Irish Hills Motel - Onsted MI

Address: 8405 US-12
City: Onsted
State: MI
Zip: 49265
County: Lenawee
Number of visits to this page: 1154

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General Information:

Update: May 22 2023. I found an old postcard of the Irish Hills Motel and it raises interesting questions. First off, the structure looks nothing like the color postcard. Secondly, the structure is very close to the street. So, my previous analysis and assumptions could be wrong. Or, the building I pointed out WAS part of it but so was this other building shown in the old B&W photo. I can see both existed on the aerial photos. I will just add the B&W postcard for now and leave the entry below as is for now.

If I could only go back in time for a week and completely document Irish Hills! Anyway, this one is based on some assumptions but I believe they are correct. It is clear from the postcard photo the motel was in the foreground and the 2 famous Irish Hills Towers are behind, one in front of the other. So I looked for any structures on the historical aerial photographs that would line up. I found what I believe to be the old motel.

It appears the original version of the motel was the typical "L" shaped idea we have seen a million times before. That corresponds nicely to a 1949 ad indicating there was a 12 unit motel for sale in Irish Hills. Later in the 70's, we see the building was 1/2 of what it was and no longer "L" shaped. I found another ad for a 6 unit motel in 1979 so I figure it was the same place. There were other ads for motels for sale but they were lakefront which this place was not. So if all this is correct, we come up with 8405 US-12. The foundation of the motel can still be made out on aerial photos and ground level.

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Irish Hills Motel - Vintage Bw Postcard Showing Different Building
Vintage Bw Postcard Showing Different Building
Irish Hills Motel - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Irish Hills Motel - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Irish Hills Motel - Historical Aerial Photo Comparison
Historical Aerial Photo Comparison
Irish Hills Motel - 2020S Aerial Photo
2020S Aerial Photo
Irish Hills Motel - Oct 1949 For Sale
Oct 1949 For Sale
Irish Hills Motel - Aug 1979 For Sale
Aug 1979 For Sale © 2024 Over 73,106,408 Served