Birmingham House - Birmingham MI

Address: 34952 Woodward Ave
City: Birmingham
State: MI
Zip: 48009
County: Oakland
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General Information:

This place had a complicated life. It started out as the Birmingham House Motel, at least as far back as the 1960's, maybe even before. In 1961, the place was sued for $125 grand for being "too clean" by a customer who walked through a plate glass window. It was owned by Alcher Tilchin at that time. In 1970, Donald Dawson, one of the later owners, was implicated in a gambling scheme involving AFL quarterback Len Dawson (no relation).

In 1981, Barry Kramer of Creem Magazine fame passed away there. In 1982 they were sued by an actress for a slip and fall. Sometime later, Tony Brown and Eric Lutz, who were developers, remodeled the place and turned it into the Barclay Inn. They later parted ways (see article below). The exterior was painted white at that point. By 2009, the place had fallen into disrepair and was demolished. There is now an empty lot where it once stood.

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Birmingham House - Old Postcard View
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Birmingham House - Old Postcard View
Old Postcard View
Birmingham House - Old Postcard
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