Shelby Theatre

Address: Michigan Ave
City: Shelby Township
State: MI
County: Oceana
Owner History:
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Notes: The Gem Theatre was opened prior to 1926. Around 1938 it was renamed Shelby Theatre. It was still open in 1957.
Info Updates:
4/14/2017 - Daniel Wieczorek
I was the manager/projectionist 76-77. It was a great theatre to work at and for R&R theatre company. I had a great crew and it was a terrific job for a single 21 year old male. It was business all evening then drinking and dancing the rest of the night. I hope all that were there at that time are doing well. That was a wonderful experience.
11/25/2012 - Jeffery Michael McDowell
The movie theater was there for quite a long time(until the mid 80's). I remember the Marquee having a double feature fot The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Enter the Ninja, back in 81. I use to sneak in (which was way to easy), to numerous viewings of The Beastmaster', and Tootsie, many a good memory spent there. Use to play video games there too. i was a Dig Dug fanatic.
5/12/2008 - Brad Cook
I managed this theatre when it first opened in the Spring of 1974. It opened with "9 Lives of Fritz the Cat" which was an X rated cartoon and it did not go over with the people of Shelby Township. Because of that opening the people would not patronize the theatre, therefore the Shelby Theatre was short lived. I believe it stayed opened 2 or 3 years at most. It was a nice small twin theatre and I had a great crew working for me, good luck to all of you, where ever you may be, specially Steve Dudock. Hope you are doing well.
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