MJR Southgate Cinema 20

Address: 15651 Trenton Rd
City: Southgate
State: MI
County: Wayne
Owner History: MJR Theatres
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Info Updates:
6/5/2012 - Fulby
This theater has another phone number, 734 - 284 - 8083, which is a live recording. I called that today and I found out that the six largest auditoriums are #1, #2, #3, #11, #12 and #13. And I also found out that #4 seats 112. I believe the capacity of #19 is 131, but that was from my experience in being in that theater.
5/31/2012 - Fulby
According to a news article from 2010, this theater opened on November 6, 1998. Like other theaters in the MJR chain, it features balcony that connects to the projection booths and also to the ground floor via a spiral staircase, a preivews projector in the lobby (the projector itself is encased in a glass cube) and is the largest (and most likely highest-grossing) theater in the Downriver area of metro Detroit, with 20 screens, all with stadium seating, surround sound and digital projection. The two largest auditoriums (#2 and #11 (or #12, I don't know which is actually larger)) also feature exits onto the balcony.
MJR Southgate Cinema 20 - MAIN ENTRANCE
MJR Southgate Cinema 20 - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
MJR Southgate Cinema 20 - MARQUEE
MJR Southgate Cinema 20 - 1998-11-06 AD
1998-11-06 AD
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