Star Theatre - Brooklyn MI

Address: 119 N. Main Street
City: Brooklyn
State: MI
Zip: 49230
County: Jackson
Capacity: 420
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 13769

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General Information:

The Star Theater was opened prior to 1941 when it was listed with 200 seats. By 1950 it was listed with 463 seats. As recently as 2021 there were investors trying to re-open the theater but I believe it is going up for sale instead. I looked at it myself back when it was available for 135k back in 2003. Honestly, given the money it would take to renovate and re-equip the place it wouldn't be worth the effort to re-open. A single screen theater in a small town is not going to generate enough revenue to justify the expense. I strongly encourage those who have small neighborhood theaters in their area to patronize them as most are on the brink of going under as of 2022.

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Info Updates:
9/18/2016 - Josh Mitoska
We are still here, we have turned the outside into a canvas for street art Find us on facebook Water STREET ART Project.
1/20/2012 - Josh Mitoska
The Building is nearing completion, only 12 years behind schedule. We would have been ready this year but all the 35mm equipment we bought last year will now be needed to be upgraded to full digital.
8/1/2010 - Mike Aernouts
mlive - April 15, 2009 The Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper reported that "A deal to turn the shuttered Star Theatre in Brooklyn into a live theater venue has fallen apart, with both owner and tenant blaming the other for the failure.
Left of Center Theater Company in August worked out a deal with owner Josh Mitoska to rent the former movie theater, which closed in 1991. The community theater group had been working with the village of Brooklyn to eventually purchase and renovate the building. At the beginning of March, the group stopped leasing the building and turned in its keys. 'The ability to deal with the current owner has reached a point where we can no longer proceed with the grants we had in place,' said Left of Center member Scott Clow, who helped work out the original deal. Mitoska said the deal fell apart because the group was unable to come up with funds to renovate the building. He also alleges the group left utility and insurance bills unpaid. 'We definitely are not on good terms with them," Mitoska said. "I'm stuck with all these bills now.' But Clow said it was not a matter of being able to come up with funding. 'We had all the grants in place, but there were just some hurdles with the ownership that couldn't be overcome,' he said. Village Manager Victor Cardenas said the village was going to buy the building with a Michigan Economic Development Corp. grant, but the agency wanted guarantees that renovations would proceed. The deal fell apart before the groups applied for the funds. 'We worked with the Brooklyn community ... knowing full well their support wasn't necessarily for Left of Center, it was for the revitalization of the Star Theatre,' Clow said. Cardenas said the village still is open to negotiations to get the theater running again, but he does not foresee anything happening in the next six months to a year. 'I am sure people are going to be disappointed the latest attempt fell through,' he said.
4/19/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
A recent site inspection revealed the theatre is closed but is intact waiting for a buyer. It can be had with all equipment intact for 135k. This site seems to have tremedous potential as there does not seem to be another theatre close by.
Star Theatre - October 8 2023
October 8 2023
Star Theatre - May 1 2021
May 1 2021
Star Theatre - May 1 2021
May 1 2021
Star Theatre - Marquee
Star Theatre - Front Of Building
Front Of Building
Star Theatre - Front Of Building
Front Of Building
Star Theatre - Front Doors
Front Doors
Star Theatre - Lobby
Star Theatre - Auditorium
Star Theatre - Projection Booth
Projection Booth
Star Theatre - Jan 17 1976
Jan 17 1976
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July 10 2000
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