Vogue Theatre - Manistee MI

Address: 385 River St
City: Manistee
State: MI
Zip: 49660
County: Manistee
Open: 1938
Owner History: Butterfield Theatres
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 18001

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General Information:

This fantastic theater goes back to 1938 and thanks to the folks in the community is still going strong as of 2022. It was closed a few times over its life but was renovated and re-opened in 2013.

Info Updates:
12/11/2013 - John McDowell
The Vogue held their grand re-opening the weekend of Dec. 6 - 8. Their schedule shows movies being shown daily. See their web site of facebook page.
11/4/2011 - Jim Jacobs
Just recently the Vogue Theatre kicked off it's official fund raising campaign at the historic Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee. To date $515k has been raised for the purpose of the Vogue's restoration. There have been several large donations from private individuals as well as corporate donations. Things seem to be moving is a very positive direction as volunteers have nearly completed a major portion of the clean up and demolition on the interior of the building.
2/13/2011 - Kara Tillotson
Michael Moore announced on wednesday that he will help Manistee restore the Vogue Theatre to its original beauty. Citing the success of the nearby (Traverse City) State Theatre as an example, Moore pledged 10,000 towards the restoration of the Vogue.
2/8/2011 - Kara Tillotson
Tomorrow at 11am Michael Moore will be out in front of the Vogue Theatre to make an announcement.
1/7/2011 - Travis Alden
Shortly before Thanksgiving 2010 the Manistee Downtown Development Authority purchased the Vogue Theatre from the bankruptcy estate. We are currently in the process of stabilizing the building, including securing the failing stucco on the east and west facades and repairing the roof and internal roof drain system, which will basically seal up the building from the elements. The DDA board is pursuing two different options for the rehabilitation: a community-based model similar to the State Theatre in Traverse City or the Garden Theatre in Frankfort and if that model proves to not be feasible, a private development model would then be pursued.
8/4/2010 - Jim Jacobs
Recently there was an article in the Traverse City Record Eagle regarding the Vogue Theatre in Manistee. In the article it was disclosed that Michael Moore of the Traverse City Film Festival and well known film maker has an interest in the Vogue along with several run down theatre's in Michigan. In the article it was stated that he was going to take up to 10% of the proceeds of his latest film "Capitalism" and set up a fund for the restoration of distressed and rundown theatre's like the Vogue. It was stated that the funds would be in the neighborhood of 650k to 1mil dollars. The other theatre mentioned in the article was the Harbor Theatre in Muskegon. Moore and his associates have invited key individuals from Manistee to Traverse City to go over the highly successful operation of the famous State Theatre, which is the center of the nationally known Traverse City Film Festival. Moore stated that the State brings over 10m dollars into Downtown Traverse City annually, and feels that expansion and restoration of old theatre's like the Vogue and Harbor can do the same for their communities.

He further stated that in order for these projects to receive grants from the State of Michigan these theatre's have to be run as non profit entities like the State in TC.

This is my opinion and conjecture on my part. I'm thinking that at some point these projects will actually become part of the TC Film Festival and will operate as off campus branches of the State. I think its a win for every community involved and for the TCFF.

Bravo! Michael
4/20/2009 - Travis Alden
The theatre is currently closed and has been for over a year. Manistee's Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is exploring the possibility of conducting a feasibility study on the building, both to assess the structural/environmental condition of the building itself and also to do market research as to the financial viability of a small downtown theater operation in Manistee. Hopefully this will be completed in the next few months. Unfortunately, the building is in pretty bad condition.
8/26/2008 - nick
Well today i was walking on vacation in manistee and i saw this place so i got intrested and started finding out stuff about it. I asked a loacl and he has it has been closed for some time!
6/6/2008 - John McDowell
On a recent visit to Manistee, it appears that the Vogue is again closed.
Family members said that it may have closed as long ago as last winter.
10/1/2006 - Kara Tillotson
The Vogue theatre was converted into a two screen theatre in 1985ish, not the 90s.
7/22/2006 - Eric
The Vogue Theater reopened on July 7th, 2006, after being closed for 14 months. The theater was sold out for the second showing of "Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Mans Chest."
7/7/2006 - John McDowell
I have heard from Manistee residents that the correct date is July 7 (today).
6/30/2006 - Bill
The Vogue Theater, a well-known downtown Manistee landmark will be re-opening its doors to the public on Friday, June 7, after being closed for the past 14 months
5/14/2005 - John McDowell
Newspaper and television features are reporting the closing of the Vogue as of 5/10/2005. Business had been falling off recently, mainly due to the new GKC Harbor Cinemas in Ludington (about 30 miles away). Exterior stucco is reported to be falling from the building, causing the sidewalk near the theatre to be barricaded. A city official was hopeful that it could be re-opened, but it would probably take tax breaks to make it feasable. The building has been for sale for some time. Also, updating a previous entry, the second (balcony) screen had been added as long ago as the early 90s, if not before.
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Vogue Theater's balcony was recently coverted into an additional screen. Otherwise, the interior is remarkably original, to the point that the upholstry on the seats is held together with duct tape. The theater also has magnificent modern lights placed throughout its interior, a beautiful exterior, and its original marquee.
Vogue Theatre - 1940S From Paul (newer photo)
1940S From Paul (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Old Photo (newer photo)
Old Photo (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Summer 2006 From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Summer 2006 From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 1970S From Kara Tilotson (newer photo)
1970S From Kara Tilotson (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Recent Shot (newer photo)
Recent Shot (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 2015 Street View (newer photo)
2015 Street View (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
2013 Photo From Jeff (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - 2013 Shot From Eric Thuemmel (newer photo)
2013 Shot From Eric Thuemmel (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Old Postcard Photo (newer photo)
Old Postcard Photo (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Old Postcard (newer photo)
Old Postcard (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Old Post Card (newer photo)
Old Post Card (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Old Photo (newer photo)
Old Photo (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Balcony Mezzanine Main From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Balcony Mezzanine Main From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Lobby Pre-Twin From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Lobby Pre-Twin From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Vogue Theatre - Vogue Shoe Store From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
Vogue Shoe Store From Kara Tillotson (newer photo)
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