Northcrest Cinema

Address: 290 W Tienken
City: Rochester Hills
State: MI
County: Oakland
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4/30/2013 - Jim Thompson
I was part of a local group that made a King Kong parody film on Super 8 film, and after I asked the manager at the theater, we showed it there on one night each of three or four consecutive weeks in 1979. The first week, Rocky 2 was the main film. Somewhere have a VHS tape of us at out opening night at the theater. The Northcrest indeed had regular movies at that point, it was some time afterward that it changed to X rated. Initially as midnight movies only, then fulltime. Though I attended the theater several times before then, I never went there for any X-rated showings.
2/9/2011 - Cheryl
This theater and strip mall was constructed around 1972. It was NOT x-rated for the first 6 years. I lived across the street at the time it was built. I remember some of the movies that were shown, seeing the titles on the marquees. Midnight Cowboy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (which my dad went and saw a hundred times!) Smokey and the Bandit ran for 77 weeks there ! I got a job there in 1977, saw Smokey about 85 times, along with Heroes with Henry Winkler. I worked there for a little over a year, then it was bought out by the outfit that transformed it into an x-rated theatre. They let all of us kids go. had their own crew. We wouldn't have wanted to work there anyway, after that ! Definitely loved working there at the time. All the free popcorn and pop -- it was great !.
2/17/2006 - StarMan83-01
Back in 1982 a few friends and I went to our first X-rated film here. I think that this theatre closed in 1986. The theatre was north of downtown Rochester and you would never expect an X-rated movie theatre to be there. I was in high school when I first went there and I wasn t even 18 years old yet. I remember back in 1986 the Oakland county sheriff department raided the place and removed one of the films. I was a manager at the time at the nearby Winchester Mall cinemas 8, and the owners told us to run the film for an Oakland County judge to prove that it was pornography being shown at Northcrest. I believe this incident was the end of Northcrest Cinema - it closed shortly after.
Northcrest Cinema - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Northcrest Cinema - 1973-06-27 AD
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