Woods 6 - Gross Pointe MI

Address: 19269 Mack Ave
City: Gross Pointe
State: MI
Zip: 48236
County: Wayne
Open: 1948
Capacity: 2400+
Owner History: United Detroit Theatres
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 16200

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General Information:

Source: Cinema Treasures

For a neighborhood house, in the suburb of Grosse Pointe Woods, the Woods was originally quite large, and sat well over 2500. It was built for the United Detroit Theaters chain, opening in 1948, their first in seven years, since the Royal, which was designed by the same architect as the Woods, Charles N. Agree. This late Art Moderne style movie theater opened with the film "Crossfire" and contained unusual features such as "Telesonic" seats for the hearing-impaired, and a good-sized exhibition gallery, which was leased to area schools and business owners.

In 1969, the year the Woods began to be jointly operated by Plitt Theatres and Nicholas George, it briefly closed as it underwent a nearly-million dollar reconstruction, converting the spacious balcony into a second auditorium. It was reopened in late 1970 as the Woods I & II, with 1200 seats in the main auditorium and 750 in the new second auditorium.

Theater architect Louis Wiltse was hired in 1981 to transform the upper level auditorium into a twin, seating 335 and 320 each. Two years later, Wiltse triplexed the main auditorium, seating 590, 312 and 305. In the mid-80s, the former exhibition hall was even converted into another auditorium, one of the tiniest in the Detroit area, seating a mere 62. In 1986, AMC took over the Woods, afterwards the AMC Woods 6. In 1997, the theater was shuttered, and remains so today.

Info Updates:
10/28/2016 - Duane Lamers
Indeed, the Woods never had a balcony. As in all theaters the floor sloped toward the front. In the first renovation the rear portion was walled off to create a second theater, at a higher level. The front portion then had equipment installed for 70mm film presentations.
4/12/2012 - Jeff
I was the Head Usher from 1979 through 1982. what an awesome place to work. Some of my fondest memories are associated with that theater, and all the great people I used to work with there.
3/25/2012 - Milkman
During the Detroit Riots the roof of the Woods was used by the Army for snipers.
1/18/2011 - Gistok
Although the Woods is now history, the site that it took up has not yet been built upon. St. John Hospital owns the property, and part of it is used for parking. Future plans (once the economy improves) include building a multistory hotel, mainly for the family of patients staying at St. John Hospital. With so many smaller hospitals being bought up in Oakland, Macomb and St. Clair Counties, St. John is the main medical center for the hospital corporation, and major surgeries have been relocated here, hence the need for a hotel.
11/15/2010 - Dave
Just like many. in the late 70's my friends and I would ride our bikes up there from the Ballduck Park area. (Farmbrook to be exact) No one had money. so one would pay and we'd sneak in most of our friends. Remember seeing Love at First bite there. LOL. The last time I was there it was still pretty neat. I was in 11th grade. 1988, took my girl there to see a flick. So long ago!.
5/8/2008 - tootsie
With my friends, we rode our bicycles (about 11:30am) from Mack/Brys to the Woods Theater...approx. two/three miles?

We'd lock our bikes to one of the racks and it was not uncommon for at least one or more of us to lack the $.25 admission fee.
One of us would pay to get in, then sneak to either of the exit doors next to the movie screen that opened up to the parking lot at the rear, and crack the door for the others.
We got away with it virtually every time we tried.

My mother used to give me $.30 or .35.
A quarter for admission, and a nickel for candy.
This was summertime 1963/64/65.

Like an earlier poster said, us kids spent the whole afternoon at the show.
Three Stooges & other various shorts, cartoons, and two movies. (one was the 'main feature')

Just a side note, Suzy Quattro (Happy Days) family lived right on Mack Ave., about a block or two down from the theater on the other side of the street.
Her father was the organist at Olympia hockey games.

10/28/2007 - Joe Masch
Saw "The Exorcist" at the Woods (scared me to death),afterward we went to Bill Kavan's for a quick burger.I asked the waitress what was the soup-du- jour and she replied "Split Pea",needless to say I just had a burger and fries.

8/6/2007 - Dawn
My dad loves to go to the movies. So, I know the Woods very well. Yes, the 6th screen was very small. In fact, my dad use to call it as the garage. (My dad was all about a big screen.) "If they are showing it in the 'garage'; I don't want to go see it!" He would say. (Imagine it being said with a German accent. It makes a bit funnier.) My friend's mom knew Nick. My friend, Sue, worked there 1987 to 1989 (maybe into the 90's....not too sure we lost touch the 1st few years after high school.) Lots of memories of going there with my family and friends, but only one as a date. (That's alright, it makes him a little more special.) I wish there were some pic's from the 1970's or later. I guess I thought it would always be there.
6/3/2007 - Neil Hammack
Could not resist commenting on this site. Went to a few movies 1950 to 1952. The most vivid memory I have is when the movie The Thing was shown. My girl Barbara and I were so frightened by some of the scenes tha we almost walked out several times. I remember the show located pn Mack north of 7 mile rd. Boy did we hang on to each other. Smile !!!
1/3/2007 - Funkrock
I was an usher at the Woods between 1983 - 1985 my last 2 years of high school. During that time they added 2 more screens to total 6. The 6th & final room was very small & sat directly across from the "stand". From what I can remember no balcony existed during those years. The basement was huge & had tunnels that we used to dare each other to enter. The upstairs was expansive as well which included a very cool projection room where "Nick" presided, as well as a coverted storage room which was our locker room. Secret parties were held on the roof after hours. Great memories, great people. I was able to aquire a brick from the demo before they cleared it away.
8/2/2006 - JerryD
The Woods never had a balcony. The theatre was twinned by ABC Michigan Theatres in 1969-70, under the directon of Leon Serin, VP of ABC Theatres. The large screen curtain was removed and installed in the Ramona Theatre, located on 6 Mile & Gratiot, also all the usable carpet was removed and installed in the Ramona.
4/28/2006 - Unknown
I agree that it never had a balcony. Not that I can remember unless there was one and we werent allowed up there. I remember walking the mile there every Saturday with 50 cents in my pocket from my parents 25 for the show and 25 for candy.. I think we would buy the candy at the drug store that was next to it as it was cheaper there.. I used to think how nice it was that my parents would pay for me to go spend all day at the show... Only after having my own kids did I realize that they were just getting rid of me for the day... To bad that nowadays you cant send your kids off by themselves for fear of the child protection people knocking on your door...
1/5/2006 - Jon C.
This theatre was demolished after it was purchased by St. John Hospital. The hospital then expanded into the former theatres site.
10/24/2004 - Don Gillespie
I saw "The Exorcist" there on a Friday (it opened on a Wednesday). There was never a movie like this before that toched on this subject matter. I remember seeing two nurses in the lobby because women were passing out or getting sick. There were tears and crying coming from several ladies in the audience. I know it scared the s*** out of me. What a movie, what a cool place. I remember you had to park behind it and walk between two buildings to get to the front box office. DG
1/5/2004 - Theatre Catalog
An old issue of the Theatre Catalog reveals the original design of the Woods when it was a single screen movie palace. Thanks to Ron Gross for the info!
8/10/2003 - Larry Toll
The Woods was a 1 floor, nearly 2500 seat theatre. It never had a balcony.
7/8/2003 - Chris Dean
Sadly, the Woods has been demolished. I cannot recall exactly when, 1999 or 2000. A small park with a playscape sits there today.
Woods 6 - From American Classic Images
From American Classic Images
Woods 6 - Old Photo
Old Photo
Woods 6 - Interior
Woods 6 - Auditorium
Woods 6 - Auditorium
Woods 6 - Interior
Woods 6 - Interior
Woods 6 - Interior
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Rare Color Shot
Woods 6 - Old Photo
Old Photo
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