Wamplers Lake Pavilion - Brooklyn MI

Address: 1282 Wamplers Lake Rd
City: Brooklyn
State: MI
Zip: 49265
County: Jackson
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This pavilion was located in the Irish Hills area in Onsted/Brooklyn. It operated in the 1950's and beyond. In it's earlier years, it featured the big band sound like Stan Kenton at a place called Allie's. Later on, it hosted many prominent rock and roll acts such as The Amboy Dukes, The Stooges, Bob Seger, The Electric Prunes, Frigid Pink, The Rationals and many others at the Pavilion. All Detroit/Michigan Rock Royalty. The Walled Lake Casino had those acts back then too.

Allie & Helen Luckhardt ran the Wampler's Lake Pavilion (then called "Allie's Place") from 1945-65, featuring many performers from their era and the Big Band music they loved so much: Louie Armstrong, Les Brown, Duke Ellington, Harry James, Stan Kenton, Freddie Martin (with Merv Griffin), Vaughn Monroe and many others.

Being between Detroit & Chicago, it wasn't difficult at all to get these Big Band names to perform at Wampler's. When Rock & Roll became the latest musical taste, operating the pavilion became less fun and more of a chore for the Luckhardt's...therefore, they sold the building and business in 1965.

After closing down, the pavilion was demolished and a storage facility was built. To see a sad - but glorious - reminder of something that was once great, check out the photo gallery below to see a baker's dozen of some of the great Rock 'n Roll acts that played at Wampler's Lake Pavilion. Read More: HISTORIC MICHIGAN ROCK VENUES: Wampler's Lake Pavilion

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Wamplers Lake Pavilion - Old Photo Of Pavilion And Owner
Old Photo Of Pavilion And Owner
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - 1972 Aerial Photo
1972 Aerial Photo
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - Old Photo Of Resort From Mlive
Old Photo Of Resort From Mlive
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - 1981 Aerial
1981 Aerial
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - 15 Jul 1949 Gene Krupa At Allies
15 Jul 1949 Gene Krupa At Allies
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - July 31 1970
July 31 1970
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - May 28 1971 The Tea
May 28 1971 The Tea
Wamplers Lake Pavilion - Stooges Flyer
Stooges Flyer
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