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Wayland Theatre (Regent Theatre) - Wayland MI

Address: 121 E Superior St
City: Wayland
State: MI
Zip: 49348
County: Allegan
Open: 1941
Capacity: 411
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 3899

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General Information:

Update Feb 16 2023: I believe I have located the Wayland. It was demolished in 1971 and converted to parking. Looking at the historical aerial photos of Superior St, you can see a building that eventually disappears from the current version. The empty lot has a street address which also indicates a building was there. So, 121 E Superior is what I am going with.

Source: Beth Bourque

This is a photo of the theater from my own youth in Wayland, Michigan. It was situated on West Superior Street. I spent hours and hours and hours waiting on the curb for my parents to pick me up after a movie. This old Art Deco style theater held 411 seats plus another 8 or so in the upstairs crying room. I know that because my grandmother used to be the janitor there and I counted them one Saturday morning when I accompanied her to do her work. The shows were Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings and once in a while they had some special Saturday matinee show for kids. In the sixties, a kid with 35 cents could get pay the price of admission and get a box of popcorn. It was the place to be on Friday nights at 7 p.m.

This theater was built in the late 1930's by the family who is also involved with the Park Theater in Augusta. They also built a theater in Cedar Springs and Galesburg. The article below details that toward the end.

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Wayland Theatre (Regent Theatre) - Old Photo Courtesy Beth Bourque
Old Photo Courtesy Beth Bourque
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