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Reed's Lake Dance Pavillion (Ramona Park) - Grand Rapids MI

Address: Croswell Street
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49506
County: Kent
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Ramona Gardens, known to most as the skating rink, was built in 1912 as a dance hall. The building was described by the newspaper as a “whale” because of the round roof — quite a novelty at that time. Nine steel arches rose up 36 feet from the floor. The dance floor was built on furring strips over a subfloor, which gave it an unusual springiness and resiliency that was popular with dancers. Two inches of seaweed was packed between the floors as a water barrier. In 1942, Henry Nieboer leased the building, installed a new floor, and opened the building for roller skating. When the park was torn down in 1955, this building was dismantled and carted to a new location at Oak Industrial and Plymouth. It operated as a skating rink for a time, then became a venue for musical performances popular with teens.

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Old Post Card
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