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The phrase "Water Winter Wonderland" was used as a slogan for the state of Michigan. "Water Wonderland" appeared on Michigan license plates beginning in 1954. It was modified to "Water-Winter Wonderland" in 1965. It continued to appear on license plates through 1967. The maize and blue color scheme honors the University of Michigan in its sesquicentennial year. Fortunately, the slogan made a comeback on the license plates in the 2020's also. I have one myself!


This site is part of an on-going effort that began in 1996. As of now, we have information and images on virtually every Drive-In Theatre that ever existed in Michigan as well as almost all of the Indoor Theatres. There is some great information on Amusement Parks and many other sites of interest also. Our primary long-term goal is to ensure there is a complete and permanent record of the people, places and things that make Michigan a unique place to live as well as a great destination spot for folks everywhere.

If I could sum up the mission of this site in one sentence it would be thus: "To preserve and re-create the era of Michigan from the early 1900's through the mid-century and beyond." I want folks to know what it was like in Michigan during the boom years and what eventually became of the attractions, cities, and structures that sprang from that era. Fortunately, there is extensive photographic and documentary evidence of that if you know where to find it. This site is designed to be a central repository for that information and knowledge.


Although about 90% of the images and a good portion of the other content on this site is new, original material, there are some other great sites that have been an inspiration to us in this endeavor. When information from other sources is used, we have tried hard to make sure proper credit is given and a link is provided to the source material.

Your Input is Appreciated:

In order to keep the site fresh, we are always looking for new content. If you have pictures or unique, new information on any of the subjects mentioned in this site, please see our info submission page to get it posted. Also, if you happen to notice any factual errors please drop us an email and we will make the necessary corrections ASAP. I hope you enjoy our site and we thank you for stopping by!

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