M-78 Twin/Triple Drive-In Theatre - Lansing MI

Address: 6385 Newton Rd at M-78
City: Lansing
State: MI
Zip: 48906
County: Ingham
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Theater Type: N/A
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General Information:

Source: Drive-Ins.com

The M-78 Twin Drive-In Theater opened as a year-round theater on Friday, November 7th, 1969. It was the second of three Red Screen/Blue Screen themed drive-ins opened by National Amusements/Redstone Theaters in the late 60s-early 70s. The first to open in May, 1969 was the Cascade Twin in Grand Rapids. The third was the Miracle Twin in Flint, which opened in February, 1973. The Cascade was closed and demolished, the Miracle Twin remains open in 2001.

The M-78 Twin became a triple in 1977 when a third "green" screen was added, using a portion of the blue screens field. A fourth screen was planned at the same time, but was never built. The M-78 Drive-In became a twin again in 1992 when the green screen and field were removed to allow for the addition of a Super Cinemas multiplex indoor theater. The M-78 Twin was scheduled to reopen as usual in May,1993 as shown in the photo of the marquee, it never did. The M-78 has sat idle since then.

The screens were demolished on November, 17th, 1999, and the Super Cinemas indoor theater closed in July, 2000. The M-78 ticket booths, snack bar, office, and the Super Cinemas all remain standing as of November, 2001. Supposedly the property has been sold, and is scheduled for residential development. Ron Gross.

Info Updates:
5/18/2010 - MichiganDriveIns.com
The M-78 Drive-In screens were removed in November, 1999. The remains of the drive-in and the Super Cinemas indoor theater were both demolished in November 2008. Also, the M-78 was never owned by Butterfield. It was built by Redstone Theatres (National Amusements) in 1969, and they still own the property today.
1/6/2003 - MichiganDriveIns.com
National Amusements built the Super Cinemas at the front of the M-78 Drive-In property. Follow the drive to the right for the indoor and to the left for the outdoor
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