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Movie Theaters >> Gateway Theatre

Address: 33870 Van Dyke
City: Sterling Heights State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Macomb
Notes: AKA Premier Center
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1965   Capacity: 1432  
Owner: Suburban Detroit Theaters
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 8621

11/21/2014 - Denise Slowik
My first job was at The Gateway in 1971-1973. I started at the candy counter and worked as a usherette then in the box office. There were matinees on Saturday and people would drop their kids off for us to babysit them. The ticket cost $. 50 and the movies would run for about 3 hours. We sold candy for $. 15 and popcorn was $. 35 for a small $. 60 for a medium and $1. 00 for the big bucket with butter. The popcorn was brought in in large bags. We did use Land O' Lakes butter. There was orange and grape Fanta type drinks that we mixed with water. I made $1. 05 an hour. And was able to bring my boyfriend in to see the show for free. I knew every line of the Omega Man and Fiddler on the Roof. We had some great times there!.
3/2/2014 - gary larson
i worked at the gateway theater in the 70s. i started as a ticket taker and usher, ended up being the person who put up the movie names on the marquee out by van dyke. there was a building there that stored the letters. i had to put up a ladder to climb to the 4 ft wide platform 12ft up, and drag another ladder up there to reach the marquee. it had 30 in high letters, could carry about 6 at a time. climbed the 10ft step ladder up there to hook the letters on. got paid about $6 to change the sign, but got to see all the movies for free anytime i wanted, and could bring friends to.
2/14/2012 - David Aceto
gateway theatre which later became the premiere center housed some great acts such as frank sinatra but the best ever to perform their was the late great Whitney Houston i beleive i saw her their early september of 1984 great show.
11/23/2009 - Tom Ahern
The projectors have been removed and the wall bricked up in the booth..You can no longer view the booth window, as there is now a drop ceiling installed throughout the entire theater area..The main theater floor was leveled out too, so it no longer feels like you''re falling forward as you walk towards the old screen areas..But the exits to each side of the screens are still the original flooring, so you get a short run walking towards the back..The original restrooms are still in use towrds the main entrance, but have been repainted to match rest of the interior..It''s still a cool place to visit on occasion...
10/16/2008 - Tom Ahern
The Gateway is now home of Automated Benefit Systems, which is a customer for the company I work for. From what I understand from the current owner of the building, the original projection equipment is still in the booth. The auditorium is now filled with cubicles, but the floor still slopes towards the screen area. The original restrooms near the front entrance are still there, but are used for storage..I will try to take pictures on my next visit, and hopefully will be able to get into the old projection room..
4/28/2006 - David
I saw Sir Graves Ghastly there in 73 or so. His coffin was set up in the center of the stage; the crowd was hooting and hollering as fake "smoke" filled the theatre. The next thing you knew, the lid was opening and various "henchmen" (the werewolf, the mummy, etc) were running thru the audience. I still remember when one of the theatre "patrons" tripped the mummy and he went flying!! Sir Graves threatened to stop the performance...yeah right!!! This place was great, we used to ride our bikes up there in the summer to see movies. I remember it was mostly kids, and it was very loud. There was usually alot of candy flying thru the air, and pop cans/bottles rolling on the floor. What great childhood memories!!!
11/23/2004 - Randy Adam
The Preimer Center had many great Vegas type acts (i.e. Joan Rivers, Wayne Newton) and believe it or not Kid Rock even DJed there a few times. It did have some legends there. ANother showplace out of business.
11/21/2004 - Steve Barbish
Man, I saw the Blue Oyster Cult there in 1990. Very small crowd for such a well known band.
9/11/2004 - John M. Heyka
I saw Liberaces last Detroit performance here in early 1986. He mentioned to the audience at one point he was looking for either a new museum or a bigger venue to play. He paused, looked around the room and joked, "I wonder how much they want for this place?!" The audience broke out laughing!! God, what a priceless moment!
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Opened in 1965 with the James Bond movie, "Thunderball", the Gateway was part of the Suburban Detroit Theatres chain, and could seat around 1430 in its auditorium. Once the Showcase Cinemas opened nearby in 1974 with a then-rare five screens, business steadily fell off at the Gateway. It closed by the late 70s. It was reopened in 1981 as a dance club called the Premiere Center, which has long since closed. Sometime after the club was closed, the entire building (the marquee included) was painted black, for some unknown reason.
Gateway Theatre - RECENT PIC
Gateway Theatre - 1965-12-22 AD
1965-12-22 AD

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