Winchester Cinemas

Address: 1136 S Rochester Rd
City: Rochester Hills
State: MI
County: Oakland
Open: 1985
Owner History: Star Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 5766
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11/25/2012 - Jeffery Michael McDowell
Use to go here all the time. I remember the summer of 86 being a decent one for movies. At this time it had expanded and had 6 more theaters i think. they had a kid by the entrance of the theater(where the first 2 theaters were at) collecting tickets. After the expansion, they installed a 2nd ticket taker where the expansion was built. Funny thing is you can just go through the bathroom to get to the other theaters, so i would watch 3 or 4 movies on a Saturday , by just going through the bathroom.
1/20/2006 - Greg
This theater was part of the Winchester Mall, a mall that never really took off. Star took over the theater and I, for one, noticed quite an improvement in the theater itself. Star built the Star - Rochester about 2 miles south of this one and both operated for a while. The Winchester Mall owners either sold the mall or decided to completely redo it in an effort to re-vitalize it. The theater closed as a part of the mall changing from and inside access mall to more of a strip mall style where each store had outdoor access. The theater was in the back of the mall and was not accessable while the mall was almost completely demolished and re-built.
11/18/2005 - Doktor Hippy
Originally a single screen that was twinned, this is where Star Theatres got its start. An expansion took place later in the early 90s which boosted the total screens to eight, and the building and lobby were remodeled as well. This was the first Star Theatre to close due to fighting competition and stressed saturation of the movie theatre market in Detroit.
5/14/2005 - Moviegirl
Was owned by Star Theatres.
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