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Movie Theaters >> Grand Circus Theatre

Address: 2115 Woodward Ave
City: Detroit State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
Notes: AKA: Central
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1913   Capacity:  
Owner: Unknown
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 14462

1/13/2020 - Nick Sortzi
The more modern color photo is of the Grand Circus Theatre on Broadway, Witherell and Madison that is today the Detroit Opera House, not the Grand Circus Theatre on Woodward.
11/24/2012 - Marianne
Think this is where we saw U2 in 1983. Anyone know the capacity? small enough Bono came up to the balcony where we were, amazing concert, great venue.
5/22/2012 - SBL
Saw lots of great concerts here in the early 80's.
8/22/2010 - Rick
i was there as a kid in the early 60s when it was the grand circus i returned after it became the Detroit opera house as the grand circus the main lobby was blocked off and i was shocked to see what a beautiful place it really was.
6/18/2010 - Randy
The one listed as "old photo" is the 2115 Woodward location, where the Fillmore (State) Theatre is today.
6/16/2010 - Gregg Davenport
There are two photos of the Grand Circus on the website and they are obviously different buildings. Which was located at 2115 Woodward Av.?
8/12/2009 - John Lauter
The picture from American Classics on this page is of the Capitol/Broadway Capitol/Paramount/Capitol/Grand Circus theatre of 1922 on Broadway, now known as the Detroit Opera House. The lower photo is correct, that is the Grand Circus theatre that once stood where the State/Palms/Fillmore is today.
3/16/2007 - Charity
In 1889 the Wonderland Theater at Campus Martius, Detoit, collapsed, killing several employees. Was it ever rebuilt and what is it used for today?
10/8/2006 - JerryD
This picture of the Grand Circus Theatre was located on Woodward Ave., at the site the Palms/State theatre now stands. It was torned down in the early 1900's. The most recent Grand Circus Theatre was on Broadway, formerly the Capitol and the Broadway Capitol , it was operated in the 50's by Sol Korman, playing mostly action and Horror flicks, United Detroit Theatres took over control in about 1959 and remoleded, under the supervision or Woody Praught, President of UDT. The Grand Circus, again was taken over by Nicholas George Theatres in Nover of 1964, NGT operated the theatre for a couple of years and Community Theartes (Goldberg Twins took over control, they owned the Bldg. Community Theatres operated the place for several years and tragid kiddnapping & killing took place somewhere around the theatre and publisty killed the place. I worked there in 64 & 65, its was a great place to view a movie, large wide screen and extra wide auditorium, not a bad seat on the main floor. Dick Scklucki was the manger while I was there and his staff taught me the ins and out of running a theatre, paper work wise, a great and wise man was Dick Sckliucki, one of the best.
10/6/2006 - Shannon
Sean, the theater shown here was the "original" Grand Circus Theater. The theater now known as the Detroit Opera House was originally known as the Capitol Theater, then years later it became the Grand Circus Theater. I think it had some other names before that, too, but I don't have my reference book in front of me. If you look in Motor City Marquees by Stuart Galbreith, it will clear up a lot. That book isn't perfect - there are some errors and omissions - but next to this website, it's the best look at Detroit movie theaters that we have.
10/5/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
I always thought the Grand Circus was on Broodway and became the Detroit opera House in the 1990's If not what was the Detroit Opera House before it was the Detroit Opera House? Is it possible the theatre moved(I mean the name not the building)? I saw Beatlemania there years ago in the 80's and it was cool. Goodness Detriot is an amazing place as far as history goes. Thanks
10/4/2006 - Charity
Was this theater once known as the Wonderland theater, built in 1887?
1/30/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This old silent-era house was in the Grand Circus Park along with many other theatres, in fact you can see the old Park Theatre next door. It was renamed the Central before going dark in 1924.
Grand Circus Theatre - OLD PHOTO
Grand Circus Theatre - AS THE CENTRAL
Grand Circus Theatre - FROM ROBERT MORROW

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