Mariner Theatre

Address: 430 S Water St
City: Marine City
State: MI
Zip: 48039
County: St. Clair
Open: 1927
Owner History:
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The historic Mariner Theater was built in 1927, it was converted from it’s original use as a movie palace and vaudeville theater in the 1970s. It served as a plaza filled with unique shops and was later converted to office space. A loft apartment was added in place of the fly space above the stage.

The Mariner has been repurposed once again. The newest reincarnation includes unique retail that provides a narrative shopping experience.

In addition, the Mariner hosts themed films and special event nights in their boutique theater that holds 48 guests.

Info Updates:
3/9/2021 - Andy Gray
The Mariner Theatre at 430 South Water Street in Marine City survives today, but its primary use as a movie venue has changed. The Mariner Theatre is among the Johnson Construction Co. projects cataloged by my uncle Albert S. Johnson Jr., but the year of the remodeling job is undocumented. Based on the description of "1930's mohair seats" and the appearance of the theater in the photo below, a renovation during the 1930's is almost certain.My grandfather's June 1948 Kodachrome slide (below) shows a marquee and other design elements typical of the theater renovations that he completed in the mid-thirties (e.g. the "old" Hudson Theatre and the Tibbits Theatre in Coldwater). The style of these early theater renovations pre-dated the "art moderne" doors and more streamlined marquees typical of later Johnson projects.
7/23/2016 - Kenneth Keith
Welcome to the Mariner, located in lovely Marine City, Michigan across from the St. Clair River. This former theater was built in 1927 and has taken on many different lives over the years. The Mariner has recently been renovated in order to become home to Titanic - The Building of an Icon Exhibit, which includes the official builder's model of Titanic, Fine Art Models' galleries of museum quality, limited edition scale models and finds from around the world. We have also added a boutique theater with 48 original 1930's mohair theater seats. We show classic movies, documentaries and independent films to an intimate audience. www. marinertheater. net.
7/16/2015 - Ashley
Today, Phillips Sign & Lighting is installing a blade sign & marquee, fabricated in Harrison Twp, MI. The signage is fashioned & inspired by the original sign from the 1920's. Gary Kohs of Fine Art Models purchased the theatre, and is recreating the interior as if you were in the past. The theatre will also house the 18ft Titanic Icon exhibit.
8/7/2003 - Milton Baker
I grew up in Marine city & a 1941 High School Grad - I believe the name of the theater was the "MARINER". The long time, well-liked manager and/or owner was Marve Clemons. Movie was 10 cents before I went in service . There was another theatre (cant remember name) down on the same side of the street that showed cowboy movies only (5 cents) which was replaced by a 5 & 10 later. Favorite Shows was when they had stage drawings to give away chickens & Turkeys. That was wild. Early on when the bigger city theatres started showing sound movies, the "Mariner" still howed silent movies for some time (same with color) with a long-time (Name?) piono player. I remember that. There was "Exit Doors" on both sides in the rear of the theatre. Some of my so-called friends used to crawl under the curtains there and put a wedge in the door to let their friends in free (crawling under the curtains). Many a theatre date in those days was "I ll meet you in the lobby" 10 cents was still a lot in those days. Sunday matinees drew the largest crowds lining up down the strre tio get in. Also guys used to wait to see if their girlfried was in the line and then tell them "See you inside". They showed local commercials (no sound slides) first, then the news, a comedy and/or a cartoon, then the main feature. Projector breakdowns was not uncommon with the typical boos. An after show treat was Cordens Sweet Shop or either of two other ice cream parlors ( One across the street (Blue Water)gave a triple dip for 5 cents) and Squires Drug Store Soda Fountain The Coke with a fizzle was a big favorite.
7/3/2003 - Richard Metcalf
The theater was the "Marine City Theater". Ive seen it called the "Marine City Family Theater" in old (Teens -30s) photos. I was talking to an M.C. native today, she belives it shut down in the 50s.
Mariner Theatre - 2020 PHOTO OF AMAZING MARQUEE
Mariner Theatre - FROM BRUCE WICKS
Mariner Theatre - 2020 PHOTO OF AMAZING MARQUEE
Mariner Theatre - Photo from early 2000's
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