Casino Theatre

Address: 4858 E Davison
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1930
Owner History:
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4/14/2018 - The Keystone Kid
The Casino was run buy a guy we called Johnny Tatoo. I think his dad owned the Romona. The time frame was the early 1950’s. Price to get in was. 09 cents. 15 cents for Adults. That was for two feature movies, two cartoon’s and a news reel. My mom didn’t get to go to the movies much, but she got most of her good china there. Frankinstine, the Werewolf, the Mummy played by Tom Tyler his real name was Vincent Markowski he was also Captain Marvel in the comics, and a cowboy He Lived with his sister on Monart street until he passed around 1954. Casino sold Gold Chip’s but they were better hot right off the line in the factory on Coanut in 1951. The neighbor hood was once a great place to live full of hard working Polish and Italian people. Now most of it has been burned to the ground. Sad.
12/19/2007 - John Nowak
We lived about three blocks from the Casino Theater. My parents remember it but it closed around when I was born. The building still stands.
1/28/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This old house, located near Davison and McNichols, was opened in the era of the Depression but could not survive the age of television.
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