Opera House

Address: 186 E Division St
City: Sparta
State: MI
County: Kent
Open: 1911
Owner History:
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Info Updates:
9/10/2014 - Heather
The actual name of this was Brown's Opera House. It's pretty well intact still, with playbills still hanging. The Eagle's Club owns the building, and has added large windows to the upper floor area.
2/12/2012 - Pat Watters
My husbands great grandparent were once owners or part owners of this establishment, desendant of Miller. He was also related to the family that owned the livery back when it was an actual livery.
6/26/2008 - Timmy
Is this the place that was also a recording studio in the 60''s?
Opera House - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
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