Crystal Theater

City: Chesaning
State: MI
County: Saginaw
Open: 1935
Capacity: 242
Owner History: Ashmun Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 11420
Info Updates:
2/16/2020 - Joe Stanuszek
I remember going there when I was 3 (fall 1950). First time seeing a moving picture. The outdoor box office brightly painted with lots of light bulbs. There were a couple of steps up to enter the building. Wooden folding seats attached to the floor maybe 15- 20 in a row. Two bathrooms at the back the size of walk-in closets along with a table and coat rack. Popcorn was 5 cents -the bag had a big 5 on it. Shocking when the lights off and the projector started. It was a black/ white cartoon with dancing animals and a mouse at the wheel of a steamboat (Disney's Steamboat Willy?). Movie was Snow White. Bright colors were amazing - Most memorable were the 7 dwarfs singing while working the mine. The theater closed within a week or so after, I recall Mom saying a new one was to be built.
8/20/2013 - Brian Devereaux
I think I have another theater to add to the Saginaw county list. When I got together with family members this last weekend and I asked about them the Town theater in Chesaning, it was brought up that there was another theater in town called the Crystal. I have little information, just the name and approximate location, near the Malt Shop which is at the corner of Broad and Chapman.
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