Pine Grove Grange Hall - Sault Ste. Marie MI

Address: Mackinac Trail
City: Sault Ste. Marie
State: MI
Zip: 49724
County: Chippewa
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General Information:

This place goes back to the 1930's, It was 2.5 mile South of Sault Ste. Marie. It was operated as a dance hall for many years but was also used as a general gathering spot. I have articles through the 1970's and beyond indicating that. By 1972 the building was put up for sale but oddly the lot was not included. The idea the buyer would haul the structure to his or her own lot. Not sure what happened after that.

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Pine Grove Grange Hall - March 1937 Ad
March 1937 Ad
Pine Grove Grange Hall - Nov 1972 Building For Sale Without Lot
Nov 1972 Building For Sale Without Lot
Pine Grove Grange Hall - November 1936 Article
November 1936 Article
Pine Grove Grange Hall - Sept 1969 Ad
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