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Drive-In Theaters >> Gospel Films Drive-In Theatre

Address: Cathro and LaComb Rd
City: Cathro State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Alpena
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1954 Closed: 1960  
Owner History: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 1636

2/8/2005 - Andrew Wilson AKA The Librarian
While digging through some old copies of the Alpena News, I ran across ads for the Gospel Films Drive-In of Cathro, MI (about 10 miles N of Alpena). Cathro is so small even the US Postal Service doesnt recognize the town. The DI was part of the Cathro Community Church and was in operation from 1954 until at least 1960. Ads appeared every Friday and the showings were Saturday evenings. The ads were text only, and gave a description of the films that were to be shown. This is very similar to the Devils Lake Drive-In. I havent found any photos. The church still exists in the same location, but is now called Cathro Community Baptist Church. The church is located at the corners of Cathro Road and LaComb Road about 1 mile north of Cathro. Ill send the list of films Ive discovered, but for now, here are some articles from the Alpena News: Cathro Church Plans Weekly Outdoor Film Alpena News - Thursday July 15, 1954 Cathro Community Church this Saturday begins weekly sponsorship of outdoor films at Cathro. First picture, "Shelter in the Cumberland", will be screened this Saturday at 9 p.m., said the Rev. Adam Chyrowski. A voluntary offering will be collected with any proceeds above expenses to go to the church. The films, to be shown each Saturday night, are produced by Gospel Films-inc. Open Gospel Films Drive-In Saturday Night at Cathro Alpena News - Friday July 1, 1955 - Page 3 Gospel Films Drive-In of Cathro will open at 9 p.m. Saturday with the film "I Beheld His Glory" - the story of the life of Jesus as told by Cornelius the Centurion, who learned from his friend Thomas and others the details of events concerning the Trial, Crucifixion, Triumphal Entry, The Last Supper, Gethesemane, and Ressurection. These facts and what he had actually seen combined to make Cornelius a convert to the New Faith. This is an episode covering the life of Christ that no one will want to miss. There will be a free will offering taken to defray operating and film expense. The public is invited. Gospel Films Drive-In Opens Saturday Night Alpena News - Thursday July 5, 1956 - Page 3 Gospel Films Drive-In of Cathro presents for its opening Saturday Night the film "How Firm A Foundation" and the picture "Then It Happened." "How Firm A Foundation" filmed in color gives a glimpse into the world-wide ministry of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour. The pictures will go on the screen at dusk and everyone is welcome. There will be a free will offering to help defray expenses. Alpena News - Friday July 17, 1958 Cathro Community Church announces the beginning of Gospel Drive-In Films Saturday. Showings will be through July and August. The film this week is "The Unfinished Task". Everyone is welcome. A freewill offering will be taken.
Gospel Films Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL
Gospel Films Drive-In Theatre - AERIAL PHOTO

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