Harmony Theatre

Address: 11205 Mack
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1921
Capacity: 1322
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 6944
Notes: AKA: Admiral
Info Updates:
9/26/2019 - Fortunato LaBarbera
I worked at the Admiral Theatre in Detroit from 1960 to 1966 when I was drafted in the Army. The owners of the theatre back then were the Brook's Brothers. They were like a second and third father to me. I ran the projection booth and managed the theatre when the manager was off or on vacation, many different assignments. I have very fond memories of the theatre and the people I worked with. I lost track of the owners, and I wish I could find what ever happened to them or where they are laid to rest. I am certain at my age that they were laid to rest since they were much older than me. Great , Great memories.
10/28/2010 - Dexter Harris
The Admiral was located on the Eastside of Detroit,Michigan on Mack Ave. and St. Jean. The theater was opened in the 1920's or 1930's, closed in the late 1970's and converted into a church in the 1980's. At this present time the building is now a liquor store, one of the largest on the Eastside of Detroit. I remember this movie theater because my parents took me there to see a double feature as a child. I remember the 1st time seeing a martial arts film here starring the late Bruce Lee i. e. Enter The Dragon.
10/19/2010 - Kathy
Correction: The business there now is called Palace Pizza.
10/19/2010 - Kathy
This building now houses Palace Pizza. The exterior is stripped down, but you can see clearly that it was once a theater.
1/10/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Opened as the Harmony in 1921, this 1325-seat theater was completely remodeled in 1941 by C. Howard Crane in Art Moderne style. It not only received a new look, but a new name, as well, the Admiral. The theater was shuttered by the mid-70s and though it still remains standing today, it is little more than a shell.
8/7/2003 - Brent Embry
As a kid growing up on the east side of Detroit back in the 70s, there was a small neighborhood movie theater called The Admiral. It was on Mack Ave. between Beniteau and St. Jean. It closed in the late 70s or early 80s and became a church called Browns Chapel. Its still there today and the ticket booth might even still be there. The original flourescent marquee is now painted wood. I have fond memories of The Admiral. Back in the 60s they showed many first-run flicks, but in the 70s it became a grindhouse that showcased Blaxploitation, Kung Fu films and low budget Action, Horror & Sci-Fi double features. I do remember that matinees were $.75 and regular admission was $1.50!! It was cool because you didnt have to drive downtown to see the latest flicks, you could walk around the corner and see folks from the hood there. Also, the hot dogs were great and the popcorn had real butter!! The Admiral definitely deserves a mention on your site! Hopefully some other east-siders remember it!
Harmony Theatre - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Harmony Theatre - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Harmony Theatre - AERIAL
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