Clawson Theatre - Clawson MI

Address: 116 W. 14 Mile Road
City: Clawson
State: MI
Zip: 48017
County: Oakland
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 19195

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General Information:

Source: Kathleen K. Ferris

The Clawson Theatre is now owned by the couple who purchased and lovingly restored the Ambassador Roller Rink, which is next door. Both the theatre and the roller rink were built in 1941. Mary Liz Curtin and her husband Stephen founded Leon & Lulu (formerly the Ambassador Roller Rink) in 2006. It has since become an award-winning retailer, which features high-end furnishings, clothing, gifts and more. It is also the site for more than 80 non-profit events each year. The Clawson Theatre is currently being renovated, including with an exact replica of the 1941 marquee, which was installed May 21, 2015. The theatre will become, The Show, and will feature a cafe and more fabulous shopping. It's slated to open fall 2015.

AKA Cinema 14

Source: Andy Gray

My uncle Bud Johnson's documentation includes the Clawson Theatre project, at 116 W. 14 Mile Road in Clawson, but without the year of the job. With none of Al Johnson's vintage slides, we need to look online for some photos.

I've attached two images: one is a photo from the site showing the theater with a 1954 film "Demetrius and the Gladiators" on the marquee. In that image the right-hand door is propped open and you can see that it's a half-moon glass "Johnson door." A post by David Zornig on the Cinema Treasures website provides this clue to the building's history and the year that Al Johnson remodeled it: "Past realty listings show it as having been built in 1930. But it didn’t open as a theater until 1941."

The building is still in use. A 2015 article on the website says: "A replica of the 1941 marquee has been erected on the original building, which was being remodeled for a café and retail space:"

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12/2/2003 - Box Office Magazine
H. Pierre LaMarre is changing the name the Clawson Theatre at Clawson to the Cinema 14 Clawson.
Clawson Theatre - May 9 2009 (newer photo)
May 9 2009 (newer photo)
Clawson Theatre - From Oakland Press (newer photo)
From Oakland Press (newer photo)
Clawson Theatre - Old Photo (newer photo)
Old Photo (newer photo)
Clawson Theatre - 1942 Article From James (newer photo)
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