Steinbergs Opera House - Traverse City MI

Address: 227-231 E. Front Street
City: Traverse City
State: MI
County: Grand Traverse
Owner History:
Theater Type: N/A
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Source: Tom Rombouts

Steinberg's Opera House (and Steinberg's retail store on the ground level of the building) was at 227-231 E. Front Street in Traverse City. It is not to be confused with the recently restored City Opera House on the south side of Front Street about two blocks west. Many web sites mix them up, but they are two separate venues. - Tom (lived in Traverse City for about 10 years).

Info Updates:
5/16/2007 - Jason
I have found just a little info on this Opera House. I have discovered that it opened on December 11th 1894 and it's first show was Hamlet Starring Walter Whiteside. So far this is all i have found but hope it helps.
Steinbergs Opera House - 1906 POSTCARD FROM PAUL
Steinbergs Opera House - OLD PHOTO
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