Ishpeming Theatre

Address: 356 Cleveland Avenue
City: Ishpeming
State: MI
County: Marquette
Open: 1945
Capacity: 857+
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 12797
Info Updates:
8/30/2013 - Allen Larson
I was raised in the UP and enjoyed looking at the older theaters in Marquette County. I have to tell you, you missed one. In Ishpeming besides the Butler theater, there was also the Ishpeming theater which operated at least into the middle 60s. I Went into the Navy in 62 and know that it was still in business at that time. The part that I find so interesting, is the size listed for these show houses. They seemed so big to a kid from Negaunee when I was young and now I see just how small they were. I spent many Saturday afternoons at the Vista in Negaunee, watching a double feature, the world news, previews, and 3 colored cartoons. Now and then my Mother would drive us to Ishpeming to the Ishpeming theater for something different. Ah the memories of a wild youth.
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