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  • Although we welcome commentary based on your personal experience regarding a particular facility or subject, we reserve the right to edit that posting if it contains overly negative comments. We are not it in a position to verify the accuracy of any claims made. As a result, we do not feel it is fair to allow disparaging remarks to be posted that may have an adverse effect on the future business of a given location based on one person's opinion.
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  • Personal recollections are fine but including information about the subject is appreciated, particularly if it is something not already covered.
We are not trying to suppress free speech, these guidelines are an attempt to keep the site fun for everyone and make a positive statement about the great state of Michigan. To preserve your privacy, we will not publish your email on the posting unless you include it in the info box below. We also don't share your email address with anyone outside of this site nor do we add it to any sort of mailing list for this site.

If you are having difficulty submitting your post, you can email it to me at Please include the content and the name of the location you are submitting information on.

If you have photos to share, please email those to me also. Include the name of the location and any desired captions. Processing them is quicker if they are cropped and sized at no more than 640 pixels wide. It's fine if you can't do that though. The photos will be credited to you on the site unless you stipulate otherwise. Thank You!
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