West Side Drive-In Theatre - Oak Park MI

Address: 14350 W 8 Mile Rd
City: Oak Park
State: MI
Zip: 48237
County: Oakland
Owner History:
Theater Type: N/A
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General Information:

AKA "Drive-In Theater", "Detroit Drive-In", "8-Mile Drive-In"

The Westside Drive-In was one of the earliest drive-ins to open in the Detroit region, and could accomodate 700 cars. The opening movie on April 26, 1940 was John Wayne & Claire Trevor in “Allegheny Uprising”. It was operated by General Cinemas.

The drive-in was also known as the 8 Mile Drive-In. Its last operator was Wisper & Wetsman and it operated until 1984. It was demolished later that year to make way for a lumber yard (which itself is no longer in operation).

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Info Updates:
8/5/2013 - Mike Wills
Early 60's was in the trunk many times to get in for free, and afterwards drove to the Dipsey Doodle for a hamburger.
10/14/2007 - Ken
I grew up right behind the West side drive in. We use to look forward to watching the fireworks from our house on the fourth of July. We also use to sneak to the back of the drive in and watch the movies with no sound. Yes, we also went with our parents in a car to the drive in. This was during the late 60's and early 70's. I remember around 1980 going there with my Mother to watch a cheap horror flick. It was a fun place for a kid. I also remember the Royal Oak drive in which was a blast too!
9/21/2007 - Marshall
My folks used to take us there in the late 50's and early 60's. There was a kids amusement park called Kiddieland next door and we would go early so we could go on the rides before the movie started. I remember seeing The Birds and List of Adrian Messenger there.

6/24/2007 - Ron Smith
My father would take us to this drive in almost every weekend when I was around 8 or 9, that would have been lte 5os early 60s. I too loved the playground and our parents allowed us to play in our Pajamas! I though that was the coolest. I remember seeing some kid with a Mohawk boy did that upset my dad:) I thought it was awesome. They also had spotlight tag during the intermission for all the guys that had spot lights installed.
7/25/2005 - Debra
I grew up in Ferndale and remember in elementary school (late 1950s or early 1960s) my parents taking me there a couple times. It was a pretty popular place and I remember the playground underneath the movie screen. It wasnt elaborate...swings, slide, maybe merry go round. It was next or near to the National Guard Armory and just down the road to Northland Shopping Center (a favorite hangout of mine as a kid.)
5/26/2003 - Drive-Ins.com
One of the earliest drive ins, a sister to the Eastside. It was a small theatre holding about 800 cars. Started having gang troubles in the early 80s and was torn down in December 1984 to make way for a lumber yard (which has since gone out of business). - R. Fredrick
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