Cedar Inn - Cedarville MI

Address: 75 E Hodeck St
City: Cedarville
State: MI
Zip: 49719
County: Mackinac
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General Information:

It was claimed in a 1946 article the 20 room Cedar Inn was a "century old" at that time. I don't know about that as I doubt it was built in 1846. It went up for sale in 1917 so it did go back a long way. The Inn was used as a school for a time in the 1930's even though it was still unheated. I found a nice display ad from 1938 advertising the accommodations. I also found an ad from 1939 advertising the Sunday dinners.

By 1946 it was being modernized by Fred Esterline who had purchased the Inn from Mrs. Ann Boyd. That article also indicates it was once used to put on plays for the local people. It was still going in the late 1950's for both rooms and meals. By 1973, it was being referred to in the past tense by the local papers. My best guess on the location is on the aerial photo below. I am using the address of the current community library (as of 2022) as I believe it was the lot just east of the library. There is a grassy area in the middle of a road that did not exist when the Inn stood on the lot. I believe that to be the location based on the historical photos.

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Cedar Inn - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Cedar Inn - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Cedar Inn - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Cedar Inn - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Cedar Inn - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Cedar Inn - 1955 Aerial
1955 Aerial
Cedar Inn - 2022 Aerial
2022 Aerial
Cedar Inn -  Aug 1953 Ad
Aug 1953 Ad
Cedar Inn - 1937 Article
1937 Article
Cedar Inn - 1938 Ads And Article
1938 Ads And Article
Cedar Inn - 1939 Ads
1939 Ads
Cedar Inn - 1946 Improvements
1946 Improvements
Cedar Inn - 1957 Ad
1957 Ad
Cedar Inn - 1964 For Sale
1964 For Sale
Cedar Inn - 1973 Article
1973 Article
Cedar Inn - Jan 1917 For Sale
Jan 1917 For Sale
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