Buena Vista Motel - Watervliet MI

Address: 9698 Red Arrow Hwy
City: Watervliet
State: MI
Zip: 49098
County: Berrien
Number of visits to this page: 956

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General Information:

This motel goes back to the early 1950's and was built by Mr. and Mrs. John Husar. Pretty much right off the bat, they made a deal to sell the place but the buyer wanted to back out and a lawsuit was the result. The plaintiff claimed they had misrepresented the property. The Husar's finally did sell it in 1950 to someone else who closed it by 1953. Supposedly, it was to re-open as the De Luxe Motel.

I don't think that happened though because in 1963, the owner at that time, John Wagg Sr, passed away. He was designated as the operator of the Buena Vista. Eventually this place became an apartment complex. There are numerous news articles from the 1980's and 1990's regarding various residents of this place being arrested for petty crimes.

Eventually, the place closed completely. It seems the building still stands as of 2022. It is hard to see from the street views as the lot is surrounded by vegetation. The color scheme was changed from white with red awnings to green awnings towards the end. Coincidentally, this place is within walking distance of the Sunset Drive-In in Hartford just across the county line.

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Buena Vista Motel - Old Postcard
Old Postcard
Buena Vista Motel - 2015 Street View
2015 Street View
Buena Vista Motel - 2009 Street View
2009 Street View
Buena Vista Motel - 2015 Street View
2015 Street View
Buena Vista Motel - 1969 Aerial
1969 Aerial
Buena Vista Motel - Aerial Photo - Drive-In Is Close By
Aerial Photo - Drive-In Is Close By
Buena Vista Motel - 1950 - Sold Again
1950 - Sold Again
Buena Vista Motel - 1951 Dispute Over Sale
1951 Dispute Over Sale
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1955 Article On Owners
Buena Vista Motel - 1963 Another Owner Passes Away
1963 Another Owner Passes Away
Buena Vista Motel - Oct 1953 Article - For Sale
Oct 1953 Article - For Sale
Buena Vista Motel - Oct 1953 Remodeling
Oct 1953 Remodeling
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