang. We did a lot of racing at Motor City and Woodward the way it was than.
8/7/2005 - Fred Kuplicki
Still have a trophy from Motor City Dragway that I won with my 65 GTO as a member of the Outlaws Racing Team in the summer of 65. Turned a 13:15 / 101.11 MPH. Great Memories. Also have another that I won at the Detroit Dragway
5/2/2005 - Chuck Kurzawa
Tri-City, Onondaga, Motor City closed in 1978. Ed Eaton who worked for Gilbert said they were tired of fighting the fish fly problem, and the lack of spectators. So they let it go.
5/1/2005 - Mark B.
I do believe that Motor City closed in 1978. I believe that 1977 was the last year that it was opened for racing. I drove down the old drag strip back in about 1980 when you could still get to the track, since about 1986 or 1987 they dug trenches accross the entrances so you could not get onto the property no more. I have lived in the area all my life and get this information from old racers and friends that lived in the area as well and that used to race there. I do believe from what I have heard that a guy named Gill Kohn owned the track. I wrote to him a little over ten years ago to see if I could get useage of the property for some car club activities and he sent me back a reply on my own letter stating that no way would he be able to do that because of liability reasons, he also owned Detriot Dragway. I dont know why he actually closed it down. I have heard a couple differant stories, that he was going to redo the track and never did because of lack of sponsership and particapation, the other story is that someone got injured or killed out there the last couple of years that Motor city was open. Does anyone out there really know?
4/27/2005 - Mark B.
I drove past the track back in the summer of 1977 in my 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. The cars were lined up all the way down Meldrum Road waitting to get into the pit area. You could smell the racing fuel and rubber burning from the track. I was only 17 at the time and was on my way to work. I wished I could have raced on the old track and tried out the 383 4 speed that was in my car. I happen to go by the old place from time to time and remember that day I was out there a couple of weeks ago and stood where the timing lights must have been and looked down the track it almost looks like you are looking into the woods. This place would make a great place for swap meets and car club meetings since the zoning will not alow reopening.
3/17/2005 - Frank
Does anyone remember the "Fugitives" car club. Its members were mostly from Denby High School in Detroit.
2/21/2005 - Mike S
Does anyone remember the match race about 64-65 between Art Arfons and an A/FX Dodge/Ply. The A/FX car got a running start at the line.The promo had to be the funniest thing I have ever heard. Anyone have it ? I recall it was a car from down south......Shirl Greer maybe? Thanks,Mike
11/16/2004 - Scott Schroeder
Spent a lot of time there in the mid 70s. Used to pit with a friend of mine who ran a 69 GTX T.H.E. Mongoose. Another old friend Mike Schenk ran a Charger and later bought The Godfather Roadrunner. Some of the usuals I remember, Dick Ross, The Godfather, Gear Jammer Express, Rays Transmissions Plymouth convertible and an old guy we used to call the pig farmer. He would bring his old blue chevy pickup to the track, pull the exhaust off the headers and run it. Some of the best times of my life. Motor City, Detroit and Milan.
11/16/2004 - Scott Schroeder
Had some great times at Motor City. Spent a lot of time there in the mid 70s. I used to pit with a friend of mine, Paul Cieslinski that ran a 69 Runner T.H.E. Mongoose. Also another friend Mike Schenk who ran a Charger. Mike later bought The Godfather Road Runner and worked for Mancini Racing. Some of the names and cars I remember... The Godfather, Dick Ross, Moms Headache, Gear Jammer Express, Rays Transmissions Plymouth convertible, Thunderbolt and a guy we used to call the pig farmer. Hed show up every week with his old Chevy 3/4 ton pick up, drop the exhaust off the headers and run it down the track. After a Saturday at the track wed head for Gratiot and cruise.... I really wish somebody had been able to save the track and bring it back.
11/16/2004 - Terry Dunham
Hi - I am the guy that has what I think is probably the oldest photo taken at New Baltimore (Motor City Dragway) posted up in your web site. It wasn't called Motor City in the mid 1950s, it was just New Baltimore to those of us that raced there. Its the picture of the 1937 Buick going against the 1957 Chevrolet and it was taken in the spring of 1957. There is still scaffolding showing against the left side of the timing tower. I think it was still there because it had just been built. I also have posted on the Drag Strip Stories web site a photo of both sides of a pit pass issued at New Baltimroe in 1958, and the pit pass has the 1958 date on it. You are welcome to the photo if you want to use it here. At the time the photo was taken of the 1937 Buick, I also photographed the same car as it came through the staging lanes and after it was flagged off the line for a time trail. If you want me to send any of this stuff to you as an e mail attachment, just send me your e mail address and I will gladly send it along. And by the way, I think your web site is better than great, I think its magnificent! Keep up the really really good job!
11/16/2004 - Unknown
Does anyone remember the "Tach Twisters" car club that raced at Motor City drag way in 1964 & 65?
11/1/2004 - Chuck Kurzawa
The track was originally called MHRA Drag Strip (Michigan Hot Rod Association). The track was owned by car clubs, Bearing Burners etc. It was concrete and narrow. They sold it to John Bloom because it needed to be updated in I think in 62 or 63.
10/24/2004 - Dan Ostwick
Nobody has mentioned that when the strip opened the name was "International Raceway Park". I believe John Bloom was the original owner. We used to drive from Dearborn to race. I had a "57 Ford Fairlane 500. My friend drove a Corvair. One weekend he crossthreaded a spark plug. We borrowed a 10 foot chain from a club called "The Filthy Few" from Detroit. What a ride home!!
10/24/2004 - Don Gillespie
I was at (the former) Motor City Dragway on Friday, October 22, 2004. It was difficult to locate as you cannot see anthing from (Meldrum) road. I raced my 1970 Cuda there in 1972 and it was very exciting to walk the entire track. The place is so over-grown with trees it was difficult to recognize. There are the remains of the tower and another building, but they are burned out and have been exposed to the elements. You can still see some yellow lines in the staging area, but I could not locate the finish line. It was a great experience to go there and relive the past. The strip seemed so far away in 1972, funny how things change. DG
10/14/2004 - Mike S
Hi, I also have a lot of great memories of Motor City Dragway. Back in the late eighties, a professional effort was made to buy the track and upgrade it into a world class facility. Funding was in place and the NHRA was on board, however the Township refused to allow the rezoning on the track back to use as a Drag Strip. Sad, we still do not have a frist class track in the Metro area. Does anyone recall who produced the mid sixties tv coverage from the track? It was shown on Channel 50 but they are no help.
9/19/2004 - John Nowak
In 1968 I was driving a 1967 Firebird 400 with a Royal Bobcat package and I towed my friends 1966 Chevy II with a 327/350hp up there to race one Sunday that year. He didnt win his class but we had a great time. Ill never forget Motor City Dragway and the cars we all loved from the 1960s.
9/15/2004 - Chuck Kurzawa
I first raced there in I think 1957, in 1964 me and my partner had a 1930 comp. roadster. In 1966 I drove Lou Smiths aaf/d at IRP as it was called back then. In 1967 I drove for the Ramchargers. I think we had a match race there in 1968 against The Greek, Ivo, etc... We had the keys to the track so we could test when we wanted to. John Bloom, Leo Martin, good people, great memories. It became Motor-City Dragway when Gil Kohn buoght the track in the late 60s. They closed the track becsuse of the fish flies that came in at night in the summer.
9/11/2004 - Ronald J. Muschong
I recall this drag strip as the "New Baltimore" drag way. I raced my 1957 Vette with a Chev 348 big block in B & C Modified Sport Division in 1960-61. As a matter of fact I think the picture of the Black Vet may have been me. If whoever submitted this pic please contact me. Many a time I went into the corn fields at the end of the track.....Great memories..Also recall Kallitta and Garlits also the Green Monster dragster.
12/30/2003 - Art Thibault
Spent lots of summers there in 1975,76,77. Saw Tom Prock race his funny car against Shadow Woods super stock. The funny car almost blew the Plymouth off the track when he passed him. Saw Warren Johnson run his pro stock Camaro one sunday afternoon. I raced there myself. Still have the trophies. We need to open that track back up. Its still rural. Who owns that land? The Motor City needs a strip in Macomb County.
11/29/2003 - Chris Wilt
Another great Michigan racetrack. My father frequented this track in the mid-50s, where he and friends fielded several cars in several classes. He was also good friends with racing legend Connie Kalitta; Conie was also a regular at this track. Later, in the late 70s, as MCD was nearing its end, we actually lived about a mile down Meldrum Rd. from the track. Also were good friends with the people who (then) lived in the farmhouse directly across from the track on the other side of Meldrum. I have many fond memories of either going to races there; or else sitting on our back porch hearing the roar as cars made passes at the track. GREAT PICTURES!!!
11/18/2003 - Mike Little
As a boy I attended a race at the Motor City Dragway. At this single event I believe I saw the Hemi Under Glass, Little Red Wagon, Hurst Hairy Oldsmobile, a 4-engine dragster (Ivo?), Art Arfons Green Monster, and Arnie Beswick. If anyone remebers that event, and its participants, I would like to hear from them.
4/11/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
A recent site inspection revealed that much of the old dragstrip is still there, including the remains of the 2 lane blacktop and several buildings. The location is a little difficult to find - special thanks to Garth for his help in finding the place. The lot is extremely overgrown and is barely visible from the street, but as you walk around you can tell where the entrance to the parking area was, the pits, and finally the track itself. Unfortunately the Christmas tree is gone.
1/7/2003 - Web
Only went to this strip as a spectator. Saw a great funny car meet there in the fall but what year it was escapes me...67, 68 or 69. (I recall that it was the year that the UAW was going to strike against Ford, if that helps anyone recall the year.) Cars there: Maynard Rupps STP sponsored Cougar, Ramchargers (set a new track record that night at 7.99), Doug Nashs Bronco Buster (non-blown 289 Ford in an old Bronco body). Maybe Don Nicholsons Mr. Eliminator and/or Eddie Schartmans Air Lift Rattler were memory has faded. They ran Round-robin style (I believe this was also called Chicago-style but I know not why!) meaning that instead of a ladder-like elimination, everybody ran every "round" and Im still not sure how they decided who "won"! Great show. As a follow up, I went back to the dragway in the fall of 1990, long after it had closed. The burned out shell of the timing tower still stood, the pavement was there with wires sticking up through holes where timeing beams had once been set. Kind of nostalgic to walk the length of it and back despite it being totally overgrown with weeds. Anybody else have any fond memories of that strip?
Motor City Dragway - Back In The Heyday
Back In The Heyday
Motor City Dragway - Old Color Pic From Terry Dunham
Old Color Pic From Terry Dunham
Motor City Dragway - Old Pic From Ron Gross
Old Pic From Ron Gross
Motor City Dragway - 1958 From Steve Wolski
1958 From Steve Wolski
Motor City Dragway - 1958 From Steve Wolski
1958 From Steve Wolski
Motor City Dragway - Jon Lundberg Announcing At Motor City Dragway In 1964 From Jon Lundberg
Jon Lundberg Announcing At Motor City Dragway In 1964 From Jon Lundberg
Motor City Dragway - From James F Ellul
From James F Ellul
Motor City Dragway - Mercury Test From Rick Rzepka
Mercury Test From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - From James F Ellul
From James F Ellul
Motor City Dragway - Limelight From Rick Rzepka
Limelight From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Car Craft Cover Source Rg
Car Craft Cover Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - From James F Ellul
From James F Ellul
Motor City Dragway - From James F Ellul
From James F Ellul
Motor City Dragway - From Rick Rzepka
From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - From Dick Brannan
From Dick Brannan
Motor City Dragway - Motor City Promos Source Rg
Motor City Promos Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - From Rick Zepka
From Rick Zepka
Motor City Dragway - 1971 Cuda Photo From Garth
1971 Cuda Photo From Garth
Motor City Dragway - Goat Coming Out Of The Hole
Goat Coming Out Of The Hole
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - From Don Sioma
From Don Sioma
Motor City Dragway - Motor City 1967 From Tommy Myl
Motor City 1967 From Tommy Myl
Motor City Dragway - Shifters Clubhouse
Shifters Clubhouse
Motor City Dragway - Old Article
Old Article
Motor City Dragway - Early Photo
Early Photo
Motor City Dragway - Early Photo
Early Photo
Motor City Dragway - Early Photo
Early Photo
Motor City Dragway - Early Photo
Early Photo
Motor City Dragway - Old Poster
Old Poster
Motor City Dragway - Sign
Motor City Dragway - Building The Strip
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Motor City Dragway - Old Poster
Old Poster
Motor City Dragway - Screaming Gto Source Rg
Screaming Gto Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Flyer From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Old Snap From 65 Source Rg
Old Snap From 65 Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - Pennant Source Rg
Pennant Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - Old Sign Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Old Sign Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Lonely Sign In Sunset - Photo By Robert Ritz
Lonely Sign In Sunset - Photo By Robert Ritz
Motor City Dragway - Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Phil Dersam
From Phil Dersam
Motor City Dragway - Old Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Old Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Track Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Track Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Wrecked Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Wrecked Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Speaker Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Speaker Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Inside Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Inside Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Concession Stand Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Concession Stand Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Building Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Building Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Lonely Sign In Sunset - Photo By Robert Ritz
Lonely Sign In Sunset - Photo By Robert Ritz
Motor City Dragway - Old Sign Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Old Sign Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Strip Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Old Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Old Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - 1959 From Dwight Fackender
1959 From Dwight Fackender
Motor City Dragway - 1959 From Dwight Fackender
1959 From Dwight Fackender
Motor City Dragway - 1965 Chevelle From Fred Dennett
1965 Chevelle From Fred Dennett
Motor City Dragway - 1965 Ken Dennetts Bad News From Fred Dennett
1965 Ken Dennetts Bad News From Fred Dennett
Motor City Dragway - 65 Chevelle From Kenneth Dennett
65 Chevelle From Kenneth Dennett
Motor City Dragway - From Phil Dersam
From Phil Dersam
Motor City Dragway - Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Tower From Robert Edgar
Tower From Robert Edgar
Motor City Dragway - Asphalt From Robert Edgar
Asphalt From Robert Edgar
Motor City Dragway - Dave Koffel Flintstone Flyer Barracuda 1967 From Susie Koffel
Dave Koffel Flintstone Flyer Barracuda 1967 From Susie Koffel
Motor City Dragway - Strip From Robert Edgar
Strip From Robert Edgar
Motor City Dragway - Tower From Robert Edgar
Tower From Robert Edgar
Motor City Dragway - Track From Robert Edgar
Track From Robert Edgar
Motor City Dragway - Track Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Track Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Wrecked Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Wrecked Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Speaker Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Speaker Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Inside Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Inside Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - From Jeff Kibbe
From Jeff Kibbe
Motor City Dragway - Concession Stand Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Concession Stand Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Building Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Building Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Tower Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Another Bldg Photo From Water Winter Wonderland
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - From Steve Fraley
From Steve Fraley
Motor City Dragway - Pit Pass From Terry Dunham
Pit Pass From Terry Dunham
Motor City Dragway - Pit Pass From Terry Dunham
Pit Pass From Terry Dunham
Motor City Dragway - Trophy From Mark
Trophy From Mark
Motor City Dragway - Trophy From Mark
Trophy From Mark
Motor City Dragway - From John Nowak
From John Nowak
Motor City Dragway - Motor City Aerial Source Rg
Motor City Aerial Source Rg
Motor City Dragway - Poster From Robert Mineau
Poster From Robert Mineau
Motor City Dragway - Aerial
Motor City Dragway - 1973 Aerial Photo
1973 Aerial Photo
Motor City Dragway - Ad From Rick Rzepka
Ad From Rick Rzepka
Motor City Dragway - Aerial Photo
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