Fremont Cinemas

Address: 1027 W Main St
City: Fremont
State: MI
County: Newaygo
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 4661
Notes: Operated by Northstar Cinemas, it closed on June 13, 2013. It reopened in 2019, but closed on September 16, 2020 and is ‘For Sale’ and the owner is filing bankruptcy. It was sold to a new operator on 22nd September 2020.
Info Updates:
4/7/2014 - Daniel Longcore
Fremont Cinemas has been bought by new owners, they are upgrading the theater to digital projection, and it is expected to reopen by this summer.
6/16/2013 - Vaughn Guild
Sadly, this theatre closed on June 14, 2013, perhaps forever. Its last film was a sneak preview showing of the 2013 Superman movie on June 13, 2013. Presently (6/15) there is a sign on the door saying it will re-open, but there are no details. Another sign on the door advises vendors how to collect the machines in the theatre lobby.
1/30/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
This tiny multi-plex appears to be located in a shopping center, which is unfortunate as Fremont once had a nice art deco house downtown that is now gone.
Fremont Cinemas - AUDITORIUM
Fremont Cinemas - Photo from early 2000's
Photo from early 2000's
Fremont Cinemas - SPRING 2008
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