Merrie Melodie Theatre - Rochester Hills MI

Address: 104 N Adams Rd
City: Rochester Hills
State: MI
Zip: 48306
County: Oakland
Owner History:
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 4137

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General Information:

Here is my page on the now defunct MeadowBrook Village Mall

Source: Jim Thompson

As I recall, the man behind this fine effort was named John Thompson, and he was a theater organist. He and his wife, whose name I can't recall, and maybe 1 or 2 others worked the theater, which had about 75 seats. Initially he had older, classic films, but later brought in features that were fairly recent, possibly to try for more attendance.

Some of the showing were very well-attended, such as a Dracula/Frankenstein double-bill, a 3D movie night (or more), and when he showed Harold And Maude, the first time I got to see that wonderful film. Each show would include some theater-organ playing, too. Really nice folks there. This was located in the west end of the Meadow Brook Mall, then in Avon Township MI (basically Rochester), though that site is now in Rochester Hills. Can't recall exactly how long the MMT was in operation, but I was there at least a few times and it was really special.

From Cinema Treasures

A revival-type hobby theater founded by a Michigan theater organist and his spouse, the Merrie Melodie Theatre featured a variety of older films, including silent movies, classic horror, comedies, 1950’s 3-D movies, and ‘cult classic’ titles, for about a two to three year period, with a full regular schedule. Most showings included a theater organ concert or accompaniment (for the silents). Operating circa about 1978-1980. Theater no longer exists, and the mall is gone, as well, but has since been redeveloped into a newer but slightly similar retail site.

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